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Alchemy is a game mechanic in Ylands consisting of brewing potions from plant material.

In order to start the process of potion making the player needs to craft Magic Dust and craft an Alchemy Table.

Alchemy Table.png

The alchemy table crafting screen is split into three parts. The first part shows all discovered recipes. These will show how to brew potions created in the past if you forget. The second area shows a subset of their inventory (mostly plants) that the player can test to create different types of potions. The third area indicates the item being crafted.
200808 Alchemy.png

If mixing the item with Magic Dust will successfully create a potion, it says "Hmm, this might actually result in something interesting!" or "I already know this - ____ potion." Unlike crafting other items, crafting potions is instantaneous.
200808 Alchemy new potions.png 200808 Alchemy yes.png

If mixing the item with Magic Dust will not create a potion, it says "Hmm, I don't think ____ can be used to create any meaningful potion"
200808 Alchemy no.png
Note: you can also fail to discover a potion if you have insufficient Magic Dust while using the Alchemy Table. In addition, the recipe will not display in your crafting menu even when you have all of the ingredients unless you are interacting with the Alchemy Table.

Potion Name Ingredient Picture Quantity of
Quantity of
Magic Dust
Berry Head Potion Raspberries
10 1
Cold Resistance Potion Bearberries
10 1
Craftsman's Potion Buckwheat or Cassava Root or Grain or Quinoa
20 5
Glow Potion Any Cave Mushroom or Glowing Mushroom
10 1
Health Potion Echinacea
10 2
Heat Resistance Potion Desert Sage
Desert Sage.png
5 1
Life-Changing Potion Toadstool
1 1
Melon Head Potion Wild Melon or Desert Melon
1 1
Potion of Flight Snapdragon Plant
Snapdragon Plant.png
5 3
Potion of Speed Potato
10 1
Potion of Strength Spinach Leaves
Spinach Leaves.png
5 2
Water Breathing Potion Any Coral
1 2

Note: all of the ingredient must be the same type (usually fits in one stack). For example, you cannot use 10 Grain with 10 Buckwheat to make a Craftsman's Potion. You must use 20 of one of them. This gets especially tricky with the Cave Mushrooms because they look very similar but if they cannot stack, the game recognizes them as different types.

Potion Duration Table.png