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Building is based on blocks in Ylands. To place a block simply equip it in your hotbar and move the block to the appropriate space. Items can also be placed by pressing V. Then press LMB (Default) to place it. You can use predictive building to get help with placing blocks-indicated by a green outline. For normal blocks, press V to switch to Free Placing Mode.


Bamboo Block[]

Baroque Stone Block[]

Basic Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Brick Block[]

  • Brick Block
  • Brick Pillar Block
  • Brick Stair Block
  • Pillar Brick Block

Cheese Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Chocolate Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Diamond Pattern Block[]

Festive Pillar Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Flat Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Hieroglyphic Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Ice Block[]

Iron Block[]

  • Iron Block
  • Iron Pillar Block
  • Iron Stair Block

Log Block[]

Marble Block[]

  • Marble Block
  • Marble Pillar Block

Oriental Block[]

  • Oriental Roof Block
  • Oriental Roof Ornament Block
  • Wooden Oriental Block

Pipe Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Plastic Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Roman Numeral Stone Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Sandstone Block[]

Sandstone Ledge Block (Creator Cube Items)[]

Snow Blocks[]

Steel Block[]

  • Steel Block
  • Steel Pillar Block
  • Steel Stair Block

Stone Block[]

  • Stone Block
  • Stone Pillar Block
  • Stone Stair Block

Stone Block (Ledge) (Creator Cube Items)[]

Straw Block[]

  • Straw Block
  • Straw Stair Block

Striped Block[]

Tile Block[]

Wooden Block[]

Wooden Pillar Block[]

Wooden Roof Block[]


  • Wooden Fences
    • Wooden Fence (Large)
    • Wooden Fence (Large Picket)
    • Wooden Fence (Pillar) (14 variants with the same recipe)
    • Wooden Fence (Railing) (4 variants with the same recipe)
    • Wooden Fence (Small)
    • Wooden Fence (Small Picket)
    • Wooden Fence (Woven)


Gates (varying dimensions)[]

Doors (3x6x1):[]

Big Doors (4x6x1):[]

Large Doors (6x12x1):[]


  • Broken Medieval Window
  • Glass Windows
    • Glass Window (1x1)
    • Glass Window (2x2)
    • Glass Window (2x4)
    • Glass Window (4x4)
    • Glass Window (4 panes)
  • Iron Window Bars
  • Medieval Window
  • Sandstone Window
  • Sandstone Window (Large)
  • Small Stained Window Glass
  • Stained Window Glass
  • Stone Window (3 variants with the same recipe)
  • Stone Railing (2 variants with the same recipe)
  • Window Blinds
  • Wooden Oriental Window
  • (Some Steel Blocks can be used as windows as well)