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Taking a Blueprint[]

On an Exploration Mode map, use a Blueprint Camera where you are Mayor (or it is Single Player). Right click to cancel at any step. Note: Disassembling the boat by long pressing Q at the helm is required before capturing it in a blueprint.

The first left click starts the base in the center of the screen and the second left click sets the base area of the blueprint.

The third left click sets the height of the blueprint. It can only go upwards from the base.

The player can walk around the blueprint to check all sides before left clicking to confirm.

The player then names the blueprint to save it.

Disallowed Blocks[]

  • In general, blocks that cannot be crafted, such as Creator Cube Items, will not work in a blueprint. Any blocks or items that do not normally snap to the grid cannot be captured in a blueprint.

For a full list, see Blocks Allowed in Blueprints.

Placing a Blueprint[]

Blueprints that have been created using the Blueprint Camera, or purchased from the store, can be accessed from the inventory menu, press the inventory menu key (default 'I') while in-game. This will bring up the heads-up display of the character panel, showing your inventory and equipment slots. From here, you can select the blueprints tab and choose a blueprint to use.

The blueprints tab, showing available blueprints.

Once a blueprint has been chosen, it needs to be placed into the world. The player can use Right Mouse Button + WASD or U or J (like Free Placing Mode) to adjust the location of the blueprint. Next, the Project Table needs to be placed nearby.

The project table cannot be within the construction.

The project table cannot be more than 14 blocks away.

Using the Project Table to Finish a Blueprint[]

The project table is where the materials required to build the blueprint are stored. These materials can be added slowly and are not required all at the same time. Unless a Crafting recipe calls for Pigments, they are not needed in a blueprint, even if the blocks are not their original color. The finished blueprint will have the same colors as the captured blocks.

Originally, the blueprint glows blue.

This is very visible at night.

The project table window, where materials are added.

If the player holds the ingredient for a blueprint table in their hands and deposits it, the table takes all of that type of item out of their inventory at once (until that type is complete).

As materials are added, the blocks are slowly built and can seen and touched in the world.

Materials that have now been added to the blueprint

Once all materials have been added to the project table, the blueprint can be completed and the project table will disappear. The owner of the blueprint-in-progress can cancel the blueprint at any time, but will not get any materials back. The progress made will remain built.

Sharing a blueprint[]

Unlike Compositions, blueprints cannot be shared through the game. The player can share their creations as a composition within the game, or outside of the game, send the blueprint file (*.ybp) found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<unique user id>\298610\remote\Blueprints if using the Steam version or the folder within C:\Users\ <the username that installed Ylands> \AppData\Local\Packages\BohemiaInteractivea.s.Ylands_ezkh2j9f9meea\LocalState\LocalPersistentStorage\Account\ if using the Microsoft version. If the player receiving the blueprint does not have a folder in that location, they can create one.