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1.7: Marvelous Mysteries - 8/7/2021[]

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Exploration: Mystery Ylands

  • Let us introduce Mystery Ylands! You may find all kinds of dungeons, puzzles or just about anything that might be of interest to you. Polished terrain generation - finally we won't mix all the biomes together!

Exploration pack demo

  • If you want to know what all the fuss is about, just give it a try! The Exploration demo is not time limited and you can get the DLC straight from within the game without having to leave it, if you do decide to go for it! Others can visit you on your Starting Yland, but if you yourself would like to venture beyond the borders of your yland, you will need a vessel in the form of the Exploration DLC. And don't worry, you can keep the progress you made using the demo!

Exploration: Starting Yland region map

  • The Starting Yland helped us utilize Mystery Ylands to be independent of the current yland limits. It was needed to ensure backwards compatibility for the players with exploration progress and will allow cross-platform save selection.

Exploration: crafting progression rework

  • When it comes to crafting, we have changed how it's presented to the players, to make sure crafting UI is less overwhelming and more to the point. Recipes have been split into core and optional, with core recipes getting unlocked with crafting progression, and optional recipes, which are mostly for decorative items, awarded for exploring random sites. You can now craft most items straight into the world, which is particularly useful for building blocks, so let your creativity off the leash and show us what you can do!

Mobile exploration

  • It's finally here! Mobile players can now enjoy exploration now and meet together with PC players. There are some limitations for the mobile players, such as terrain modification. You can now start playing on the PC and continue on the mobile as well (or the other way around!).

Mobile ambient improvements

  • Improvements on mobile ambient and unifying lighting during the day. For the 1.7 update, there is a big improvement of ambient lighting and water in the game now uses dealiasing normal map.

Mobile UI rework

  • Let's face it, it was very much needed. If you try the mobile version now, you will see significant changes, such as better legibility and a more intuitive UI experience.

Editor: Object Brush

  • A new tool allowing users to quickly span a large number of objects over the terrain. It works much like a brush for all the things you may want to place in your creations efficiently.

Editor: Stunning actors

Editor: Custom UI

  • Allows creators to add buttons to the static game HUD and interact with them via mouse cursor. Now you have all the buttons under your command!

Editor: Text scripting 1.7 tweaks and improvements

  • Various small improvements and fixes as reported from users and QA. Polishing certain 1.6 features and added some more.

Editor: Documentation 1.7

  • With the automatization of the wiki documentation, we will make the editor a much friendlier environment. From now on, all the info will be at your fingertips within our Wikipedia, automatically right after the update.

Terrain generation additions

  • This is something we are still working on, but for 1.7 we were able to add some interesting mechanics which allow us to create a more interesting environment (not only for Exploration!).

AI: Swipe attack

  • Besides motion, light and heavy attack, a fourth AoE attack with low probability was added for all enemies.


[YLD-30532] Added: VS: New set of script tile for coloring entities (with "paint gun effect")

[YLD-30549] Added: VS: On attack range entity hit/ground hit/miss events to Event listener (Player actions)

[YLD-30575] Added: VS: Set/get use custom post process for Environment GL[YLD-27407] Added: VS: set/get Speed/time of Position/Rotation animator (it will affect all objects referencing it)

[YLD-30872] Added: VS: Particle effect GL script tiles (set/get alpha, set/get simulation speed)

[YLD-30882] Added: VS: Remove array from array script tile.

[YLD-30982] Added: VS: Create array script tile

[YLD-29866] Tweaked: VS: Decimal numbers are now written with decimal points regardless of selected language.

[YLD-30103] Tweaked: VS: Entity -> This category should contain more relevant script tiles when editing script in specific entity.

[YLD-30747] Tweaked: VS: Adding Input/Button to Custom Window/HUD causes "Add Script" changing to "Edit Script"

[YLD-24745] Tweaked: VS: Open Wiki button is now disabled for scripts in entities (they do not have Wiki pages)

Tweaked: VS: entity type selection

[YLD-29651] Added: Text scripting: Support for constructors with parameters

[YLD-29657] Added: Text scripting: Support for quaternions for easier manipulation with rotations of objects

[YLD-29981] Added: Text scripting: Support for ++, -- operators.

[YLD-30494] Added: Text scripting: Support for bitwise operators |, &, ^

[YLD-30494] Added: Text scripting: Support for bitwise operators >>, <<

[YLD-30501] Added: Text scripting: Array.forEach, array.map methods.

[YLD-31332] Tweaked: Text scripting: YPlayer namespace introduced. You may now find there Reset movement keys and Is online script instructions

[YLD-31685] Tweaked: Text scripting: YSingleplayer namespace is now renamed to YLocalPlayer (you will need to adjust your scripts if you were using it)

[YLD-31702] Tweaked: Text scripting: YSinglePlayer.getHorizontal/VerticalInput renamed to YLocalPlayer.getPrimaryHorizontal/VerticalInput

[YLD-29845] Added: Editor: Custom music midi files are now considered in the memory profiler

[YLD-30689] Added: Editor: You can now use buttons and input fields in custom HUD (useful for mobiles mostly)

[YLD-30702] Added: Editor: You can now disable "Wave hand action" in Custom controls GL

[YLD-29980] Tweaked: Editor: UI layout editor now support multi-editation of widgets.

[YLD-29605] Tweaked: Editor: Hiding all Character screen tabs (inventory, crafting, pets, etc.) will also hide "Inventory" button on mobiles

[YLD-29850] Tweaked: Editor: New flat terrain maps are closer to vertical 0 coordinate

[YLD-27743] Tweaked: Editor: You can use Upper body animation in modal skills now

[YLD-30375] Tweaked: Editor "Maximum loaded ammo" property renamed to "Magazine size" so it has same name as it has in scripts

[YLD-30490] Tweaked: Editor: UI layout editor: parts of selection rectangle are now highlighted on mouse hover

[YLD-30645] Tweaked: Editor: Custom controls editor now support multiselection

[YLD-30775] Tweaked: Editor: Leather/paper sheet's text has now multiline input field

[YLD-31021] Tweaked: Editor: Skill timeline now support multi-editation of objects on the timeline

[YLD-31121] Tweaked: Editor: Skills: newly added events should be added to the first available spot from the top

[YLD-28511] Added: Group of small ylands landscape

[YLD-31469] Added: New waterfall particles

[YLD-19006] Added: Players can now split item stacks using long-press on an item stack.

[YLD-17211][YLD-29929][YLD-29966] Added: Ammo count on item inspect and disabling number for nonstackable items.

[YLD-30670] Added: You can now show mouse cursor with 'Y' in all games on PC

[YLD-30680][YLD-30681] Added: Tooltips on local map markers, (to access edit, delete), scaled markers

[YLD-30687] Added: Double-tap or click on a map icon will position it at the player's current location.

[YLD-30727] Added: Custom layout editor: input widget have now more exposed properties (color selected, line type, text alignment, text size)

[YLD-30883] Added: "Unavailable" state to the Milestone scenario buttons on Region map

[YLD-31046] Added: Stun animations for mounted animals in water

[YLD-31469] Added: New waterfall particles

[ YLD-31166] Tweaked: Change the text displayed in the Region map for new player

[ YLD-31175] Tweaked: Edit recipes - building blocks cannot be ingredients (except log)

[ YLD-31214] Tweaked: Grass Rope added to Tools category in crafting

[YLD-31245] Tweaked: Workstation name Cooking Spot changed to Any Fireplace

[YLD-31487] Tweaked: Increase yield of [[log]s, stone, sandstone and marble

[YLD-28513] Tweaked: Increased mountain heights

[YLD-30335] Tweaked: Exploration: you can claim/unclaim ship while you are in control of it

[YLD-31011] Tweaked: Exploration: cannot delete any normal single player (owned) maps from region map

[YLD-31023] Tweaked: profanity filter marks some ok words as bad one

[YLD-31155] Tweaked: Changed Sheep Wool max stack to 200 (player feedback)

Added: Mineable and destructible rock entities containing vein resources

Added: Mineable entities that spawn on resource veins and dispense appropriate resources

Added: Mystery Ylands Codex entry

Added: New landscape Scattered into the terrain generation - multiple ylands close to each other

Added: Slightly changed call animals animation.

Added: Smoother unarmed swim attacks.

Added: Terrain non-vein Resources as source elements for Rocks and tree stumps

Added: The movement between inventory slots can now be done using WASD (as well as arrow keys).

Tweaked: Made the RE generation more spread out over the individual ylands

Tweaked: Axes and Knives can now be put inside the Toolbox inventory container

Tweaked: Death animation is smoother and dropping items from hands (not from inventory).

Tweaked: Decreased the number of objects spawning an open seafloor substantially for optimization purposes

Tweaked: Faster sawing animation (speed is 1:1, before was 1:1,5 in-game), simpler transition, removed in/out animations.

Tweaked: Holding paper or book correctly in hands while reading them.

Tweaked: Increase the time in flight for the Propeller Pack to 30s

Tweaked: Increased stack limit on Wool entity from 5 to 50

Tweaked: Knives can now be stored in the Toolbox

Tweaked: Longer and more rhythmic chicken dance animation

Tweaked: Made the RE generation more spread out over the individual ylands

Tweaked: Medieval decorative shields made craftable

Tweaked: Number of inventory container slots dividable by 3 to fit the UI grid

Tweaked: Points of interest icons should appear on the compass a bit earlier.

Tweaked: Removed Editor 'Publish To Workshop/Open Export Folder' menu option.

Tweaked: Sleep in Coffin position raised so player doesn't clip through bottom.

Tweaked: Smoother animal feed animation.

Tweaked: Smoother drink animation

Tweaked: Smoother fishing cast animation, holding the Fishing Rod with both hands.

Tweaked: Smoother torch lighting animation, same leg goes front.

Tweaked: String handling in GenScript function parameters was made more consistent and therefore predictable. Now everything that has a string argument should be cast with (string), and String object functions use ObjectToString that handles all different kinds of inputs (to be more in line with JavaScript)

Tweaked: The region map can now be zoomed out a bit more.


[YLD-30646] Fixed: Editor: it is not possible to set trail colors in Melee attack effect GL

[YLD-30746] Fixed: Editor: Layout editor: not interactible input fields have wrong color in their preview

[YLD-31130] Fixed: Editor: Seed category is empty[ YLD-24809] Fixed: Sound would not play when switching tabs. Sometimes would even throw exceptions.

[ YLD-31499] Fixed: VS: setting domestication level on newly spawned animals does not work correctly.

[YLD-24568] Fixed: VS: Changing operator disables zooming of canvas

[YLD-27386] Fixed: VS: "Search Parameters" is not finding all that is searched for

[YLD-27855] Fixed: VS: Search parameters checkbox is missplaced

[YLD-28661] Fixed: VS: Get terrain is modifiable returns true even on universal maps.

[YLD-29831] Fixed: VS: date months starts incorrectly with 1 (January should be 0) - (you need to adjust text scripts. VS is adjusted automatically)

[YLD-29894] Fixed: VS: getting .x component directly from sum of 2 vectors does not work

[YLD-31499] Fixed: VS: setting domestication level on newly spawned animals does not work correctly.

[ YLD-26272] Fixed: Water volumes under sea level should no longer cause the player to swim while positioned above their water surf

[ YLD-26678] Fixed: When one player assembles a vehicle and another connects to the server parts of the vehicle temporarily disappear.

[ YLD-28801] Fixed: Casting a modal skill no longer changes item hotbar.

[ YLD-28993] Fixed: Exploration: mutated monsters respawn after travelling even after their leader is dead

[ YLD-29901] Fixed: Assign animal to pen does not cancel summon command

[ YLD-29964] Fixed: Clay flower pots disappear after putting ship into disassemble mode

[ YLD-30066] Fixed: Artefacts on coast/shore when underwater

[ YLD-30332] Fixed: Times of status effect should be more precise now.

[ YLD-30418] YLD-25745] Fixed: Swimming away from other clients and then changing active hotbar item no longer breaks future active

[ YLD-30745] Fixed: Food should cook properly now.

[ YLD-31126] Fixed: Starting yland button animation is behaving differently to other Region map buttons

[ YLD-31207] Fixed: Vehicles should no longer be at risk of becoming inoperable when hitting the universal scenario boundary.

[ YLD-31646] Fixed: dragging an ingredient from the crafting recipe's ingredient list is no longer possible.

[YLD-24809] Fixed: Sound would not play when switching tabs. Sometimes would even throw exception.

[YLD-25943] Fixed: Friend system: Users that you've blocked will now always see you as offline even if you're online (previously the blocked user could see your online/offline status changes which was not as designed). The only exception is if the user is in the same clan as you (will get fixed in later updates).

[YLD-26060] Fixed: Show text instruction has icon offset when no text is displayed

[YLD-26185] Fixed: Object in free placing mode doesn't stick every time when placed on a wall.

[YLD-26272] Fixed: Water volumes under sea level should no longer cause the player to swim while positioned above their water surface.

[YLD-26380] Fixed: Deleting RDS game does no longer offers save data download if the game does not use saving.

[YLD-26678] Fixed: When one player assembles a vehicle and another connects to the server, parts of the vehicle temporarily disappear.

[YLD-28124] Fixed: Exploration: padlock is not dropped on the ground when the padlocked ship is unsummoned

[YLD-28276] Fixed: Vein item spawns are not aligned with terrain at all

[YLD-28469] Fixed: Preview of Mast with Junk Sail looks slightly differently than when it's placed

[YLD-28801] Fixed: Casting a modal skill no longer changes item hotbar.

[YLD-28993] Fixed: Exploration: mutated monsters respawn after travelling even after their leader is dead

[YLD-29426] Fixed: The add object grid in Editor now correctly shows group name in tooltip when hovering over a sub-category / item group.

[YLD-29638] Fixed: Multiplayer: When you try to build ship blueprint in Building station, game freezes

[YLD-29673][YLD-30110][YLD-29670] Fixed: Mobile chat throws an exception and doesn't send the message after typing it and closing the message screen immediately. Also fixes an issue where sending a message and then quickly selecting another player would send the message to the newly selected player.

[YLD-29833] Fixed: Blueprint ghost can move with vehicles, player and animals

[YLD-29887] Fixed: Animals should now be more resilient to falling through terrain.

[YLD-29893] Fixed: positioning for point of interest icons on the compass should now be correct.

[YLD-29897] Fixed: Exception when client disconnects while host is waiting for sleep

[YLD-29901] Fixed: Assign animal to pen does not cancel summon command

[YLD-29947] Fixed: Regression in forcing shutdown when logging in another device when the countdown never started

[YLD-29964] Fixed: Clay flower pots disappear after putting ship into disassemble mode

[YLD-30066] Fixed: Artifacts on coast/shore when underwater

[YLD-30084] Fixed: Script 'Ask player' dialog not triggering callback if player cancels the prompt.

[YLD-30088] Fixed: Shotgun shells no longer generate count notification on being consumed during weapon reload.

[YLD-30092] Fixed: If a scenario couldn't be exported to the workshop because of game set owner mismatch, no other scenarios could be exported either until the player restarted the game.

[YLD-30095] Fixed: Social: The chat API would not reconnect after the fifth ping timeout.

[YLD-30332] Fixed: Times of status effect should be more precise now.

[YLD-30385] Fixed: The game creates obsolete Instructions.txt file under <account>/Share/Games when exporting a scenario for the first time

[YLD-30418][YLD-25745] Fixed: Swimming away from other clients and then changing active hotbar item no longer breaks future active item visuals.

[YLD-30498] Fixed: Using music presets no longer breaks player character serialization.

[YLD-30665] Fixed: Map blinks when placing any icon on map after changing zoom level

[YLD-30682] Fixed: Yland Tier icons are now visible on mobile as well.

[YLD-30684] Fixed: Map should have a button to locate the player in all modes

[YLD-30745] Fixed: Food should cook properly now.

[YLD-30834] Fixed: Crafting of place-able items (furniture etc.) now triggers properly when the craft is initiated from the item detail's popup screen.

[YLD-30859] Fixed: Player management section in the server management popup now properly refreshes player states when the player switches to it.

[YLD-30864] Fixed: Physics.PhysX error when placing blueprint of very big ship

[YLD-30879] Fixed: If you tried to log into another account using an incorrect password, the UI would lock up.

[YLD-30975][YLD-28866] Fixed: Riding deer animations: Player stabilization and smoothing fast animation changes

[YLD-31023] Fixed: when trying to use custom window gui text edition in gen editor and trying to put localized dbtext string the editor would throw exceptions.

[YLD-31033] Fixed: Editor: after moving event on another line you can sometimes see it also on the original line

[YLD-31038] Fixed: Editor: events copied on skill timeline do not have name as the copied event

[YLD-31121] Fixed: Skill timeline: it is possible to make states and events on the same time track to overlap each other

[YLD-31126] Fixed: Starting yland button animation is behaving differently to other Region map buttons

[YLD-31129] Fixed: Add correct icons for Milestone scenarios

[YLD-31428] Fixed: Missing character preview in some cases in pets and costumes screen

[YLD-31646] Fixed: dragging an ingredient from the crafting recipe's ingredient list is no longer possible.

Fixed: display Codex pages connected to Exploration game mode in the mobile version as well

Fixed: Text scripting: Yui Image.flipImageVertically returns value for horizontal flip instead (potential BC break)

Fixed: Text scripting: Date.addHours() adds minutes instead of hours;

Fixed: increased the chance of Oceanic landscape to generate on Tropical biome to increase the chance of large RE spawn

Fixed: Movement in inventory should work better when there are gaps between slots (due to drag and drop etc.)

Fixed: Placing previews sometimes draw multiple LOD levels simultaneously

Fixed: Text scripting: YAi.moveToTarget() accepts undocumented types (Entity/GameLogic) for target position

Fixed: Text scripting: YLogic.is() has incorrect documentation (it should accept YLogic, not YEntity)

Fixed: Text scripting: YParticle.enabled returns false boolean value in some cases, even though it should always return undefined (void)

Fixed: Text scripting: YUiImage.flipImageVertically returns value for horizontal flip instead (potential BC break)

Older Changelogs[]

Click to expand older changelogs:

  • HIGHLIGHTS A few small, but important changes in the patch :)

    FIXES [YLD-29968] Fixed: wooden red roof block 5306 2*1*2 has changed prefab

    [YLD-29976] Fixed: An issue where the game would always complain about the name already taken if you tried to rename yourself in your player detail.

    [YLD-29998] In sensitive environment, log no longer lists request headers or get request url parameters (just the base url is logged).

    [YLD-30062] Fixed: VS: some script tiles were duplicated in VS search when editing entity script.

  • HIGHLIGHTS Certain chat functions are now working as they should. Blueprint capture volume has been increased and some discolored blocks were recolored in the right way. Pigeon Post can now be locked with a Padlock. And more...

    FIXES [YLD-29740] Fixed: Editor: Skills: changing some timeline event parameters does not work

    [YLD-29911] Fixed: Exception : YlandsClient.NYGUIMessageSystemScreen.UI_SendMessage when you have unsent message and you select pinned tab

    [YLD-29868] Fixed: Chat system: An issue where if you sent your first message to an offline player, the other player would never receive the message and any further interaction with the chat system would result in infinite loading.

    [YLD-29868] Fixed: For certain account, the chat panel gets stuck on the infinite loading (happens on both PC and mobile)

    [YLD-28700] Fixed: Mobile chat All pane doesn't have textbox and input field

    [YLD-29878] Fixed: Maximum blueprint capture volume is again ~90^3m instead of ~45^3m.

    [YLD-29389] Fixed: explore and playlands images are covering images from backend in the home screen Featured Carousel

    [YLD-29706] Fixed: sandstone corner 2x2x2 different color and 90 degree corner roof 2x2x2.

    [YLD-29859] Fixed: Game detail screen doesn't allow connecting to share games

    [YLD-29840] Fixed: Explore 2: cannot reconnect to claimed ship board, player is placed on default respawn

    [YLD-29836] Fixed: Clicking on main menu slots won't open the browser in Tencent versions

    [YLD-29612] Fixed: placeholder thumbnails in game detail window for some games

    [YLD-29742] Fixed: Radial menu - Screenshot functionality

    [YLD-29418] Fixed: Leaderboard data now respect reset periods in playtest/local mode.

    [YLD-29640] Fixed: Blueprints: building a vehicle from saved BP spawns last non-vehicle saved BP when cube is equipped. This fix is not retroactive and will not fix broken blueprints from the older versions.

    [YLD-29402] Fixed: type in a localization key for exploration related error messages

    [YLD-29696] Fixed: Co-op Mode is now correctly enabled by default in newly created legacy explore games.

    [YLD-29424] Fixed: Pigeon Post cannot be locked with Padlock

    [YLD-29645] Fixed: Some place-crafted entities were not deconstructible (log stool, hay bale, ...).

    [YLD-29638] Fixed: Multiplayer: When you try to build ship BP in Building Station, game freezes

    [YLD-28964] Tweaked: Vendor analytics (added vendor name)

    [YLD-29663] Tweaked: changed "Hosting" reference on mobile home screen prefab

    [YLD-29368] Tweaked: Accessing non-existent leaderboard or server variable from script now logs name and scope in to script log.

    [YLD-29832] Added: TQM Patch merge request

    [YLD-29646] Added: Rented servers: Quit on MpRoomNotFound

    (Not Listed: Propeller Pack now lasts ~16 seconds instead of 10 seconds.)


    New Exploration changes

    • We've finalized some of the features introduced in 1.5 and fixed many related issues. We are already working on some really cool Exploration features and improvements for 1.7, so let us know what you think.

    Custom Scenarios for Exploration

    • We can now add handcrafted games into Exploration - you will encounter these while exploring the world. We believe it will spice up the Exploration experience even more. Our plan is to let you, the creators, do the same in one of the future updates. That is our ultimate goal - allowing you to enhance Exploration with your creations made in the Editor.

    Vendor NPC Crafting

    • You can now summon various types of vendors for your game by crafting vendor banners in the new "Pigeon Post" workstation and placing them. Vendors sell basic Resources, but even some rare Materials.

    Ownership of building blocks

    • Building blocks are now easily removable by the player who placed them. You also don't have to wait two minutes for the blocks to Harden, now they Harden instantly.

    Protective Barrier Generator removal

    Co-op game mode

    • If you mark your game as a "Co-op Game", you will become a mayor, which gives you the right to assign privileges to other players with which they can Deconstruct, Build and Damage entities.

    Propeller Pack gameplay optimization for Exploration

    • The Propeller Pack was a bit too strong and once acquired the player never felt in danger again. The propeller pack now generates heat while in flight. The heat will be increased every time the propeller pack is used (even when you just staying in the air on the same spot). Reaching the heat limit will overheat the Propeller Pack and force you to glide to the ground.

    Building Station

    • We simply want you to make the Building easier and faster. Also, the new limitation of the Propeller Pack can make the building more difficult, and therefore we add this new option to enter free-camera which lets you fly around while you still have the ability to build.

    General UX improvements 1.6

    • The first impression is the most important so we decide to tweak and adjust a lot of details in Ylands interface.

    Play local/MP/continue game flow UX improvements

    • Improved UX for new games. We understand that all the options regarding local, multiplayer, or hosted games were confusing for a lot of the players, so we redid it from scratch. Let us know what do you think about it.

    Game publishing experience improvements

    • Publishing your Game to the Workshop should now be easier and more intuitive. We got rid of confusing terms like "protected" and improved the general publishing workflow.

    Random Encounters' themes and content additions

    • Despite its name, Random Encounters were too random, so we decide to put things in order a little bit. Random Encounters are now sorted into themes and every yland generated on the map will have exactly one theme selected from viable options according to its Tier and biome.

    Clothes Customization extended for Resistance and Movement properties

    • There is also something new for the Editor. You already had options to modify Clothes, but now you are able to edit them on so many levels for Movement and Resistance. With this, even the UI displaying properties of the clothes (resistances and movement bonuses) was changed to better understand those values.

    Mythical Animal variants

    • New Mythical Animals are now available for you in the Editor- in the future we want to have a mythical variant for each animal in the game. It's up to you whether you want players to meet those in the games you create.

    Editor: Custom Controller

    • A custom controller is a system that allows a creator to reassign the controls from the player avatar to another object and make that object move according to the user (supports MP games as well).

    Editor: Terrain improvements

    • Creators can now apply Terrain Volume game logic using visual scripting, providing limitless Terrain edit possibilities.
    • Dynamic terrain material blending now makes the terrain look better when you paint over it

    Editor: Global leaderboard

    • Creators can now motivate players to achieve better scores! With a global leaderboard, you may compete in your own Games with others.

    Editor: Advanced UI

    • Advanced UI support for rotation, scaling, flipping, setting UI position from a script.

    Editor: Text scripting (beta version)

    • Allow creators to write their own custom scripts using the text version of our visual scripting, in the text Editor of their choice. These scripts can be then attached to any entity or game logic. Please note that this is a beta version - it's quite likely that you will have to update some of your scripts when 1.7 is released.

    Editor: MIDI track support

    • You may now compose your own MIDI tracks which will help you to set up the right mood for any occasion.

    Audio: Music playlist

    • Have you managed to create brave new music for your Games? Let's get them in order with the new music playlist option.



    Disabled PlayerSettings.stripUnusedMeshComponents since that seems to be the cause of the bug.

    [YLD-20301] Removed: adding yland map icon for undiscovered ylands

    [YLD-28411] Added: Chat screen: Chat channels are now sorted by the latest activity in them.

    [YLD-28526] Added: VS: you can now show a specific Codex page for a user.

    [YLD-28395] Added: Continue tab to the game detail screen

    [YLD-28808] Added: DirectJoin info within in-game pause screen.

    [YLD-25830] Added: Editor: Movement bonus parameters to any equipment.

    [YLD-28782] Added: VS: several instructions working with rotation (Lerp rotation, Slerp rotation, Rotation towards, Rotation angle, From to rotation, Rotation angle axis)

    [YLD-28777] Added: VS: Clone vector/Clone color script tiles

    [YLD-282761] Added: VS: you can now disable the default death screen and you can respawn players from the script now.

    [YLD-28759] Added: VS: Raycast/Raycast terrain now returns also "Hit normal" vector.

    [YLD-28231] Added: Building Station mode that allows for free movement while building

    [YLD-19231] Added: Small Info prefab, unused variable removal.

    [YLD-28648] Added: Transparent overlay after finishing the Editor wizard.

    [YLD-28618] Added: VS: "Get magnitude" and "Get squared magnitude" of vector script tiles

    [YLD-28178] Added: VS: UI widget position/size/rotation is now exposed in VS script.

    [YLD-28171] Added: Editor: you can set the widget's rotation now

    [YLD-28809] Tweaked: localization of the game name in the social screen

    [YLD-25831] Tweaked: Allow item details to show custom Movement bonuses set in the Editor

    [YLD-24445] Tweaked: Disabled the 'Maximum FPS' slider while 'Vertical Synchronization' is enabled.

    [YLD-28979] Tweaked: Escape screen no longer offers 'Invite Friends' button in games which do not support invite.

    [YLD-28402] Tweaked: Adjust single-player game option name/hint

    [YLD-28668] Tweaked: world-saving is not available in SP Games.

    [YLD-28411] Tweaked: Chat channels are now sorted from the latest to the oldest (once we also get a fix on the backend side)

    [YLD-28023] Tweaked: Exploration player data (Character, Ship) are now saved during the Exploration session, instead of just at the end. The approximate time between player saves updates corresponds to the game save period - 10min by default.

    [YLD-28209] Tweaked: Editor: Data sets/Custom image library now works with the File browser (no need to copy your files to the specific folders)

    [YLD-27640] Tweaked: VS: default If script tiles are now prefilled with "equal" script tile

    [YLD-28117] Tweaked: Explore: Unsummmoning Ship with a Padlock on the Helm will remove the padlock from the helm

    [YLD-26973] Tweaked: VS: you get a warning now when you try to teleport a player outside the universal bounds of the Game

    [YLD-27649] Tweaked: Editor: now you can not export Game with skills with an undefined icon

    [YLD-26650] Tweaked: VS: menu items for storage variables are grouped by type and sorted by name inside the type

    Tweaked: Demolition Hammer animation shorter.

    Tweaked: Increased the amount of resources in the recipe needed to craft Propeller Pack

    Tweaked: VS: Entity get color now has color id as a parameter (so there is no need for 3 similar script tiles)

    Tweaked: Removed Repeating Rifle and gun ammo from the Hunter Vendor along with some obsolete items

    Tweaked: username in "<username> WHISPERS" is no longer uppercase.

    Tweaked: It is no longer possible to change the game name in multiplayer settings unless the current name is invalid.

    (Not Listed: Mutated Animals on Tiers 1 and 2 are now giving Piece of Metal, golems Ylandium Crystals. Boss tier 1 and 2 give you a Piece of Gold and boss tier 3 Ylandium Dust)

    (Not Listed: The recipe for Iron Ingot has changed to 3 Iron Ore)

    (Not Listed: Players can Harden free-placed items using the radial menu)


    [YLD-29243] Fixed: Chat: in-game format of different types of received messages is inconsistent

    [YLD-29245] Fixed: Disabling and enabling Codex pages through script makes the given codex page non-working for the rest of the game

    [YLD-29054] Fixed: Player Dying at the same time opened Chest is Destroyed is causing Inventory being stuck after respawn

    [YLD-21193] Fixed: Movement speed bonuses should no longer cause backward movement under any circumstances.

    [YLD-29035] Fixed: when the Container/Workstation is Destroyed, any associated UI screens are closed automatically.

    [YLD-29091] Fixed: Blueprint Camera gets stuck when starting the selection while aiming at the sky

    [YLD-24601] Fixed: Skill list Icons are stretched over the slot and blurry

    [YLD-28842] Fixed: Chat messages in-game should not be sent twice when hitting enter fast

    [YLD-29010] Fixed: Explosives in an Inventory do not explode

    [YLD-28647] Fixed: NullReferenceException is thrown when exiting the game while linking energy nodes with Energy Linker

    [YLD-28768][YLD-28771] Fixed: Demolition Hammer offers deconstruction action even when full Inventory.

    [YLD-28948] Fixed: Friends: Loading a friend's profile for the first time causes a second or two long hiccups. The 3D model is now initialized in Awake instead of on-demand.

    [YLD-28778] Fixed: Dropdown button text "Game you shouldn't miss" width on the main menu.

    [YLD-28474] Fixed: MP client characters interacting with Boats and Rafts should no longer trigger a terrain and entity unload.

    [YLD-25831] Fixed: Localized text for stat damage type in item detail popup.

    [YLD-25831][YLD-28843][YLD-28697] Fixed: Sharegame/Servers FAQ button translation, Equip stats in Item Detail Popup, Stats overlap when high values, Stat rows added to a prefab on Item Detail Popup

    [YLD-28865] Fixed: Editor: rotation widget used with 90° grid may result in rotation which is not in the grid

    [YLD-28036] Fixed: Editor: undo/redo for properties changes on cars does not work correctly

    [YLD-28664] Fixed: VS: list of available emotes in Play emote is empty when the first argument is set to This

    [YLD-28707] Fixed: Experimental Explore: a dead player can respawn on the position of his death if he goes to the main menu and back

    [YLD-28682] Fixed: VS: Get custom color is used for Particle effects returns color instead of true/false

    [YLD-28691] Fixed: Editor, skills: changing animation of modal state does not work

    [YLD-28690] Fixed: Editor: particle preview on skill timeline does not work

    [YLD-28697] Fixed: Sharegame FAQ button text, server status text changed.

    [YLD-28749][YLD-28697] Fixed: Sharegame/Dedicated server FAQ button width, text. Status text-overflow changed.

    [YLD-19226][YLD-25641][YLD-22833] Fixed: Removing the last entity from the surface of an animated entity either by picking it up or destroying it should no longer cause problems on connected clients.

    [YLD-28697][YLD-28681] Fixed: Sharegame FAQ button now displays a pop-up prompt for external browser usage. Enable/Disable server status button added instead of a checkbox.

    [YLD-19231] Fixed: Real values for item attributes display within the Inventory Screens.

    [YLD-28663] Fixed: Message system: Messages are instantly sent when you scroll at the beginning of your conversation with anyone

    [YLD-24430] Fixed: Improved water surface avoidance

    [YLD-25960] Fixed: Mining Drill charge is not updating UI.

    [YLD-28612] Fixed: Custom Images remain visible in Genesys Playtest even after they are removed from Custom Image Library GL. This, unfortunately, leads to more frequent invalidation of the precomputed SSD for playtesting, which will make entering the playtest mode more time-consuming.

    [YLD-28530] Fixed: Rented servers: When the Workshop is down, trying to host a game from it will result in in-game data corruption.

    [YLD-28476] Fixed: Masts and other animated objects should not be left in a buggy state after destroying and creating them again

    [YLD-28408] Fixed: Submitting console commands now skips the profanity text filtering to make their execution a little bit more responsive

    [YLD-28132] Fixed: Exporting Games with custom images should not fail anymore for users who have non-ASCII characters in their Windows user names

    [YLD-28430] Fixed: Keybinds are loaded properly after starting the game again

    [YLD-26313][YLD-25950] Fixed: placing some animals on a ship can be done only from the air

    [YLD-27834] Fixed: Editor: explorer was not refreshed after deleting the entity shown in it

    [YLD-28434] Fixed: When you click the Message button in the Social screen, it redirects you to the chat screen, but with the wrong user selected

    [YLD-28327] Fixed: Editor: Editing particles on equipment in the Player role did not work correctly

    [YLD-28358] Fixed: Editor: it should not be possible to copy-paste exported script module. (it was possible by mistake)

    [YLD-19226] Fixed: Editor: picking animated items did not work for clients in MP

    [YLD-26311] Fixed: Editor: rotating item will automatically place it in the middle of the screen

    [YLD-28016] Fixed: Blueprint Camera should not shine the flash all the time, but only when actually shooting

    [YLD-20129][YLD-25404][YLD-18624] Fixed: Horse can now be summoned even when unloaded, and runs to the player instead of teleporting when close enough.

    [YLD-24653] Fixed: Control Hint for the Build Range is not shown anymore in Alternate Mode

    [YLD-28141] Fixed: Deleting Energy generator in Genesys will properly propagate in the energy network now

    [YLD-27993] Fixed: Resetting control settings now also correctly resets mouse sensitivity and Y-axis inversion

    [YLD-28284] Fixed: Cannot place some animals from Hotbar if switching to them from any weapon

    [YLD-28285] Fixed: Cannot place objects or project table near ship Blueprints

    [YLD-27259][YLD-28309][YLD-28325] Fixed: 3D Game Logic icons should be rotated properly now, and rendered on AMD GPU in the first place

    [YLD-26907] Fixed: Assembling the ship while another player is connecting to the server displays an unscripted notification

    [YLD-12532] Fixed: Thumbnail of Seed Packet Box is centered now

    [YLD-12531] Fixed: Seedling item previews are now centered

    [YLD-28019] Fixed: Editor: in some cases, you were unable to save your Game if it contained broken entity welds

    [YLD-26199] Fixed: Friend list - After friends join a clan, a player can't see the clan under his name

    [YLD-28313] Fixed: Editor: a copy of a chest and label referencing an item in the chest did not work correctly

    [YLD-28177] Fixed: VS: script tiles sometimes overlapped each other

    [YLD-28286] Fixed: Items dropped twice from inventory on a ship should not disappear anymore

    [YLD-27218] Fixed: 3D GameLogic icons now do not have the horizon visible through them

    [YLD-28116] Fixed: VS: dropped only part of existing item stack was not correctly recognized by the Event listener

    [YLD-28123] Fixed: you were able to claim ownership of an unknown but Padlocked ship

    [YLD-27934] Fixed: If a sleep request was pending in multiplayer, the UI icon would stay on even after joining another server

    [YLD-27380] Fixed: Profile screen displays incorrect name when opening the profile popup for the first time

    [YLD-28165] Fixed: Editor: changing scenario description did not work

    [YLD-26388] Fixed: FPS should not drop heavily on mobile devices anymore when aiming with guns

    [YLD-28176] Fixed: dig action event is twice on a pickaxe which breaks visual scripting

    [YLD-26776] Fixed: The wrong count is set to count selection when crafting Planks

    [YLD-26889] Fixed: VisualScripting: some tiles are overlapping in the search results list

    [YLD-28161] Fixed: UI Editor: changing selection of widgets could cause wrong label text in UI

    [YLD-26989] Fixed: Placing preview does not disappear when hovering the mouse over the Mobile UI while playtesting Genesys scenario

    [YLD-26982] Fixed: Hint to activate Performance Monitor is not shown anymore while playtesting Genesys scenario with mobile controls

    [YLD-27476] Fixed: Player should no longer be locked in Vehicles control mode when ragdolled while controlling a vehicle.

    [YLD-22172] Fixed: Custom UI: On input text changed was called always twice

    [YLD-28115] Fixed: Editor: Unique items were mergeable with non-unique ones of the same type in some cases

    [YLD-28038] Fixed: CTD: crash when you try split stack of items inside inventory container to already full stack of items

    [YLD-26975] Fixed: Opening inventory when playtesting Genesys scenario with mobile controls should not throw an exception anymore

    [YLD-26980] Fixed: PC Hints of custom controls should not be visible when using touch input while playtesting Genesys scenario

    [YLD-27976] Fixed: in some cases, you were not able to control a ship with Engines after you unsummoned it and summoned it in one game

    [YLD-26871] Fixed: Creating huge Compositions should not freeze the game anymore

    [YLD-28119] Fixed: Owned Exploration rented servers protected with password are now discoverable with the same priority as those without password.

    [YLD-28114] Fixed: Explore: now you can not use lock anything on other player's ship (or paint them or enter/exit construction mode on them)

    [YLD-28111] Fixed: Explore: key lost connection to the Padlock after traveling to another yland

    [YLD-28039] Fixed: Explore: summon button is faded out if you unsummon it while another player is controlling the helm

    [YLD-28032] Fixed: Editor: NPCs with a weapon with a particle in hand in Entity template broke Object properties window

    [YLD-28010] Fixed: The new Explore allowed creating DS Save for Nitrado servers which it actually shouldn't have because Explore servers are not visible in multiplayer lobby.

    [YLD-26611][YLD-20855] Fixed: Entities should not stay stuck in the highlighted state after hitting them with melee attack randomly anymore

    [YLD-27990] Fixed: VS: scripts using Damage/Kill tile in 1.4.1 were not correctly transformed to a new form to 1.5 (if you already resaved your scenarios then you need to switch instigator and target tiles)

    Fixed: action cooldowns no longer stack upon leaving/entering Exploration Mode game.

    [YLD-27922] Fixed: Corrected initialization estimate of WaterVolumes in GenesysEditor

    Fixed: Increase the amount of wool dropped by Woolly Rhinoceros from 1 to 5

    Fixed: Mobile controls in Genesys playtesting should now support rotating entities when placing them


    Polar assets - Whether you are a bold Explorer planning to visit arctic regions or a Creator making a game from icy lands, you will love this update. And if the cold isn't your cup of tea - give a try to the brand new Junk ship!

    Fixes - many of them addressing the most critical issues experienced when playing the new experimental Exploration



    [YLD-28117] Tweaked: Unsummmoning ship with a padlock on the helm will now remove the padlock from the helm


    [YLD-28023] Fix: / Tweak: Exploration player data (character, ship) are now saved during the exploration session, instead of just at the end which should prevent players from losing a significant amount of their progress. The approximate time between player saves updates corresponds to the game save period - 10min by default.

    [YLD-27976] Fixed: In some cases, you were not able to control a ship with engines after you unsummoned it and summoned it in one game

    [YLD-26776] Fixed: A wrong count was shown when crafting planks

    [YLD-28123] Fixed: You were able to claim ownership of an unknown but padlocked ship

    [YLD-28285] Fixed: Objects or project table couldn't be placed near ship blueprints

    [YLD-28286] Fixed: Items disappearing twice from the inventory when dropped on the ship

    [YLD-27934] Fixed: If a sleep request was pending in multiplayer, the UI icon would stay on even after joining another server

    [YLD-26388] Fixed: Heavy FPS drop on mobile devices when aiming with guns

    [YLD-28176] Fixed: Dig action event was triggered twice on a pickaxe which breaks visual scripting

    [YLD-28284] Fixed: It is not possible to place some animals from Hotbar if switching to them from any weapon

    [YLD-27380] Fixed: Profile screen displays incorrect name when opening the profile popup for the first time

    [YLD-28530] Fixed: Rented servers: When the Workshop is down, trying to host a game from it results in the game data corruption.

    [YLD-28430] Fixed: Keybinds not loading correctly after restarting the game

    [YLD-28434] Fixed: When you click the Message button in the Social screen, it redirects you to the chat screen, but with the wrong user selected

    [YLD-28016] Fixed: Blueprint Camera shines the flash all the time, not only when actually shooting

    [YLD-28038] Fixed: CTD: Crash when you try split stack of items inside Inventory Containers to already a full stack of items

    [YLD-27259][YLD-28309][YLD-28325] Fixed: 3D Game Logic icons are sometimes not properly rotated

    [YLD-28327] Fixed: Editor: Editing particles on equipment in the Player role does not work correctly

    [YLD-28165] Fixed: Editor: Changing scenario description does not work

    [YLD-28115] Fixed: Editor: Unique items are mergeable with non-unique ones of the same type in some cases

    [YLD-28032] Fixed: Editor: NPC with a weapon with a particle in hand in Entity template breaks Object properties window

    [YLD-27218] Fixed: Editor: 3D GameLogic icons have the horizon visible through them

    [YLD-28177] Fixed: VS: Script tiles sometimes overlap each other


    New experimental Exploration

    • In 1.5 we begin a transition to a new, different Exploration. Instead of many Exploration games, we give you a large Exploration world to travel. Please note that we think of this new Exploration as "Early access" as it will be finalized in 1.6. If you feel like waiting for a polished, finished product, you can keep playing the original (legacy) Exploration.

    Custom bitmap import

    • Creators can now import their own images to be used as game UI (panels, buttons, icons...) or even in custom particles. Please note that all custom bitmaps are checked before the game is made visible on Workshop.

    Improved profile page

    • We've improved the profile page (accessible by clicking character portrait in the Main menu). See your favorite games, your friends' Avatars or their friends.


    • We've added further optimizations - especially owners of lower spec mobile devices should experience noticeable improvement.

    Scripting modules

    • You wanted an easier way to re-use your code in various game scenes or share with others ... and we answered.

    Dynamic lights visible on mobile devices

    • We keep tirelessly working so that your mobile gaming experience is as close to PC as possible.

    Light Game Logic object

    • Maybe your scene would look better with one or two dynamic lights to set the mood?

    Weather effects visible on lower spec mobile devices

    • Now you can experience Ylands' weather even with less powerful mobile devices!

    Mobile controls Editor preview

    • Are you making a game to be played with mobile devices? Now you can check what the control will look like when testing the game on PC.

    Bow-shooting and grenade-throwing enhancements

    • We rewrote a lot of code so that these are now better controlled and much more fun. Be sure to give them a try!

    Visual scripting fixes and improvements

    • Another batch of fixes and improvements that will make it easier for you to create great games.

    Terrain roughen tool

    • Making a natural-looking terrain is so much easier with this new tool.

    Native American assets

    • With these assets, we give you yet another great setting/era where you can set your game.

    Controlling the non-player object

    • Two new instructions have been added: Get Horizontal Input / Get Vertical Input, which will return player X / Y controller input. They can be used in new Event Listener event - On Fixed Update to "animate" any object as if controlling the player. Please note that this feature currently works for SP games only.



    [YLD-26202] Added: Editor: "Create game logic" button inside object properties window for each Game logic reference there.

    [YLD-25483] Added: Editor: added warning when there is more than 11 active Custom controls triggers with the same mobile button position -> game will not work with 12 or more

    [YLD-10263] Added: Editor: VS: Some of the array instruction have now variant returning a value (removed object or a new length of the array)

    [YLD-27021] Added: Editor: skill icons in skill bar can be now set to be borderless

    [YLD-26483] Added: Editor: you can now set "preview time" for the Editor to test your game scene in different phases of the day.

    [YLD-26299] Added: Editor: added a new option "show Game logic bounding boxes" to a view window

    [YLD-25670] Added: Editor: help window is always open when the Editor is turned on unless the player chooses to not show the window by changing the toggle

    [YLD-26947] Tweaked: Editor: you can use /hidechat command also in the Editor now

    [YLD-27303] Tweaked: Editor: Object properties: Data set file list should get updated when you refocus an app

    [YLD-27207] Tweaked: Editor new game wizard: warning message about invalid name should now occur only when you try to confirm the game name

    [YLD-27051] Tweaked: Editor: you can break groups or unweld entities even though if you have in the selection not only groups/entity welds

    [YLD-27025] Tweaked: Editor: Explorer now support multiselection (hold Ctrl and select different game logic objects)

    [YLD-25737] Tweaked: Editor: Translation widget plane manipulators now are always the nearest ones

    [YLD-22366] Tweaked: Editor: now items groups by type are sorted by their name inside groups in Explorer

    [YLD-24066] Tweaked: Editor: Texts (even empty ones) in Custom HUD prevented to click buttons (default ones) under the texts. Now they do not prevent these clicks.

    [YLD-20234] Tweaked: Editor: painting entities should work better when painting 2 entities overlapping each other.

    [YLD-21649] Tweaked: Editor: Max HP value are now clamped between 1 and 1 000 000. Bigger Max HP values could cause problems.

    [YLD-24537] Tweaked: Editor: Time trigger now also does not use -1 as an infinite repeat count.

    [YLD-26007] Tweaked: Editor: Time trigger repeat count equal 1 now means that Time trigger triggers exactly once (used to be twice)

    [YLD-27351] Added: VS: To upper case, To lower case instructions

    [YLD-26522] Added: VS: new single-player-only script tiles (Get horizontal input + Get vertical input)

    [YLD-26381] Added: VS: many game logic events are now listenable also with the Event listener

    [YLD-26521] Added: VS: Update event listenable in the Event listener

    [YLD-25247] Added: VS: Script tiles for get/set special attack multiplier (heavy, jump)

    [YLD-26314] Added: VS: get and set custom variables in Storage game logic objects can have a different scope (eq. Global get, This only set)

    [YLD-26946] Tweaked: VS: Name input field is selected by default in Create variable window

    [YLD-26944] Tweaked: VS: literal/enum script tiles are first in the search results

    [YLD-27269] Tweaked: VS: Removing fire catapult, activate the trap, deactivate the trap, unpack, pack script tiles because they can not be used with any existing entity

    [YLD-27220] Tweaked: VS Damage/kill VS tile have now switched instigator and target entity

    [YLD-26949] Tweaked: VS: custom instructions now can have up to 16 arguments

    [YLD-26650] Tweaked: VS: menu items for storage variables are grouped by type and sorted by name inside the type

    Changed visual of furs dropped by dead animals


    [YLD-27307] Fixed: VS: Some of the disabled actions in Custom controls were still available for players through inventory UI. (eg. igniting torches)

    [YLD-27306] Fixed: Editor: Custom controls - disabling "On hold" actions did not work

    [YLD-26884] Fixed: Editor: Placing composition containing Particle effect templates did not always work

    [YLD-26824] Fixed: Editor: empty Game Logic Labels are invalid as Spawn places and will now result in an error when trying to test game with them

    [YLD-26856] Fixed: Editor: Undoing the creation of Group when editing that group could cause problems

    [YLD-26756] Fixed: Egyptian Vase gives correct resources on destroying

    [YLD-26408] Fixed: Editor: it was possible to copy-paste non-entity object to edited weld and it did break the editor

    [YLD-26614] Fixed: Editor: broken undo/redo step for turning off the construction mode of vehicles

    [YLD-26625] Fixed: Editor: big entity welds could break AI pathfinding

    [YLD-26323] Fixed: Editor: It was not possible to set embedded entity into Entity template directly from "Add object" window

    [YLD-26304] Fixed: Editor: saving could stop to work when you tried to save a game through the menu panel.

    [YLD-21109] Fixed: Editor: Deleting all objects in Entity weld or in a group could make an invalid group. Now deleting all objects will delete whole weld/group immediately.

    [YLD-8603] Fixed: Editor: releasing of alt button while moving objects could scatter them around a map

    [YLD-26056] Fixed: Editor: severing energy links in the Editor was not always possible to do on both sides of the connection

    [YLD-26052] Fixed: Editor: a copy of Entity template+Global storage (where an entity in the template was referencing Global storage variables/instruction) still referenced variables/instructions from the original Global storage

    [YLD-20235] Fixed: Editor: "None" event was in event list in event listener by mistake

    [YLD-24790] Fixed: Editor: creating a new game while you are editing weld or group made terrain tools inactive

    [YLD-21228] Fixed: Editor: energy and pick custom cursors could stay visible in a play test

    [YLD-21746] Fixed: Editor: there was "Fist internal" in the list of entity types by mistake

    [YLD-25735] Fixed: Editor: rotation widget did not always show the nearest octant to the camera

    [YLD-20565] Fixed: Editor: Redo of Undo/Redo for placing multiple objects (copy+paste, placing compositions) did not recover correctly all references between restored objects.

    [YLD-27216] Fixed: Editor: switching levers on/off in editor had no effect on their visuals

    [YLD-27184] Fixed: Editor: Ctrl+Z/Y did not work in Custom UI/Controls window

    [YLD-26184] Fixed: Editor: animated objects in the animated group were not always animated in exported game.

    [YLD-24367][YLD-22802] Fixed: Editor: Placing preview behaves strangely in the editor when cursor points at the sky or UI firing cannons through script did not work

    [YLD-25916] Fixed: Editor: There may be missing relation lines among Skill and objects references on its timeline. (eq. particle template)

    [YLD-25525] Fixed: Editor: newly created games were not listed in Recent game list

    [YLD-26851] Fixed: VS: If player dropped item from an inventory then "On item removed from inventory" was triggered before the item has a new position in the world.

    [YLD-26657] Fixed: VS: specific category icons were missing

    [YLD-26883] Fixed: VS: custom particle effects attached to entities through scripts did not work correctly on clients

    [YLD-26581] Fixed: VS: it was not possible to close stackable window through scripts if there was opened non-stackable window at the same time

    [YLD-26872] Fixed: VS: setting stack count to the same count could incorrectly trigger "On item added to inventory" event.

    [YLD-26894] Fixed: VS: Transform rotation for animated entities did not work correctly (you may need to adjust your scripts if you were using it)

    [YLD-26458] Fixed: VS: switching between scripts did not work correctly when one of the scripts was a script of templated objects

    [YLD-26411] Fixed: VS: "Screen shake" did not work when no sound effect was chosen

    [YLD-26346] Fixed: VS: Scripts in embedded objects in Entity/Game logic template were not updated correctly when Storage object was deleted which was referenced in those scripts

    [YLD-26348] Fixed: VS: Chain of a triggered event could cause that you got the wrong argument in "On connected" in Player role

    [YLD-25769] Fixed: VS: Remove from skill list did not work (it tried to add provided skill instead)

    [YLD-23709] Fixed: VS: Screen shake does not cast any error when you assign incorrect argument to player parameter

    [YLD-6816] Fixed: VS: wrong translation of Dialog "Questioner" on a client

    [YLD-26351] Fixed: VS: There are random puzzles in the background of the left panel

    [YLD-26125] Fixed: VS: disappearing texts when renaming variables or changing literals

    [YLD-26393][YLD-26394] Fixed: VS: Change role script tile did not change inventory correctly

    [YLD-21324] Fixed: VS: on animals were event On trade even though it would never trigger

    [YLD-22127] Fixed: Grass and Seedlings lack the foliage collision effect

    [YLD-24821] Fixed: Camera: cannon on steep terrain you can move camera under the terrain

    [YLD-25950] Fixed: Ships: Small and middle-sized animals cannot be placed directly on the ship's surface

    [YLD-20822] Fixed: projectiles got broken when they hit an impassable barrier.

    [YLD-24577] Fixed: Codex: Incorrect hotkey definition for dismount action and summon animal

    [YLD-25763] Fixed: Lighting ball particle did not render all it's parts after game save/load

    [YLD-25549] Fixed: random encounter on the starting yland in explore can be placed in water

    [YLD-21039] Fixed: Light source bulb on helmets will not flash on/off while dyeing headgear from inventory

    [YLD-26677] Fixed: Custom particles on inventory items could prevent save to be loaded

    [YLD-23611] Fixed: The game wanted a password if you accepted a cloud save game invitation.

    [YLD-21645] Fixed: Wrong error message when trying to join a server with a blocked scenario.

    [YLD-26550] Fixed: Skills: "vertical angle delta" did not work correctly in Projectile events

  • We continue with another themed package of assets after Atlantis, this time expanding the Egyptian theme. New enemies and mummy wraps set enable you to experience some serious tomb raiding, bronze armor and weapon set to let you arm yourself as the warrior of ancient empires and all these are also getting ready to enter the Exploration world in Update 1.5 😊




    [YLD-25991] Fixed: Editor: Game Logic panel - filter dropdown missing translations

    [YLD-26411] Fixed: VS: "Screen shake" did not work when no sound effect was chosen

    [YLD-26108] Fixed: VS: Firing cannons through script did not work

    [YLD-26351] Fixed: VS: Removed random puzzles visible in the background of the left panel

    [YLD-26125] Fixed: VS: disappearing texts when renaming variables or changing literals

    [YLD-25735] Fixed: Editor: rotation widget did not always show the nearest octant to the camera

    [YLD-26304] Fixed: Editor: saving could stop to work when you tried to save a game through the menu panel.

    [YLD-26184] Fixed: Editor: animated objects in the animated group were not always animated in exported game.

    And more...


    Editor improvements

    • Custom controls can now be shared in compositions between players and scenarios as they've been implemented as a Game Logic.
    • New Game Logic - Data set, allowing import of spreadsheet data
    • Data will imported from external csv file
    • Allowing pivot placement selection in entity group and weld
    • Various smaller improvements to the overall creator flow
    • Such as opening settings from the editor
    • Quality of life features while scripting
    • Improving many instances of slow UI loading speedCh
    • Making publishing of an exported game more intuitive
    • Optimized manipulation of water volumes and improved their ocean proximity detection
    • Optimized terrain/water generation based on water volumes
    • Ability to disable item drop on any entity
    • Ability to add resistances to clothing effectively making them into armor
    • Added more properties to explosives such as radius, damage and time to explode

    Terrain tool improvements

    • Various improvements to the terrain tools should make terrain sculpting easier
      • Allowed underwater terrain painting
      • Terrain painting merged with Terrain tools in the editor
      • Any underwater terraforming (uncovering water from its sides or bottom) disabled within gameplay (by a shovel, spade, rake, pick, mining drill, terraformer, bomb, etc.)
      • Performance optimizations

    Visual scripting improvements

    • General Visual Scripting facelift greatly improving navigation while scripting.
      • Search improvements
      • Scripting UI improvements

    Scenario optimization stats

    • New set of tools / indicators that will help the creators to optimize their games to run on Mobile devices immensely.
      • Displaying memory consumption and scene complexity


    • New multiplayer functionality available for Creators via Visual scripting
      • enhances the ability to transfer players from one multiplayer game to another via aggregating the players from several different servers instead of one
      • dynamically spawns new servers depending on the number of players requesting the target game.

    Audio improvements

    • Adding new music tracks available for creators.
    • More sound possibilities added into visual scripting.
    • Improving acoustics in interiors and exteriors.

    General Improvements

    • Nitrado User Dedicated Servers - Allowing management of rented servers directly on Nitrado website without the need to launch the game.
      • NOTE: Feature is ready but waiting on Nitrado to launch
    • Skill improvements - making the skills a bit easier to setup in the editor
      • Example of skills for editor added

    New creatures

    Shooting improvements

    Main menu overhaul

    • Improving the layout of the main menu. Adding game categories to make searching for a game easier.

    Improved message system

    • New Message system has been created for better communication between players: sending messages even if they are offline, the ability to pin messages and receive news from developers.

    Creators Club

    • Creators club allows you to monetize your creations on the workshop and cash in on your creativity investment
      • Members of the Creators club are rewarded with unique in-game items and pet worthy of their status


    Atlantean Set

    Firing weapons



    Added: Skills example scenario

    [YLD-24877] Editor: Gameplay settings - adding options to turn off default item drop

    [YLD-25246] Added option to set resistances on clothes

    [YLD-25245] Added: additional custom properties for Timed Explosives

    [YLD-25068] Added: Game settings option to show/hide energy lines. The lines are always visible when holding energy linker tool.

    [YLD-24843] Added: game entries into the Editor menu

    [YLD-21170] Added: VS: a new tile Is Item to check that target object is an item (can be in an inventory)

    [YLD-24190] Added: VS: 3 script tiles to add Worn particles to items. (equipment)

    [YLD-24912] Added: VS: You can now listen Entity label events in Event listeners

    [YLD-24671] Added: seeds can be planted in flower pots

    [YLD-24878] Added: Editor: special attacks modifiers to properties of melee weapons

    [YLD-25142] Added: VS: For each array in another array

    [YLD-25061] Tweaked: Editor: optimized object properties window for list of entities in Entity label and for list of game logic objects in Game logic label

    Added: new inventory container for storing tools - TOOLBOX

    [YLD-24839] Tweaked: VS: script tiles Min, Max, Push array, Concatenate array, Concatenate string can have variable number of arguments

    [YLD-24819] Added: Editor: Entity templates can reference original entity and use its state on game export

    [YLD-21223] Added: slider in object properties for stack count

    [YLD-24382] Added: VS: Get players and Get single player (only for single player games) script tiles

    [YLD-25542] Tweaked: Disable AI pathfinding dialog text

    [YLD-25482] Tweaked: Editor: default mobile button position for custom triggers is the one which is the least used

    [YLD-25409] Tweaked: VS: Items in script tile contexts menu are now sorted alphabetically

    Tweaked: Lowered rhino mount speed

    [YLD-25065] Tweaked: Editor: deep profiling results had a lot of unnecessary indentation levels

    [YLD-20957] Tweaked: Incoming maintenance notifications are now displayed both in chat and as a notification.

    Tweaked: faster walk cycle for directional animations

    [YLD-24688] Tweaked: VS: "Widget ID" tiles used in "Get widget" tile are filtered to show only widgets available in Game logic referenced in "Custom UI" argument

    [YLD-21504] Tweaked: Editor: you can now unweld multiple selected entity welds with one click

    [YLD-24537] Tweaked: Editor: special value -1 in repeat count/execution limit for Trigger zones/Event listeners is now hidden to you

    [YLD-24476] Tweaked: Editor: whole toggle line is clickable in object properties

    Tweaked: Editor: default sound in Sound effect game logic is now "fire loop"


    [YLD-26056] Fixed: Editor: severing energy links in editor was not always possible to do on both sides of the connection

    [YLD-24577] Fixed: Codex: Incorrect hotkey definition for dismount action and summon animal

    [YLD-25763] Fixed: Lighting ball particle did not render all it's parts after game save/load

    [YLD-25769] Fixed: VS: Remove from skill list did not work (it tried to add provided skill instead)

    [YLD-24320] Fixed: regenerate ocean tool floods only edited chunks of terrain

    [YLD-25631] Fixed: NPC templates should now have their skin color rendered correctly

    [YLD-25603] Fixed: When dynamite would be lit, it would be possible to pick it up and try to lit it again. That would result in an exception.

    [YLD-25001] Fixed: Car Element placing sound would be played when car would be assembled/disassembled.

    [YLD-25086] Fixed: Bug of stand up sound while sitting on a passenger chair of an vehicle.

    [YLD-24165] Fixed: When swimming underwater, player should not encounter missing triangles of water near the edge of the screen anymore

    Fixed: Multiplayer: New game accounts with no friends and no whisper history would not appear in Current game session overview.

    [YLD-25573] Fixed: Sleeping: Player can sleep alone on multiplayer server because of infinite sleep and other player sees time passing fast

    [YLD-21227] Fixed: Editor: Current HP of an entity can be set to a negative value

    [YLD-25580] Fixed: Count with using rational numbers does not work in languages using "decimal comma" instead of "decimal point".

    [YLD-25531] Fixed: VS: Entities in groups are losing referenced instructions from global storage when saved in composition

    [YLD-25154] Fixed: Cancelling a pending sleep would lead into various unexpected problems such as wrong UI hints and potentially breaking multiplayer.

    [YLD-23022] Fixed: Fixed item previews to contain particle effects again for items that have continuously emitted particles (e.g., Ylandium Generator)

    [YLD-25446] Fixed: Universal games downloaded from your sharegames or rented server could not be opened in Genesys for editing.

    [YLD-25448] Fixed: Sometimes energy network connection would work incorrectly and supply power to devices that are not connected to energy source

    [YLD-25446] Fixed: Universal games downloaded from your sharegames or rented server could not be opened in Genesys for editing.

    [YLD-25432] Fixed: VS: Some events generated in user script code in On player connected event were not caught by Event listeners (eq. On Equip)

    [YLD-8048] Fixed: Items: if you cut rubber tree, you can extract rubber indefinitely

    [YLD-17509] Fixed: VS: you get now proper message when trying to work with Entity storage data of destroyed entity.

    [YLD-24667] Fixed: Incorrect message is shown to the user when trying to link to a Bohemia account with too many incorrect tries.

    [YLD-25433] Fixed: Blueprints: blocks can be placed in unfinished blueprint

    [YLD-25435] Fixed: An issue where you couldn't place anything on vehicles from blueprints that you cancelled, until you reloaded the save.

    [YLD-20249] Fixed: Hotbar : Placing mode is cancelled after you open and close escape menu

    [YLD-22116] Fixed: Rhinoceros unnaturally bend their neck

    [YLD-25418] Fixed: Editor: Disabling trigger zone when entity was inside and then enabling it when entity was already outside of the trigger zones triggered wrongly "On trigger exit"

    [YLD-25066] Fixed: some random encounters spawn in each other

    [YLD-24433] Fixed: Forced Camera FOV affects the editor camera, but not the camera preview

    [YLD-23452] Fixed: some old explore saves get stuck on loading

    [YLD-25410] Fixed: Editor: a visual issue with an universal game bounds when a camera was under water

    [YLD-25201] Fixed: Editor: disabling/enabling animated trigger zones could make them stop to work

    [YLD-25394] Fixed: Editor: Referencing a Particle template in Entity's script could cause that the Particle template was not visible in editor

    [YLD-23814] Fixed: Camera : dismounting of animal can place camera under terrain or behind wall

    [YLD-25380] Fixed: Main menu - Editor - search did not work

    [YLD-24871] Fixed: Get ID button doesn't work

    [YLD-24979] Fixed: VS: On killed event is now called after entity is set to be dead (you were able to "kill it" several times)

    [YLD-24844] Fixed: compositions with entity welds using glowing colors could not be placed

    [YLD-24904] Fixed: VS: Entity label was not detach from an entity on its destruction if the label was attached to it in different stage (attached to seedling and failed to detached from "same" young orchid)

    Fixed: If you uploaded a creation to the workshop through the game, but didn't publish it in the last step, following uploads wouldn't show the "Quick upload" button.

    [YLD-24832] Fixed: VS: Not triggered Delay instruction on destroyed game logic objects could prevent a game to be saved

    [YLD-14184] Fixed: Custom interactions: sometimes was particle played at character's feet

    [YLD-24795] Fixed: Editor: Multieditation of different type of objects with "Damage multiplier" broke object properties window until restarting a game.

    [YLD-24764] Fixed: VS: "On attack range" event disappeared from an event list on fire arms

    [YLD-24719] Fixed: Editor: setting parameters of equipped weapon did not work

    [YLD-22941] Fixed: Building: placing animal does not collide with vehicles

    [YLD-18916] Fixed: Igniting gunpower keg in the cave wall makes it explode onto the top of elevated terrain

    [YLD-24687] Fixed: heavy attack weapon particle was played only once

    [YLD-24667] Fixed: Account link: incorrect messages when account is locked due multiple invalid attempts

    [YLD-24310] Fixed: Camera: It's possible to see through cave walls when mounted on animal

    [YLD-23952] Fixed: random encounters can spawn on a cave entrance

    [YLD-24617] Fixed: Editor: changing sound/particle from/to instant did not keep set data

    [YLD-24604] Fixed: instant particles on skill time line were played together

    Fixed: VS: Get "Energy Port Count" tile could not be used in expressions

    Fixed: Editor: changing position or rotation of objects in Entity template could cause an error

    [YLD-15728] Fixed: Blueprints: Player can place blueprint in other players barrier

    [YLD-19803][YLD-24319] Fixed: VS: attached entity labels by script were not persistent through save/load

    Fixed: VS: writing a new script text to userscript.js is not considered in profiler time

    [YLD-24366] Fixed: If you launched Ylands via a manually created shortcut to Ylands.exe, output_log would be created into AppData instead of the game folder.

    [YLD-22809] Fixed: custom pet names are not saved correctly

    [YLD-24260] Fixed: Editor: undo for placing second helm/anchor lever on boat did not return the origin helm/anchor lever

    [YLD-24323] Fixed: Collision detection issues of rotated block shape trigger zone with entities with block colliders.

    [YLD-24097] Fixed: VS: entity storage data were lost for objects changed in time (blazing to slowly burning workstation for example) after a change


    Smile Sticker

    Angry Smile Sticker

    Crazy Smile Sticker

    Moustache Sticker

    Star Glasses

    Crazy Glasses

    Alien Glasses

    Pineapple Grenade

    Banana Pistol

    Pump-Action Corngun

    New music track


    [YLD-24795] Fixed: Editor: Multieditation of different type of objects with "Damage multiplier" broke object properties window until restarting a game.

    [YLD-24719] Fixed: Editor: setting parameters of equipped weapon did not work

    [YLD-24904] Fixed: VS: Entity label was not detach from an entity on its destruction if the label was attached to it in different stage (attached to seedling and failed to detached from "same" young orchid)

    [YLD-24764] Fixed: VS: "On attack range" event disappeared from an event list on fire arms

    [YLD-24844] Fixed: compositions with entity welds using glowing colors could not be placed

    [YLD-24667] Fixed: Account link: incorrect messages when account is locked due multiple invalid attempts

    Fixed: Editor - Environment - tooltip Fixed: Editor - Game Settings - Global Ambience tooltip

    Fixed: If you uploaded a creation to the workshop through the game, but didn't publish it in the last step, following uploads wouldn't show the "Quick upload" button.


    Editor Improvements

    • NPC Templates
    • Custom Skills
    • Visual Scripting Graphical Overhaul
    • Game Storage Improvements
    • Screen shake option in Visual Scripting
    • Custom Controls Update
    • New Events in Event Listener
    • Camera Preview
    • Two new AI control instructions
    • Fixed several bugs which were causing Scripts to stop working on DS

    Water Improvements

    • Water volume tools - add bodies of water in the Editor, water volume game logic, regenerating ocean surface
    • Scuba Diving Equipment

    Underwater Random Encounters

    • Encounters with randomly generated and respawning resources on the ocean floor

    Taming and riding more animals

    • Taming system overhaul
    • More animals can be tamed and ridden now
    • New options to pet animals, milk goats, and shear sheep

    Terraforming Improvements

    • Changes for Flatten and Smooth
    • UI refreshed

    Scripting examples in the Editor Wizard

    • Scenarios showcasing basic scripting

    Actor Particles

    Effects visible on clothing and NPC actors Shooting and Throwing Improvements

    Basic Shapes

    • Adjustable shapes made of basic building blocks for more creative freedom

    Audio Improvements

    • Two new music tracks for the Editor
    • Ambient sound override

    Map Changes

    Mobile UI Improvements

    Screenshot System

    Compass for Random Encounters

    New Music Tracks


    Sea Wooden Chest

    Sea Metal Chest

    Giant Clam Chest

    Wooden Lever

    Stone Lever


    Stone Valve

    Iron Valve

    Wooden Valve

    Milking Bucket

    Sheep Shears

    Sheep Wool

    Small Rock

    Medium Rock

    Large Rock

    Animal Pen

    Glowing Coral (3x)

    Iron Button (5x)

    Plastic Button (5x)

    Stone Button (5x)

    Scuba Helmet

    Scuba Mask

    Scuba Snorkel


    Goat Bait

    Sheep Bait

    Camel Bait

    Ostrich Bait

    Boar Bait

    Rabbit Bait

    Deer Bait

    Crab Bait

    Monitor Lizard Bait

    Penguin Bait

    Big Cat Bait

    Bear Bait

    Wolf Bait

    Hyena Bait

    Honeybadger Bait

    Rhino Bait

    Mutated Animal Bait

    Horse Bait

    Pixel Cube

    Breathing Sack

    Iron Air Tank

    Zirconium Air Tank

    Steam Ship

    Shipwreck (7x)

    Iron War Pick

    Stone War Pick

    Thick Tom Cannon

    Wooden Lance

    Small Iron Gate

    Maya Hat

    Maya Skirt

    Maya Tunic

    Maya Shoes

    Steel Ladder

    Steel Ship Helm

    Anchor Lever

    Hawaii Pizza Part

    Hawaii Pizza Slice

    Small Wooden Fence (5x)

    Steam Ship Hull Aft

    Steam Ship Hull Fore

    Wooden Golem


    [YLD-23699] Added: Editor: Snap Angles option for the terrain Add/Remove/Flatten which ensures the orientation of an operation to be strictly horizontal or vertical

    [YLD-22787] Added: Editor: Direction lock option for the terrain Add/Remove/Flatten. The chosen direction of a terraforming operation remains fixed during the operation

    [YLD-22709] Added: Terrain Paint overhauled into a volumetric operation. This allows painting arbitrarily oriented terrain without any omitted spots

    [YLD-22786] Added: Terrain Flatten overhauled into a volumetric operation. This allows to flatten arbitrarily oriented terrain like walls and ceilings, make ramps, etc.. Supports the intensity setting in the editor

    [YLD-22788] Added: Terrain Add/Remove/Flatten/Smooth/Paint now use 2D brushes (circle/square) oriented accordingly to the slope of the pointed terrain

    [YLD-22786] Added: Terrain Smooth overhauled into a volumetric operation - can now smooth any surfaces like walls and ceilings; uses the 2D oriented brushes; supports the intensity setting in the editor

    [YLD-23832] Added: Editor: option to disable killme/setpve commands in custom game

    [YLD-23722] Added: VS: Overlap sphere/block/capsule tiles

    Added: Icons for editor

    Added: Particles - Fire Ball, Frost Ball, Lightning Ball

    Added: New underwater particle effects - School of fish, School of fish Big, Rising Bubbles

    [YLD-23155] Tweaked: Make all building blocks unpickable by default

    [YLD-23825] Tweaked: Editor: creatures are frozen in more natural pose

    [YLD-23787] Tweaked: Friends: If you reject another player's friend request, the said player will no longer receive a notification informing them about the rejection.

    [YLD-23769] Tweaked: Editor: custom resistance can be now between 0 - 1 000 000 (which is max damage number)

    [YLD-22948] Tweaked: Editor: item stored in first inventory slot in Player role is now first active item in a game

    Tweaked: Editor: in language using decimal comma there was an issue that in properties there was comma but you were able to fill only numbers with decimal point (now shows/input numbers with decimal point always)

    Tweaked: Rented Servers: Trying to turn on expired server results in Server subscription has expired error instead of generic Could not complete backend task.

    Tweaked: Faster steps in walk cycle animation


    [YLD-24119] Fixed: Editor: scaling of lightning particle (not all parts of the particle were scaled -> you may need to adjust position of already used lightning particles with scale different from 1.0)

    [YLD-24083] Fixed: Editor: position and rotation animator references inside entity templates are not stored for newly created in compositions

    [YLD-24011] Fixed: Editor: created composition from cloned objects could have inside game logic objects from the original objects

    [YLD-23696] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of deleting objects did not contain change of selection

    [YLD-23937] Fixed: Editor: indestructible items were still breakable/destroyable through Item detail window

    [YLD-23750] Fixed: Editor: rapid camera movement after big FPS drops

    [YLD-22130] Fixed: Editor: Animated spawn point spawns player at 0,0,0.

    [YLD-23668] Fixed: Editor: Copy of custom camera referencing any object was referencing always original object

    [YLD-11717] Fixed: Editor: Undo of deleting Spawn point referenced in other game logic objects did not recover those references

    Fixed: Editor: Ai Behaviour - Patrol with empty Reference points prevented to test it without any notification

    [YLD-23727] Fixed: VS: games using Game logic storages could break a game on DS after a while

    [YLD-23700] Fixed: VS: deleted Game variables were not correctly refreshed in VS window

    [YLD-23670] Fixed: VS: saved "delayed functions" in save game could break a save game.

    Fixed: VS: in some cases both custom and default action were performed on PC. Now custom action always overrides the default one on both PC and mobile.

    [YLD-23889] Fixed: Friends: If you invited a player to your clan and then dismantled the clan before the player managed to accept the invitation, you could no longer invite them to another clan until you restarted the whole game.

    [YLD-24165] Fixed: There should not be temporary holes in the ocean while loading new blocks while traveling on the sea or swimming underwater

    [YLD-23256] Fixed: Golden pebble from gold pouch can be duplicated after trading

    [YLD-23002] Fixed: In some cases particle effects with custom textures were not visible

    [YLD-24094] Fixed: Microsoft Store version of the game should now display Bohemia Interactive logo correctly upon startup

    [YLD-26924] Fixed: Distant ocean tiles should not make visual artifacts anymore on shores of Ylands when the player is underwater

    [YLD-23899] Fixed: Quick workshop upload would unpublish the creation.

    [YLD-23761] Fixed: An issue where if we added new recipes into the game, they would not show in older Sandbox saves (or any other game modes where you should have access to everything) unless you'd found some of the needed ingredients.

    [YLD-23469] Fixed: An issue where if you built and connected a tesla coil and then went to another island and built a new tesla coil, the second tesla coil would be able to shoot even without being connected to a source of energy and even after destroying it.

    [YLD-23646] Fixed: Genesys playtest should show clear weather preset correctly now

    [YLD-23418] Fixed: Add friend button appears when removing someone from a clan

    [YLD-23672] Fixed: When joining a server with scenario that is no longer available, the user would get a generic "Unspecified error"

    [YLD-18767] Fixed: Items: Festive ornament can not be stacked together

    [YLD-23272] Fixed: Server saves sometimes get swapped for a different save.

    [YLD-21874] Fixed: Chat system would sometimes disconnect for no apparent reason and would not reconnect until the whole game was restarted.

    [YLD-24309] Fixed: A memory leak when operating a workstation without opening its GUI.

    Fixed: Editor export or playtest no longer clears available remove steps for rest of session.

    Fixed: An issue where if you had above 100 blocked users, the game would be stuck in an endless loop.



    [YLD-23010] Tweaked: Default in-game editor playtest profile is now PC.

    [YLD-23094] Fixed: Editor: Fixed an issue where you couldn't export a scenario which belongs to a deleted game set.

    [YLD-22224] Fixed: Editor: Projection tables should not be deletable in the editor

    [YLD-23097] Fixed: Editor: entity templates did not support NPCs with item in hands with custom particles

    [YLD-22690] Fixed: Editor: Animated trigger zones listening to "any player" get triggered by NPCs

    [YLD-23038][YLD-23042] Fixed: Editor: non-unique items created in 1.2 could have been handled as unique one and it break some features (new export to workshop will be needed if you exported game in 1.2, 1.2.1 to workshop)

    [YLD-22643] Fixed: Blueprints: Client has a collision with blueprint ghost.

    [YLD-22527] Fixed: Blueprints: Blueprint build preview collides with players/vehicles

    [YLD-22381] Fixed: VS: scripts on fire-based entities could caused an error when setting them to fire

    [YLD-23052] Fixed: Having a gamepad with bad deadzones should not interfere with placing blocks in Genesys anymore

    [YLD-23000] Fixed: It should get dark when the player is inside a cave again

    [YLD-22831] Fixed: Some older saves/compositions/scenarios having broken ship parts (mast/anchor/helm/wind indicator).

    [YLD-22493] Fixed: Multiplayer lobby was showing server name instead of scenario name.


    • Editor improvements
      • New editor UI
      • 3D selection tool - possibility to select objects via a 3D box
      • Random rotation while placing - allows placing entites with random rotation (useful for trees, plants, etc..)
      • Improved terrain tools - Stamp mode, optimizations.
    • Advanced particle editing/coloring
      • Ability to customize particle effects and attach them to entities.
      • New type of Game logic for editor - Particle template that will allow players to customize the particle effect and reference it in entities/visual scripting.
      • New type of Game logic for editor - Melee attack effect allows editing trail effects for each attack.
    • New NPC heads
      • Ability to set up different heads for NPCs to differentiate from humans (first present: elven heads)
    • Ability to recolor NPC's skin
      • NPC's skin can now be set to a variety of different colors (in editor)
    • Ability to test games on PC to check, what they will look like on mobile platform
      • Allow to test the game in the editor as if it was run on mobile device - with precompiled terrain and mobile UI
      • Accessible via playtest options
    • Audio library - new music tracks
      • New music tracks creators can use in their games via visual scripting, overriding default music.
    • Enhancement of UI elements library
      • Added a variety of sprites for UI customization.
    • Advanced damage/heal numbers
      • More options and effects for showing customs texts and sprites above entities.
    • Publish game within editor
      • Players are able to upload their creations to the workshop more easily, without having to handle any files.
      • When creation is ready to upload, the browser will open automatically and players only have to click "publish."
    • RPG templates
      • Compositions available in the workshop that show examples of scripting of basic RPG features in the ylands editor.
      • Leveling and Quest system, Monster spawner and Shop.
    • RPG compositions
      • Dozens of new compositions will help you create your fantasy RPG (they can be indetified by "RPG" prefix)
    • New Random Encounters
      • Couple of new REs with new assets and enemies
    • New Fauna in Exploration
    • Avatar Log Out Fix
      • Allows players to hide logged out players on servers. so they can avoid overcrowded spawn points


    Stone Giant



    Ylandium Golem

    Mutated Golem (3)

    Wooly Rhino

    Fantasy Door (4)

    Stained Glass Windows (4)

    Stone Pillar (3)

    Stone Window

    Stone Railing (2)

    Wooden Pillar (3)

    Brick Pillar (2)

    Iron Crown and Gold Crown

    Fantasy Hat

    Charmer Hat

    Barbute Helmet

    Bard Robe

    Bard Skirt

    Bard Boots

    Nobleman Caftan

    Nobleman Pants

    Nobleman Boots

    Elven Tunic

    Elven Pants

    Elven Boots

    Elven Helmet

    Elven Armor

    Elven Armor Pants

    Elven Armor Boots

    Golden Chest

    Round Carpet

    Fancy Carpet

    Wooden Bed

    Helmet Banner

    Symbol Banner

    Wooden Table

    Wooden Chair

    Massive Stool


    Wooden Cabinet (2)

    Book Pedestal

    Chandelier with Candles

    Chandelier With Lamps

    Runes (24)

    Buttons (3)

    Demon Statue

    Steel Spear

    Elven Spear

    Beastbane Spear

    Iron Staff

    Crystal Staff

    Shaman Staff

    Gold Staff

    Elven Spear

    Elven Bow

    Feather Pen (2)

    Feather Hat


    [YLD-21818] Added: Editor: Terrain stamping

    [YLD-21640] Added: Timed text and sprite display above entities which can be used to display received damage (or any other information) without overriding the previously displayed value

    [YLD-22018] Added: Editor: In-game editor now supports playtesting game modes with visuals corresponding to PC (same as until now), mobile-high and mobile-low profiles.

    [YLD-21608] Added: Editor: You can slow camera movement while holding 'X'

    [YLD-21596][YLD-21600][YLD-21955] Added: Editor: Placing with randomized rotations.

    [YLD-21819] Added: Editor: Playtest performance statistics. Shown when UI is hidden (tilde/backquote by default).

    [YLD-22477] Added: VS: On placing item started/ended events

    [YLD-22294] Added: VS: Play particle from template

    [YLD-22291] Added: VS: Added Rotation argument to both Play particle tiles

    Added: Editor: Placing now uses the Alignment and Surface Snapping editor settings.

    Added: New casting emote animations

    [YLD-21857] Tweaked: Editor: Deleting entity/game logic object should remove it from its labels

    [YLD-22446] Tweaked: Editor: Particles are not frozen in Editor by default

    [YLD-21818] Tweaked: Editor: Terrain sculpt improvements:

    - gradual terrain Add/Remove with customizable intensity;

    - maximum brush radius increased 7x;

    - improved terrain raising/lowering brush precision (no longer functionally clamped to voxel);

    - disabled abrupt terrain adding into space during terrain Add;

    - maximum effective terraforming distance increased from 50 to 1000 meters;

    - added implicit saving of editor terrain paint/sculpt settings

    [YLD-21936] Tweaked: Editor: Exported universal scenario and editor playtest of the scenario now use the same terrain. Previously, playtest used the same high-fidelity terrain as used in editor, which did not accurately represent the final exported scenario.

    [YLD-21890] Tweaked: The profanity filter sometimes filtered too effectively

    [YLD-22343] Tweaked: Emote previews in Store now show the emote animation applied to your current character instead of a premade one.

    [YLD-22211] Tweaked: Spawn veins in caves only on the floors

    Tweaked: New animation for gangnam dance

    Tweaked: Game Variables are now delete-able by default; once a variable is referenced in any export to workshop, it can no longer be deleted. Game Set Variables are not affected by this change and can still never be deleted.


    [YLD-22690] Fixed: Editor: Animated trigger zones listening to "any player" get triggered by NPCs

    [YLD-22224] Fixed: Editor: Projection tables should not be deletable in editor

    [YLD-22099] Fixed: Editor: Selecting new in menu does not ask you to save your game.

    [YLD-21990] Fixed: Editor: NPCs with modified weapon were still causing default damage

    [YLD-21992] Fixed: Editor: Initial camera position for Racing template was under ground

    [YLD-21996] Fixed: Editor: Environments made from old interior GL should have "Affect light intensity" checked

    [YLD-22381] Fixed: VS: Scripts on fire based entities could caused an error when setting them to fire

    [YLD-21215] Fixed: VS: When you despawn animated single object inside a zone it still behaves like it is is inside

    [YLD-21763] Fixed: VS: Spawned entities with script could be immune to player's melee hits. (if map was set NON PVP)

    [YLD-22478] Fixed: VS: On plant event does not trigger Event listener

    [YLD-22193] Fixed: VS: Playing a looped sound via game logic when it can't be played will no longer freeze the client.

    [YLD-22643] Fixed: Blueprints: Client has collision with blueprint ghost.

    [YLD-22527] Fixed: Blueprints: blueprint build preview collides with players/vehicles

    [YLD-19660] Fixed: Blueprints: It's possible to build ship blueprints underwater.

    [YLD-21769] Fixed: Combat: Camel and Mutated Penguins combat range issues.

    [YLD-22831] Fixed: Some older saves/compositions/scenarios having broken ship parts (mast/anchor/helm/wind indicator).

    [YLD-20906] Fixed: First person camera in car doesn't turn with the car

    [YLD-22493] Fixed: Multiplayer lobby was showing server name instead of scenario name.

    [YLD-21409][YLD-21266] Fixed: Fixed an issue where server saves would roll back to previous or weird versions of the game.

    [YLD-22384] Fixed: You can't saw down trees inside the other player's barrier anymore

    [YLD-5193] Fixed: Chance to fall through terrain due to a large number of items on the ground and other causes should be reduced.

    [YLD-22247] Fixed: Cube : Potion of speed is not located in the "potion" category

    [YLD-22280] Fixed: Items: Ship ladder does not have a crafting recipe

    [YLD-22119] Fixed: Woolly Rhinoceros runs in circles until he get better view of target

    [YLD-21137] Fixed: Blocks can be placed on a car and not be attached to it

    [YLD-21540] Fixed: Blueprints: cannot create blueprint when there are plants in the capture area

    [YLD-21822] Fixed: Blueprint ghost is not visible while placing

    [YLD-21780] Fixed: Hermit did not speak.

    [YLD-21764] Fixed: Items: Rubber tree stumps can be sawed down to no effect

    [YLD-21167] Fixed: Ships colliders were not combined properly causing performance issues near shore

    [YLD-18371] Fixed: Campfire should not bloom anymore nor display lights when there are just remains when burning out

    [YLD-21866] Fixed: Rented server : if you ban player from main menu (server management) he gets incorrect warning message

    [YLD-22970] Fixed: Broken vehicles for clients.

    Fixed: Broken colouring gradients on some entities with custom colour (trees).

    Fixed: FAQ button in My Servers tab was pointing at a wrong URL

    Fixed: VS: Enumerated values were not saved into save game

    Fixed: Desert plants are not possible to plant to sea bottom anymore

    Fixed: Editor: Can't toggle freeplacing

    Fixed: Vehicles in construction mode are invisible for players after they reconnect, turning on construction mode makes server not joinable

    Fixed: Avatar Log Out Fix - Allows players to hide logged out players on servers. so they can avoid overcrowded spawn points


    [YLD-21167] Fixed: Ships colliders were not combined properly causing performance issues near shore

    [YLD-21540] Fixed: Blueprints: cannot create blueprint when there are plants in the capture area

    [YLD-21822] Fixed: Blueprint ghost is not visible while placing

    [YLD-20856] Fixed: Camera should no longer stutter during rotation when faced with high framerate.

    [YLD-21780] Fixed: Hermit did not speak.

    [YLD-21763] Fixed: VS: spawned entities with script could be immune to player's melee hits. (if map was set NON PVP)

    [YLD-21996] Fixed: Environments made from old interior GL should have "Affect light intensity" checked

    [YLD-21990] Fixed: Editor: NPCs with modified weapon were still casing default damage

    [YLD-22005][YLD-21988] Fixed: Editor projects with corrupted weld data could never be exported.

    [YLD-21997] Fixed: Scenario variables were sometimes returning incorrect data and not working in playtest.


    [YLD-21846] Tweaked: Editor monetized actions are now only included in workshop export manifest if: 1/ Are referenced from visual scripts. 2/ Were previously included in workshop export manifest. 3/ were created before this change.

    Tweaked: Game Variables are now delete-able by default; once a variable is referenced in any export to workshop, it can no longer be deleted. Game Set Variables are not affected by this change and can still never be deleted.

    Tweaked: Exporting scenario from editor now always saves it. Previously this only happened when certain requirements were met.



    • You can now easily plant vegetation in a grid, which makes neat rows, or outside of it (switch modes with free placing button).
    • Another plant cannot be planted on a voxel already occupied by another plant.
    • Vegetation can now be planted on specific terrain voxels only (grass for temperate, sand for desert plants, etc.).
    • Fast planting (click instead of hold).

    New Minigames for Playlands

    • Forest Friends - Support your local forest, collect trash and free animals caught in traps!
    • Save the Sheep - The farm is under alien attack, save your sheep from being abducted!

    another game coming soon

    Far East biome

    New animal

    Audio Improvements

    • "Sound effect" game logic improved, allowing creators to customize sounds (volume, repeat delay time, audible distance).
    • Cooking System Improvements
    • Many new food items with complex recipes.
    • Some meals that take longer to prepare now provide strength boost for a limited amount of time.

    Particle Game Logic improvements

    • Ability to scale particle effects via visual scripting.
    • Ability to stop particle emission (rather than turning it off altogether) via visual scripting.

    Explore Difficulty Scale

    • Option to set one of our 3 preset difficulties for explore mode, or set up your own difficulty by changing individual parameters. (Damage multiplier, health amount, etc.)

    User-Controlled Post-Processes

    • "Custom post process" game logic for the editor.
    • Allows adding effects like Greyscale, Sepia, Negative, etc. to your games.

    New Costume

    • Cyborg

    Editor Improvements

    • Various small fixes and improvements for the editor, individual improvements listed in the "Additions/Improvements" section.

    Editor: New Scene Wizard + Templates

    • Scene creating wizard for the editor that guides you through setting up your own game and its parameters.
    • You can choose to start creating from empty maps or our pre-generated game templates, like platformer, adventure and racing.

    Editor: Help panel

    • Panel in the editor with links to editor wiki and various tutorials for creators.

    Editor: Custom object parameters

    • Allows setting up variables in such a way so they can be seen and changed in the object properties window.
    • This means variables can be easily accessed in the object properties window instead of having to go into the script and changing variables there.

    Editor: Visual Scripting Comments / Notes

    • Special script blocks that have no function but to help you organize code.
    • Choose from freely placed "sticky note" like block and a line comment, which you can insert into your script stack.
    • Both comments and notes support rich text formatting, so you can make part of texts bold, change their color and much more.

    2FA support for link account (all platforms)

    Added two-factor authentication for account linking in order to improve security.

    Mobile: tweak car/horse controls

    Switched joystick type controls for directional arrows.

    Fixed compatibility issues

    Resolved crashes / abnormal game behavior with many devices

    Added English profanity filter

    Chat, character and server names are now filtered. Existing texts are not affected



    [YLD-21085] Added: Editor: Custom cameras have now 3 fading options (cut, ease in, linear)

    [YLD-20934] Added: Editor: There are now usable sliders for properties with min/max value set

    [YLD-20598] Added: VS: Get other connected entity tile

    [YLD-20806] Added: VS: Get/set/push array from/to other array tiles

    [YLD-20803] Added: VS: Clear entity and game logic label instructions

    [YLD-20754] Added: VS: Array sort method with custom sorting support.

    Optimized: Entering debug session from editor is now smoother and faster.

    [YLD-21059] Tweaked: Editor: Rocks and most of the vegetation can be used in Entity welds

    [YLD-20349] Tweaked: Editor: View of NPCs is toggled on/off with animals now

    [YLD-20756] Tweaked: Editor: You can now break several groups in one click

    [YLD-20659] Tweaked: VS: Set weather instruction have a new argument Instant. You can now change weather instantly for players staying in area were weather was changed.

    [YLD-21475] Tweaked: VS: Added instigator argument to Damage, Kill, Throw entity tiles.

    [YLD-21072] Tweaked: VS: Animator cycle end event is not shown in VS window if events for animator are not enabled

    [YLD-21100] Tweaked: VS: Tile search now prefers tiles with searched text found in their name to the tiles with searched text in argument's name

    [YLD-21096] Tweaked: VS: Search ignores accent of letters. (in czech environment you can write "cas" to find "čas")

    [YLD-20891] Tweaked: VS: Writing to console content of variable which referred to destroyed entity will print "Invalid entity" instead of "None"

    [YLD-20908] Tweaked: Editor: You are now able to create entity weld from a single entity

    [YLD-19503] Tweaked: Hitting universal game bounds with projectile is now count as a Miss

    [YLD-8454] Tweaked: Bubbles now disappears with destroyed entity

    [YLD-20948] Tweaked: Editor: You can now set up custom price for unique stackable items

    [YLD-20730] Tweaked: Some fallen trees have too large collider

    Tweaked: Maintenance panel is now much more player friendly.

    Tweaked: Editor: 1-4 keys are now used to change selection widget.

    Tweaked: Increased resource spawn rate in caves


    [YLD-20533] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of editing vehicles did not work

    [YLD-20944] Fixed: Editor: Event Listener events' names translated in Genesys

    [YLD-20686] Fixed: Editor: You can not exit editing empty group now

    [YLD-20664] Fixed: Editor: Using cut-and-paste during editing welding caused the game to get stuck

    [YLD-20612] Fixed: Editor: Group pivot will change after weld is created inside the group

    Fixed: Editor: Old maps can not be play tested from editor without manual save

    [YLD-21012][YLD-20988] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of vehicles copy did not work correctly

    [YLD-20852][YLD-20923] Fixed: Editor: It was not possible to make composition/copy generated flora in new sandbox/exploration maps

    [YLD-20843] Fixed: Editor: It was not possible to color entities in old maps which had "shining white" in them

    [YLD-20830] Fixed: VS: Trying to kill already dead NPC with script could cause an error

    [YLD-20496] Fixed: VS: Copy of raycast referenced variables from the original raycast tile

    [YLD-19386] Fixed: VS: It was not possible to copy from entity/game logic template object's script

    [YLD-20714] Fixed: VS: Spawning vehicles from entity template not in construction mode did not work correctly

    [YLD-20688] Fixed: VS: Trying to edit empty entity scripts 2 times in a row did not work

    [YLD-20657] Fixed: VS: Start distance in Follow tile did not work as expected (was always same as End distance)

    [YLD-20658] Fixed: VS: Dpawning NPC with Spawn entity type tile did not work

    [YLD-20765] Fixed: VS: Empty holes in For cycle tile

    Fixed: VS: You did not see your custom variable names for Throw entity arguments

    [YLD-21095] Fixed: Items : Sewing kit will be lost after used it to craft Festive sock.

    [YLD-21060] Fixed: shooting AI agents sometimes doesn't register the hit

    [YLD-14819] Fixed: Main menu: Recent editor files works same in Main menu as in editor (it is enough to open scenario in editor to have it appear in recent game list)

    [YLD-21033] Fixed: Price of coyns is always shown in euro value

    [YLD-20857] Fixed: Can't change active controller in options

    [YLD-20968][YLD-20967] Fixed: Friend list: mobile: Changing account leads break ID in friend list

    [YLD-20935] Fixed: Blueprints: Text: Incorrect notification when trying to assemble not finished vehicle blueprint

    [YLD-19660] Fixed: Placing now properly checks for required terrain (water/ground)

    [YLD-20874] Fixed: Building: Last item building doesn't work on vehicles in construction mode

    [YLD-20840] Fixed: Terrain: When spawn point is obstructed, player falls through the world after respawn

    [YLD-20882] Fixed: Non-aggressive animals won't trigger danger audio feedback when approaching the player (e.g. calling horse won't activate combat soundtrack anymore)

    [YLD-20750] Fixed: Horse that was loaded far from a client should now properly become visible when it gets closer.

    [YLD-20427] Fixed: New left handed item dodge animation

    [YLD-20854] Fixed: NPCs can't get damaged when PVP is turned off

    [YLD-20530] Fixed: Blueprints: Blueprints are not aligned to the grid (older blueprints may still be misaligned)

    [YLD-20450] Fixed: Lion statue behaving like an entity now, lion statue has a recipe now

    [YLD-20611] Fixed: Emotes: Premium emotes can be used without costume if they are in quick access slot

    [YLD-20814] Fixed: MP: Camera for clients on vehicles does not turn with the vehicle

    [YLD-14391] Fixed: Freeplaced items sometimes dropping through moving ships

    [YLD-20477] Fixed: Falling items can get stuck mid air if they are very high

    [YLD-21069] Fixed: Indestructible, unpickable but interactable sticks were welded together on export

    Fixed: Friend list: Device can be stuck on receiving data when accepting request

    Fixed: Trading with NPC will no longer select bundles tab if there are no bundles offered

    Fixed: Vehicles from blueprints that are not yet complete will no longer allow you to switch construction mode off and thus break the vehicle after exiting and reloading the game.


    It is now possible to link account even when using guest one


    Maintenance message made more user-friendly


    Game crashing when running with certain AMD video cards

    Microsoft Store lists game requirements as DirectX10 instead of DirectX11

    UWP version renders the fog correctly

    [YLD-21042] the player can't hit animals from the front side with firearms sometimes

    [YLD-20962] UI: Invite to the game instead of join game text

    [YLD-20926] Auto-balance button is enabled for bundles; Fixed: Trading with NPC will no longer select bundles tab if there are no bundles offered

    [YLD-20857] It is now possible to disable the controller via Options

    [YLD-20944] Event Listener name translations in Genesys


    [YLD-20836] Added: VS: Spawn point event "On player spawned" was renamed to "On player created". Added new event "On player spawned" which is called when player connects to its character. (You can show there Custom windows or change server variables for that player)

    Tweaked: 1.01: Closing the new rented server game popup no longer closes the whole game selection screen.

    Tweaked: increased resource spawn rate in caves


    [YLD-20926] Fixed: Auto-balance button is enabled for bundles

    [YLD-20874] Fixed: Building: Last item building doesn't work on vehicles in construction mode

    [YLD-20852][YLD-20923] Fixed: Editor: It was not possible to make composition/copy generated flora in new sandbox/exploration maps

    [YLD-20840] Fixed: Terrain: When spawn point is obstructed, player falls through the world after respawn

    [YLD-20533] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of editing vehicles did not work

    [YLD-20750] Fixed: Horse that was loaded far from a client should now properly become visible when it gets closer. [internal] MountController now updates entity position on client proxies.

    [YLD-20728] Added: 1.01: Crossplatform multiplayer

    [YLD-20530] Fixed: Blueprints: Blueprints are not aligned to the grid (older blueprints may still be misaligned)

    [YLD-20854] Fixed: NPCs can't get damaged when PVP is turned off

    [YLD-20843] Fixed: Editor: it was not possible to color entities in old maps which had "shining white" in them

    [YLD-20814] Fixed: MP: Camera for clients on vehicles does not turn with the vehicle


    • Improved/reworked visuals/effects
      • brand new sky system
      • new gorgeous weather system
      • improved lighting system
      • many other visual improvements
      • Ylands are now visible on the horizon
    • Exploration
      • Game world and ylands have been redesigned
      • Ylands now have enemies with their difficulty scaled based on yland's tier
      • Resources have been redistributed over variously tiered ylands to create natural progression
      • Added new vein Zirconium used to create stronger weapons and armors
      • Strong predators now spawn at night
      • Alpha predator that spawns during night on the surface and killing it prevents further spawning of night predators on that yland
      • New Random Encounters added, many with specific NPCs
      • Random Encounters spawn based on yland's tier
      • Added Hermit to starting ylands which provides valuable tips
      • New animals
    • Blueprint improvements
      • New blueprints added to the ingame store
      • Players can now capture ships and cars into blueprints
    • Improved NPC/animal AI
      • added new AI Behavior Game Logic, which alows setting up of entities AI - you can override an aggressiveness level and the basic behavior for NPCs and animals (standing on the same spot, random loiter around or patrolling behavior between several reference points).
      • it is now possible to script AI behavior (make NPCs aggressive, have it patrol etc.)
      • please note that herbivore/carnivore baits currently don't work with the new AI
    • Improved game feedback and refunding
      • players can now report problems in game directly to their creators (they are sent as emails to the address the creator linked with their account)
      • creators can refund any transaction made in their game during the last seven days
    • Adjusted crafting system
      • all recipes are available right from the start (can be disabled when starting new Exploration)

    improved crafting UI

      • reworked object categories
    • Skins removal
      • all skins have been removed from the game. The models are now accessible ingame. All players who bought any skins will get all their coyns fully refunded in the few days.
    • Spawnpoint creation
      • Players can now affect where they spawn after death. They just need to sleep in a proper bed (not on a sleeping pad) and respawn will be set to that bed. If its destroyed, they will respawn at the initial point.
      • This works even with beds placed on ships
    • Horse improvements
      • horse can now be controlled in a much more intuitive way
    • Visual scripting improvements
      • jumping to instruction declaration
      • copy and paste of whole blocks of scripting
      • going back and forth between edited scripts
      • profiling tools
      • it's possible to show healthbars and custom texts over entities
    • Improved map
      • map is no longer bound to an ingame object and can be opened at any point by pressing "M" key (please note that map is available only in PC Exploration and Sandbox games)
      • allows placing of icons that can be colorized
      • shows difficulty tier for found ylands (one from the very beginning)
    • Server instability fixed
      • we have fixed several issues that made servers unstable / slow after time. If you still experience this, please contact us.
    • Game set
      • Allows to group individual games in to a game-set. Games grouped in a set can share same persistent data. Players can be transferred between game instances using Visual scripting.
    • Storage update
      • It is now possible to update Storages using compositions. If the editor will detect newer version of storage, it will update existing storage with new script tiles, without breaking references.
    • Object destruction/breaking down change
      • Items are destroyed / broken down from the Item inspect window (click the item preview in the inventory or the eye icon above it). Items that can be broken down shown Break button, elementary items show Destroy. In other words you can keep breaking down items into elementary bits which you can destroy. Please note that you can, as always, use CTRL when clicking the button to perform the action with multiple items in stack.


    • Added dodge fatigue. If players keeps dodging too fast, they may become stunned for a brief moment
    • Improved system how workstations are lit and fed with fuel

    [YLD-20503] Added: Editor: Custom keys can be used even when you use a cannon

    [YLD-18928] Added: Editor: You can enable/disable X button and Escape key for custom windows separately now

    [YLD-20426] Added: Editor: Search in explore can search objects by their ID

    [YLD-20536] Added: Editor: Collapsed state of GUI widget is stored now

    [YLD-19200] Added: Editor: New type of map: Water map

    [YLD-19202] Added: Editor: You can now switch between last opened scripts

    [YLD-18832] Added: Editor: Basic profiling support for user scripts. (commands startprofiling and endprofiling -> results of profiling can be found next to log files)

    [YLD-19001] Added: Editor: Support for health bars and custom texts above live entities

    [YLD-20588] Added: Editor: Added short cut key "Ctrl+S" for saving

    [YLD-19201] Added: VS: Button to jump to Custom instruction declaration

    [YLD-19485] Added: VS: Simple raycast instructions

    [YLD-19481] Added: VS: Throw entity instruction

    [YLD-18986] Added: VS: Get current real date and time tiles

    [YLD-19208] Added: VS: Division remainder operator

    [YLD-19175] Added: VS: Tile to distinguish game running only for mobiles or for PC

    [YLD-19041] Added: VS: Added new string instructions Trim, Replace, Split

    [YLD-17298] Added: VS: "Last index of" variant with no "start index" parameter (it will start look from the end of the string) and new Get length tile which works with strings

    [YLD-19964] Added: VS: Added "Show" button to the tile list menu next to each custom instruction tile which focus definition of the instruction

    [YLD-20458] Added: VS: Warning when setting target position in Move to to invalid value

    [YLD-18713] Added: VS: Drop instruction for items in player's inventory/chest's containers

    [YLD-18590] Added: VS: Allow copy of user instruction with Drag + ctrl

    [YLD-19081] Added: VS: Proper warning is shown when trying to destroy same game logic object twice

    [YLD-18917] Added: Create an option to set respawn on bed

    [YLD-19805] Added: Display Out of fuel notification

    [YLD-19789] Added: Add option to teleport car to the place where it last left the construction mode

    Added: VS: Visual scripting for entities in game saves is back again

    [YLD-20204] Added: Players in singleplayer now have the ability to cancel pending sleep.

    [YLD-19119] Added: Newly captured blueprints will now retain links between energy devices.

    [YLD-19122] Added: Explore terrain now generates in a 3x3km area

    [YLD-18889] Added: Map can be opened by pressing M button

    [YLD-18446] Added: Animals will be scared by the explosion sounds

    [YLD-18913] Added: Command /hidechat which hides small chat window immediately

    [YLD-16438] Added: Hints for /setpve command

    [YLD-19337] Added: When creating new exploration and sandbox games, players can choose if all recipes are available from the start

    [YLD-16870] Added: Scroll to last and scroll to first buttons to chat

    [YLD-16870] Added: "Feed" button to the workstation screen that allows players to add fuel and "ignite" button to workstation screen that allows players to ignite the Workstation (if possible in given context)

    [YLD-20462] Added: Show Disable AI navigation when exporting game without NPCs/animals

    [YLD-20176] Added: You can now use "/gettransactions <scenario_id> <number_of_days>" command to export a CSV list of all transactions that happened in a scenario of yours.

    Added: New hit reaction animations for all weapons and stances

    Added: New holding items animation in default hover

    Added: Switching feet on jump attack recover

    Added: Sandstone chunks can be digged out of sand and wet sand voxels

    [YLD-5874] Tweaked: Editor: Games with Creative map has now same name as the new map name

    [YLD-19905] Tweaked: Editor: Max number of players allowed in automatic DS servers can be between 5 and 10

    [YLD-19803] Tweaked: Editor: Entity label performance improved (adding and removing entities to and from label)

    [YLD-11849] Tweaked: Editor: Improved indication that you are force into grid and how to cancel it

    [YLD-19164] Tweaked: Editor: No PC only items in exported universal games

    [YLD-19215] Tweaked: Editor: Add new game logic window is now shown as list with texts by default

    [YLD-19262] Tweaked: Editor Universal area was enlarge to 4x3x4 blocks

    [YLD-16723] Tweaked: Editor: When editing weld/groups, testing animators or in character preview there will be info panel notifying you that you are in special mode

    [YLD-18801] Tweaked: Editor: Impassable barriers blocks player in editor in character mode now

    [YLD-19677] Tweaked: Editor: Add object filter categories now contain filters for energy and workstation

    [YLD-20519] Tweaked: Editor: You can now manually weld entities which are pickable/interactable or indestructible

    [YLD-14819] Tweaked: Editor: Currently open game is the first one in Recent files list.

    [YLD-20097] Tweaked: VS: Added warning when you try to animate static object

    [YLD-18933] Tweaked: VS: Widget searching looks for each search key separately

    [YLD-19211] Tweaked: Blueprints: Should be constructed immediately in universal Create

    [YLD-19800] Tweaked: All empty/flat/sea maps should have by default temperate biome

    [YLD-19772] Tweaked: Notifications are now shown longer

    Tweaked: Editor: Time triggers has now by default trigger count set to infinity (-1)

    Tweaked: Editor: Placing compositions with Global/Game logic/Entity storage will update storage's scripts to the newer version

    Tweaked: Editor: New added Player role will have assigned first Spawn point in the game as it's spawn point

    [YLD-18062] Tweaked: Grenades and catapults now have a minimum range

    [YLD-18707] Tweaked: The durability feature has been removed from the game

    [YLD-19185] Tweaked: Building helper outlines

    [YLD-19719] Tweaked: Editor: You will not be asked to save your game when exiting editor if game was already saved

    [YLD-8791] Tweaked: Charging cars and machines is now instant

    [YLD-19467] Tweaked: Rented Server upload popup now offers following platform options: -"PC" - offered always -> Only PC players will be able to join the game. -"Mobile" - offered only if the scenario is universal -> If selected, only mobile players will be able to join the game.

    [YLD-19488] Tweaked: Removed Featured shop category

    [YLD-18554] Tweaked: Changed the color of NPC messages in chat

    [YLD-19414] Tweaked: Item detail is opened when item preview in the inventory is clicked

    [YLD-19220] Tweaked: Changed the craft all button to craft more button

    [YLD-20230] Tweaked: The "Blueprint is being loaded" notification is now shown only for blueprints with more than 100 objects.

    [YLD-19196] Tweaked: Re-positioning while building

    [YLD-19177] Tweaked: Playlands: change Fashion room entrance location

    [YLD-19636] Tweaked: Make spawned items invincible for two seconds

    [YLD-20356] Tweaked: Make the building guide lines less transparent

    [YLD-18671] Tweaked: Crafting: Potion of speed does not require alchemy table

    [YLD-17170] Tweaked: Terrain: lands are getting generated with veins in steep slopes

    Tweaked: Armor mitigation - armors no longer get destroyed and their armor values are added together.

    Tweaked: Friends loading should now be much faster.

    Tweaked: Explore mode name changed to Exploration, Create mode to Sandbox

    Tweaked: Increased the speed of rafts by 30%

    Tweaked: Vegetation spawning improvement

    Tweaked: Raised pivot of character animations in combat not to "dive" under terrain

    Tweaked: Moved cumulus clouds a bit higher into the sky, so that they don't flow through the scene.

    Tweaked: The game no longer microstutters when loading a blueprint.

    Tweaked: Default keybindings

    Tweaked: Lowered number of nails needed for building ships

    Tweaked: Vegetation spawning was adjusted so that there are no longer empty places on the surface

    Tweaked: Building blocks that still had visual variants (which were being spawned randomly when placed) have only one prefab as any other block now



    [YLD-20765] Fixed: VS: Empty holes in For cycle tile

    [YLD-20714] Fixed: VS: Spawning vehicles from entity template not in construction mode did not work correctly

    [YLD-20657] Fixed: VS: Start distance in Follow tile did not work as expected (was always same as End distance)

    [YLD-20658] Fixed: VS: Spawning NPC with Spawn entity type tile did not work

    [YLD-19111] Fixed: VS: Adding script to entities which can be mined did not work

    [YLD-19104] Fixed: VS: Editor: "Set sprite" tile can break a game

    [YLD-18737] Fixed: VS: Obsolete "force camera enum" tile was still present in the game

    [YLD-19019] Fixed: VS: "Widget children count" could not be used in expressions

    [YLD-20179] Fixed: VS: Destroying entity immediately after its creation could cause an error

    [YLD-15910] Fixed: VS: Missing enum in play sound script tile

    [YLD-17543] Fixed: VS: Proper error message is shown when trying to spawn non item to a container

    [YLD-18679] Fixed: VS: On charge event was not called when charging through inventory window or with Charging station

    [YLD-18702] Fixed: VS: Proper error message is now shown if you try to modify array in For each tile

    [YLD-19615] Fixed: VS: Showing custom window in event "On connected" did not show the custom window

    [YLD-20017] Fixed: VS: Script was broken when there were both On stand up from chair/bed events listened in Event listener

    [YLD-19222] Fixed: VS: Correct error is shown when you do not use number as an index to array

    [YLD-18744] Fixed: VS: It was impossible to set one of entity's color to pure black

    [YLD-19576] Fixed: VS: It was possible to set time for time triggers less than 0.03 s and it could break the game

    [YLD-18810] Fixed: VS: Player could use multiple tiles of the same button event in custom window script

    [YLD-18843] Fixed: VS: In On button clicked you did not get player's button as an argument but the original template button

    [YLD-18875] Fixed: VS: Assigning image from one image/button to another image/button did not work

    [YLD-18744] Fixed: VS: Color 0,0,0,0 has no effect on entities when set through script

    [YLD-17520] Fixed: VS: Color of tiles is changing when you change the number of operands

    [YLD-16300] Fixed: VS: ON READING event does not trigger

    [YLD-19515] Fixed: VS: Small font when renaming variables

    Fixed: VS: Duplicating script tile could create more than 1 undo step

    Fixed: VS: You can mount player on horse with script on player spawn now

    Fixed: VS: Removing arguments from custom instruction used elsewhere could cause problems

    Fixed: VS: Shortcuts Ctrl+z/y for undo/redo did not work in VS window

    [YLD-7642] Fixed: Editor: It should not be possible to export game with errors

    [YLD-19286] Fixed: Editor: The command:/changegameid did not work

    [YLD-20664] Fixed: Editor: Using cut-and-paste during editing welding caused the game to get stuck

    [YLD-18867] Fixed: Editor: Editor settings window was not updated when editing second game in one session

    [YLD-18970] Fixed: Editor: Damage multiplier did not work for animals.

    [YLD-18657] Fixed: UI Editor: "Paste transform" does not have undo step

    [YLD-20547] Fixed: Editor: Custom UI Editor: Cancel when choosing Sprite tile caused tiles not deleted in script window

    [YLD-17215] Fixed: Editor: Objects animators were not stored properly in compositions

    [YLD-10730] Fixed: Editor: Blank signs had "text" option which did nothing

    [YLD-20504] Fixed: Editor: Undoing the first Add of an entity or game logic results in error for the second Add

    [YLD-20446] Fixed: Editor: Attaching empty Entity storage to an entity caused an error

    [YLD-17319] Fixed: Editor: Resizing the colored particle effect shows default particle color instead of the custom one

    [YLD-20171] Fixed: Editor: Drag and drop entity outside universal area will break a game

    [YLD-19070] Fixed: Editor: Custom Entity welds on ships blocked ship to be stored as composition

    [YLD-16931] Fixed: Editor: Changing event in Event listener to None could cause an error

    [YLD-19139] Fixed: Editor: Dragging an entity while holding alt could cause the entity to be unpickable until reload of the game

    [YLD-20027] Fixed: Editor: Hats and helmets can be again part of Entity weld

    [YLD-19784] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo of deleting NPC with weapon in hand did not recover weapon being held

    [YLD-19516] Fixed: Editor: Undo/redo for changing entity welds was not correctly done (and it could prevent map export)

    [YLD-19763] Fixed: Editor: Time triggers got broken after running more then one week on a server without restart

    [YLD-18766] Fixed: Editor: Originally enabled custom keys can not be properly disabled in runtime

    [YLD-18845] Fixed: Editor: Black clothes when setting appearance of NPC in object properties window fixed

    [YLD-17680] Fixed: Editor: You were not opted to choose role/team in local game if there was only 2 teams/roles

    [YLD-20009] Fixed: Editor: Interior logic is not working

    [YLD-18385] Fixed: Editor: Animals can sometimes fall through an impassable barrier

    [YLD-20179] Fixed: Editor: Entity listener shows error when trying to despawn entity dropped as loot

    [YLD-20305] Fixed: Editor: Using ESC to close object properties will also exit Edit mode

    [YLD-19631] Fixed: Editor: When searching in editor add entity panel with a turned on filter, search is looking only through the filtered items

    [YLD-19214] Fixed: Editor: Items resulting from search in the Editor don't show names

    [YLD-18759] Fixed: Editor: UI: Some entities have their size displayed instead of their name

    [YLD-18843] Fixed: Editor: UI: UI Text bubbles not working properly

    Fixed: UI Editor: No undo/redo steps were created for enable toggle in the list

    Fixed: Editor: Selected rotated Impassable barriers in editor had wrong bounding box

    Fixed: Editor: You were unable to set Delete key as your default custom key

    Fixed: Editor: Trigger zones could miss to trigger player leaving zone if the zone was on the edge of internal world blocks

    Fixed: Editor: Adding new row to list of Game logic objects in Game Logic label will not add "Default" game logic object.

    [YLD-20210] Fixed: Mobile, Video settings should get automatically set based on the performance of the device

    [YLD-18920] Fixed: Mobile UI, remove the exit game button

    [YLD-19365] Fixed: Mobile: Master volume settings do nothing

    [YLD-19171] Fixed: Mobile : There is no warning about limit of characters in player name

    [YLD-19034] Fixed: Mobile : Radial menu : cannot see number in UI of changing distance in free placing mode

    [YLD-20208] Fixed: Mobile Sounds, strange sounds are being played after sandbox game creation

    [YLD-20228] Fixed: Mobile: Missing descend button when reconnecting to a game

    [YLD-19851] Fixed: Mobile : One device on android has transparent notification background

    [YLD-19690] Fixed: Mobile: Back button on android dont react

    [YLD-20223] Fixed: Mobile: Placing many blueprints makes the game crash

    Fixed: Mobile: Mobile settings have correct safe zone, removed redundant codex background

    [YLD-20064] Fixed: Text: Overlap in the main menu in Russian

    [YLD-7573] Fixed: Text: Auger is missing czech translation

    [YLD-11560] Fixed: Text: Typos in tooltips for two block categories /czech/

    [YLD-18490] Fixed: Text: Incorrect text in deconstruct notification

    [YLD-17070] Fixed: Text: Land height should be named land elevation

    [YLD-18466] Fixed: Text: Playlands in friends panel would not get translated

    [YLD-17484] Fixed: Text: French: Cloth wrong translation

    [YLD-17396] Fixed: Items: Pizza box has a plain white color

    [YLD-20218] Fixed: Items: Smallcave mushrooms do not have emissive crystals

    [YLD-20332] Fixed: Items: Holding animations of items in sit or lay position

    [YLD-20486] Fixed: Items: Red Car trunk emits light on it's own

    [YLD-11642] Fixed: Items: Getting stucked between bed and chest

    [YLD-18633] Fixed: Items: Slowly burning and blazing stove have same level of fire visible

    [YLD-19734] Fixed: Items: Leather Shoes are not in the appropriate position while holding in hand

    [YLD-19295] Fixed: Items: Kitchen objects are incorrectly rotated

    [YLD-19303] Fixed: Items: Kitchen counter corner does not align with other parts

    [YLD-19653] Fixed: Items: Big iron door has incorrect collision with player

    [YLD-19650] Fixed: Items: Player clipping through big iron door

    [YLD-19656] Fixed: Items: Iron door model missing a piece

    [YLD-19675] Fixed: Items: Wooden table with container has no sound

    [YLD-19711] Fixed: Items: Echinacea is not in the appropriate position while holding in hand

    [YLD-19718] Fixed: Items: Iron saw is not in the appropriate position while holding in hand

    [YLD-19709] Fixed: Items: Wall torch orientation angular is wrong

    [YLD-20133] Fixed: Audio: All weapon and tools has no sound effect when jump attack

    [YLD-19421] Fixed: Audio: Eating animations trigger sound twice

    [YLD-16402] Fixed: Audio: Items are missing sound associated with their material when they are equipped or moved to container

    [YLD-14280] Fixed: Audio: Free unit from trap action doesn't have unique sound

    [YLD-18821] Fixed: Audio: Raft sounds are too loud

    [YLD-14919] Fixed: Audio: Lighting a torch with another torch sounds like lighter

    [YLD-15787] Fixed: Audio: Lying down to sleeping pad has the same sound as to beds

    [YLD-14425] Fixed: Audio: Cannon audio is too quiet

    [YLD-20219] Fixed: Audio: Boat rudder and sitting

    [YLD-20012] Fixed: Audio: Character: it is possible to move from shot sound source before hearing shot sound

    [YLD-14754] Fixed: Audio: Missing sound when breaking an item

    [YLD-14505] Fixed: Audio: No hit sound when item is destroyed

    [YLD-16070] Fixed: Audio: Jump attack has no sound

    [YLD-12308] Fixed: Audio: There is no sound on destruction of many items

    [YLD-16650] Fixed: Audio: Steam engine on ships duplicates

    [YLD-16775] Fixed: Audio: Car engine sound

    [YLD-19988] Fixed: Audio: Sit/Lie sound issues on grass

    [YLD-20030] Fixed: Audio : Engines on ship cannot be heard if ship is moving

    [YLD-19057] Fixed: Audio: MP: Pickup sound is not audible for remotes

    [YLD-3693] Fixed: MP: Client doesn't see thrown Corn/plant when feeding Horse, and doesn't play throwing animation

    [YLD-10991] Fixed: MP: Client is stuck when he controls cannon

    [YLD-9337] Fixed: MP: Writing max allowed number of characters into a Note breaks the game for Clients

    [YLD-11456] Fixed: MP: Joinable option is reset to YES after rehosting

    [YLD-18555] Fixed: Playlands: you can uneqip clothes from Character

    [YLD-19284] Fixed: Playlands: Heads: Changing of a hat leads to blank avatar window

    [YLD-18571] Fixed: Playlands: Egyptian cap is not colorable

    [YLD-17479] Fixed: Playlands: Camera: Shadow interiors all around the hub

    [YLD-19460] Fixed: Playlands: People cant see each other emoting

    [YLD-18627] Fixed: Playlands: Able to fall off of Playlands

    [YLD-18690] Fixed: Friends: If you dismantle your clan, friends screen doesn't update

    [YLD-18655] Fixed: Friends: If you invite a player to your clan and that player is in a different clan, you can no longer invite them again if they reject.

    [YLD-19496] Fixed: Friends: When in clan, accepting invite from other clan does not transfer player to new clan

    [YLD-19502] Fixed: Friends: Players get no notification that their clan has been dismantled.

    [YLD-18184] Fixed: Monetization: Automatic servers kick player for being afk very fast

    [YLD-19579] Fixed: Monetization: Monetized scenarios are shown as inactive with in-game purchases in main menu

    [YLD-3199][YLD-4152] Fixed: Teepees and plane wrecks now properly collide with camera

    [YLD-8772] Fixed: Power jacket now protects against explosive damage

    [YLD-9337] Fixed: Submitting long note text should no longer break clients. Note length limited to 500 characters.

    [YLD-15616] Fixed: Infinite bamboo exploit

    [YLD-15999] Fixed: Indestructible explosive should not explode when there is explosion near to them. (they will still explode when you throw them)

    [YLD-20355] Fixed: Speak bubbles float too slowly behind characters

    [YLD-20292] Fixed: When you dismount a horse while holding shift, horse will be walking slowly by default next time you mount it

    [YLD-20250] Fixed: Account linking would fail with endless loading.

    [YLD-20177] Fixed: Monetization testing mode now works properly when hosting a locally exported game on rented server. Previously client would never get the popup.

    [YLD-19967] Fixed: Removed some memory leaks

    [YLD-18490] Fixed: Incorrect text in deconstruct notification

    [YLD-19632] Fixed: Radial menu not closing when confirming construction mode

    [YLD-19491] Fixed: Cars could get stuck into impassable barriers

    [YLD-19066] Fixed: Animator with Time set to 0 or negative value will show proper message

    [YLD-19219] Fixed: Eat action does not appear when item is selected in inventory

    [YLD-17547] Fixed: Life-changing potion unequips your current costume.

    [YLD-18957] Fixed: Two-handed items no longer levitate during ragdoll.

    [YLD-16439] Fixed: Player offline immunity should no longer inhibit melee attack effect prediction on clients.

    [YLD-18277] Fixed: Items should now play correct sounds when hitting objects that do not get disintegrated

    [YLD-18466] Fixed: Game name in Current/Previous game in the friends panel was not translated.

    [YLD-17520] Fixed: When changing number of operands, tiles are mixing colors

    [YLD-18101] Fixed: Hotbar items pulsing for no reason

    [YLD-18673] Fixed: Underwater terrain generated in 0.14.X+ differing from the terrain with same parameters generated in 0.13.X and earlier versions.

    [YLD-18680] Fixed: Cannot teleport player or animals via Editor

    [YLD-18638] Fixed: Oxygen UI is not showing up when player is inside of a car

    [YLD-18191] Fixed: When crafting multiple items, chat shows incorrect number of resulting items

    [YLD-18674] Fixed: Server autorestart notification contains {0} instead of seconds.

    [YLD-18671] Fixed: Potion of speed does not require alchemy table

    [YLD-18076] Fixed: When duplicating a for each cycle, the puzzles break

    [YLD-18503] Fixed: 255th connecting player no longer breaks entity creation on the server, which would result in new players spawning headless and with missing clothing visuals (black torso texture).

    [YLD-18126] Fixed: Containers on ship can't contain other containers (herb bag, soil container etc.)

    [YLD-17688] Fixed: Radial menu doesn't remember which pet was summoned last

    [YLD-18622] Fixed: Horse feeding animation

    [YLD-18492] Fixed: Fashion Room : Avatar in man menu can cast graphical artifacts on clothes

    [YLD-19306] Fixed: Spawn point icon should move with ship

    [YLD-8673] Fixed: NPCs can get stuck in entity when being loaded into the scene

    [YLD-19367] Fixed: Clothing: Pattern shirt broken in inspect

    [YLD-19368] Fixed: Clothes: Winter hat is transparent in one place

    [YLD-19308] Fixed: Spawn point is moving to the new island

    [YLD-9004] Fixed: RE: You cannot finish/rebuild ruined buildings because they are off the grid

    [YLD-20057] Fixed: Random encounters: Player can get stuck on threshold when entering RE 210

    [YLD-20053] Fixed: Random encounters: Textures clipping into each other at RE 58

    [YLD-19204] Fixed: Blueprints: Some energy items can not be added to blueprint

    [YLD-16164] Fixed: Blueprints: There is no notification for Blueprint camera when you confirm selection without any blocks

    [YLD-19347] Fixed: Missing heavy attack particles when attack is charging

    [YLD-7892] Fixed: Ladders and levers remain in scene after destruction of a ship

    [YLD-18107] Fixed: Infinite resources

    [YLD-13761] Fixed: Can't Place Objects on Raft or Boat

    [YLD-19318] Fixed: Health bar color is glitching when you move your camera around

    [YLD-15444] Fixed: Players don't know they have to fix protective barrier to be protected from death character erase timer

    [YLD-8791] Fixed: Actions: Charge Ylandium Engine action is not instantenous, but a Hold action

    [YLD-19808] Fixed: Weapons: Double-barrel weapons do not working properly

    [YLD-19561] Fixed: VS: Storage variable: Cryptic error message when accesing storage variable

    [YLD-19892] Fixed: NPC: when trading with NPC, NPC should not move

    [YLD-19970] Fixed: In Radial Menu the bottom slot doesn't react to mouse click when trying to add new emote

    [YLD-11526] Fixed: Sharegames: There is no way to host your sharegame under some circumstances

    [YLD-19277] Fixed: It is possible to be logged into the same account across multiple game versions at once

    [YLD-8511] Fixed: UI: [Paint gun] Item's color doesn't get updated

    [YLD-15729] Fixed: UI: When entering crafting, the scrollbar in panel on the right is not in default position on top

    [YLD-19972] Fixed: Animals: Leopard charge attack does not hit player

    [YLD-19139] Fixed: Disable drag and drop of entities inside group which is not edited

    [YLD-19965] Fixed: Game set: incorrect error message if you use GUID which is not part of your game set

    [YLD-19890] Fixed: Respawn: Character stuck without respawn after death on dedicated server

    [YLD-19867] Fixed: Exploration : veins are spawned sometimes partially in water

    [YLD-20170] Fixed: Strange sound at start of creative mode

    [YLD-20236] Fixed: Costumes: Remove active costume button not respond

    [YLD-19154] Fixed: Non-universal items are not hidden in universal game sessions

    [YLD-19973] Fixed: Player dismounting horse while slowing down

    [YLD-18721] Fixed: Animations: character hit when holding tools like paintgun or terraformer has incorrect animation

    [YLD-20386] Fixed: Horse: Player will be teleported to the hillside when summon while riding the horse

    [YLD-20271] Fixed: Weird vegetation trembling when the player is moving

    [YLD-20400] Fixed: Rented servers : server window does not refresh if you delete save and not save it

    [YLD-20437] Fixed: Environment: The level of light environment changed during certain actions

    [YLD-20470] Fixed: Tooltip for actions that require left or right mouse button shows the wrong button

    [YLD-20181] Fixed: Audio: Cars: Offset steam engine sound

    [YLD-18973] Fixed: Wrong flowers holding

    [YLD-15961] Fixed: Character: you should be able to equip items while sitting lying

    [YLD-17107] Fixed: Chat: Bold text is hard to read

    [YLD-20114] Fixed: Cars: Unstuck feature: Unstucking vehicle has different results with the same notification: Vehicle was returned to your original position

    [YLD-14469] Fixed: Server renting: When you turn server on or off or when you prolong its subscription, it will unmark that server

    [YLD-11225] Fixed: Player A will begin to shake when 2 players are killed at the same location

    [YLD-10226] Fixed: Glow potion doubled in crafting menu

    [YLD-12982] Fixed: Vicinity: some items disappear in ui during dropping

    [YLD-5668] Fixed: Animals onboard ship can tip the whole ship over

    [YLD-13639] Fixed: Lighting: Power helmet doesn't work after you Exit to Main Menu and load the save again

    [YLD-20738] Fixed: Breaking down an item in item inspect window doesn't show notification about added items

    [YLD-19226] Fixed: Pickable block issues in multiplayer

    [YLD-18519] Fixed: Protected workshop scenario with world saving enabled should not have play button active

    [YLD-9691] Fixed: NPCs falling through the ground (Editor map)

    [YLD-20461] Fixed: Animals teleport on steep surfaces

    [YLD-14828] Fixed: You can equip items while controlling cannon or catapult

    [YLD-16459] Fixed: Heavy attack will make people disconnected in their protection barriers stand up

    [YLD-8574] Fixed: Character can keep falling into infinite depths, nuking the server

    [YLD-19886] Fixed: Mutated bears clip through hills

    [YLD-20456] Fixed: Hotbar appears after loading game on death

    [YLD-16832] Fixed: Sleeping bug - day/night animation not played

    [YLD-10864] Fixed: Horse ovement may continue indefinitely in the water

    [YLD-12761] Fixed: Problem with the logic "establish color"

    [YLD-11843] Fixed: Sharegames: Trying to add sharegame over your tier size makes that game disappear until client is restarted

    [YLD-7370] Fixed: Character: You don't get ship's momentum when you jump from it

    [YLD-20570] Fixed: Seaweed collision with the character looks off

    [YLD-12136][YLD-16641] Fixed: Water surface should be rendered without random holes in the ocean

    Fixed: Trading - you can remove items which are offered by other player when right-clicked

    Fixed: Simulated water level in scenarios utilizing lightweight water simulation now corresponds more closely with the visuals.

    Fixed: Vegetation was not moving in the wind after exiting editor.


    • [YLD-19960] Removed: Spike trap and bear trap removed until NPCs can interact with them
    • [YLD-19548] Removed: Pause menu: Remove "Multiplayer settings" button from universal version of the game
    • Removed: Durability feature has been removed
    • Removed: Repair kits removed from game
    • Removed: Sandstone vein and flint vein are not present anymore
    • Removed: Players can no longer gather wood directly from trees

    • Playlands - Enjoy our new communal area with fun(ny) mini-games and bling yourself out in our spiffy Fashion Room. By playing mini-games you’ll increase your personal level and thus be able to obtain even more exclusive attire!
    • Support for mobile devices – By saving your scenario as 'universal', it can be played both on PC and mobile versions of Ylands. While the latter is not yet available, it's good to be ready for when it comes!
    • Persistent user data - Creators can now keep data (such as game progress) on game servers and keep them relevant across game sessions, servers, and platforms! Imagine the possibilities!
    • UI Editor – Even more customization options for Creators! Now you’ll be able to create custom UI’s with panels, buttons, input fields and images.
    • Monetization – Creators will be able to monetize pretty much any element in their game for the in-game currency: Coyns.
    • Character Visual overhaul – All animals and characters are receiving a face-lift to keep them fresh and beautiful.
    • AI overhaul – Animals and character also got a brain-lift and will react much more naturally in the future. So no more overly aggressive penguins thinking they’re predators!
    • Custom controls input – As with the UI, Creators will also be able to customize player controls in script to really make every game unique.
    • Path Editor - Ever wanted to see a building block move in a tangent line? You can do it yourself now in the powerful & fun Path Editor!
    • Horse controls overhaul – Horses will be much more controllable and won’t walk in circles or head down in the ground…hopefully. Who’s ready for the rodeo?!
    • Various gameplay improvements - We touched up on some of the existing systems, making sure they play nicely with the new ones and kept working on enhancing the overall feel of the game.
    • Chat improvements - It is now easier than ever to tell the world about your newly dyed ship.
    • Avatars screen overhaul - It's like looking in a mirror.
    • Codex – Your trusty companion in Ylands is much more informed lately and you’ll find useful explanations and links to our ever-expanding wiki.


    [YLD-17684] [Editor] Added: Impassable barrier toggle if barrier should also block camera or should not

    [Editor] Added: Each entity has "interactable" property in object properties now

    [Chat] Added: /clearchat console command, which removes all messages from chat

    [Visual Scripting] Added: Is colorable color 1/2/3

    [YLD-15972] [Visual Scripting] Added: VS: Entity "Is type" tile

    [Visual Scripting] Added: "New line" constant tile

    [Visual Scripting] Added: New End game tile added

    [YLD-17614] [Visual Scripting] Added: Support to show and hide codex categories for certain players in visual scripting

    [Visual Scripting] Added: Tiles for hiding hotbar/hearts/several character ui tabs

    [YLD-17977] Added: There should be upper limit for what character can eat at once

    [YLD-17978] Added: possibility to mine boulders with pickaxe

    [YLD-17629] Added: Build mode needs to be always in 1st person camera view

    [YLD-17267] Added: Blocked players aren't allowed to trade with a player that blocked them

    Added: New Random encounter

    [YLD-17645] Added: Game cursor should indicate if current tool can be used on a distant object

    [Editor] Tweaked: In non PVP games you do not focus other players in combat now

    [YLD-17633] [Editor] Tweaked: History button is disabled when there is no undo/redo history available

    [YLD-18128] [Editor] Tweaked: Export to workshop will always optimize game for export. (it will weld entities)

    [YLD-17934] [Editor] Tweaked: On control start/stop events are called for both helm/ship now

    [YLD-17513] [Editor] Tweaked: You can now pick entities/game logic outside of the edited group

    [Editor] Tweaked: All new maps are playable on all platforms by default

    [YLD-17291] [Editor] Tweaked: zones shows preview of their color when they are marked as visible

    [Editor] Tweaked: "Scale grid" button removed from the footer. Water/Ground alignment and coordinate system buttons added

    [Friends] Tweaked: Reduced network load when kicking a player from clan

    [Visual Scripting] Tweaked: Better indication of "missing entity/game logic storage" error

    Tweaked: Added and reorganized cube item groups

    Tweaked: Sound of doors opening and closing

    [YLD-18260] Tweaked: Increase the distance players can interact with objects

    Tweaked: Made softer transition from static jump to idle

    Tweaked: Fixed hands and spine in Spear and Unarmed melee animations for new body model

    [YLD-18048] Tweaked: Burning torch can no longer be crafted instead there is an "ignite" button when inspecting a torch (and "extinguish" button for burning torch)

    [YLD-17151] Tweaked: Player won't be able to see online / offline statuses of others who are not his friends

    [YLD-18039] Tweaked: When pvp is turned off, player melee attacks pass through other players

    [YLD-18038] Tweaked: Bullets, arrows and bolts no longer show notifications when they are loaded into a weapon

    [YLD-18002] Tweaked: Sleeping pad is unpacking automatically after it is placed down

    [YLD-18001] Tweaked: Torches no longer get extinguished in rain or inside of the players inventory

    [YLD-13383] Tweaked: Focusing objects is really hard and inaccurate

    [YLD-11973] Tweaked: Digging indicator was changed to a cube which highlights the modified voxels

    [YLD-17644] Tweaked: Digging done by repeated clicking

    Tweaked: Reduced the cooldown after eating/drinking action to 0.5s from 1.5s

    Tweaked: Changed digging with pick loop animation

    Tweaked: Melee to default animation transitions for a new character

    Tweaked: New default 1H run animation

    Tweaked: New 1H default idle, idle jump and pickup animations

    [YLD-17391] Tweaked: Dragonling inspect cage sound volume

    Tweaked: Drastically reduced the amount of network communication when refreshing your friend/clan list

    Tweaked: Big + small mammal footsteps sound

    [YLD-18214] Set stick as a weapon that deals some very low damage

    [YLD-18234] Matchmaking panel with red exclamation mark looks like something went wrong

    [YLD-18552] Tweaked: Horses will now receive fall damage only if they fall from real heights (five times larger threshold than with player characters)

    Tweaked: Camera distance in 3rd person view

    [Animals] Removed: Shark was temporarily removed to receive an overhaul to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Arctic Wolf was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Black Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Boar was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Brown Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Goat was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Horse was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Leopard was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Panther was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Polar Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Puma was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Rabbit was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Wolf was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Ostrich was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Bear was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Bear Alpha was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Leopard was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Leopard Alpha was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Wolf was remodelled to work with the new AI system

    [Animals] Tweaked: Mutated Wolf Alpha was remodelled to work with the new AI system


    [Animals] Added: Tiger

    [Animals] Added: Deer

    [Animals] Added: Honey Badger

    [Animals] Added: Camel

    [Animals] Added: Sheep


    [YLD-17866] [Blueprints] Fixed: Blueprints of door objects now have proper visual bounds, resulting in more proper thumbnails and correctly positioned overlapping red block when they cannot be placed

    [YLD-18195] [Blueprints] Fixed: Entities with multiple colliders would spawn multiple times in a blueprint. (Fix will apply only for newly captured blueprints.)

    [YLD-17511] [Blueprints] Fixed: Blueprint can be placed inside of car

    [YLD-17378] [Blueprints] Fixed: Blueprint can be placed on and inside ships and cars

    [YLD-17417] [Camera] Fixed: Switching from building material to ranged weapon in the hotbar activates combat camera

    [YLD-18429] [Editor] Fixed: Undo/redo of edited weld did not correctly updated selection box

    [YLD-18540] [Editor] Fixed: Deleted NPC did not reappear on Undo/Redo (you had to save and load game again)

    [YLD-18155] [Editor] Fixed: Transform gizmo could have been deleted when doing batched undo/redo

    [YLD-17621] [Editor] Fixed: Bulk undo/redo of creating/deleting entities and energy links among them did not work correctly

    [YLD-18074] [Editor] Fixed: in editor the "SYSTEM: Saving..." message appears with a significant delay after clicking the save button

    [YLD-18003] [Editor] Fixed: Spawning and despawning of the same type of game logic object was slower and slower

    [YLD-17957] [Editor] Fixed: Deleting of empty template could cause missing objects after save

    [YLD-16300] [Editor] Fixed: Event listener listening to reading specific entity did not trigger

    [YLD-17899] [Editor] Fixed: Ask player prompt stops working after pressing "NO" on answer confirmation

    [YLD-17910] [Editor] Fixed: Save scenario pop-up does not appear when opening another scenario

    [YLD-17699] [Editor] Fixed: When copying Storage game logic objects referencing each other then they should reference their copies not to original object

    [YLD-17613] [Editor] Fixed: Undo of entity deletation did not recover correctly its relations to other objects

    [YLD-16569] [Editor] Fixed: Cancel of editing empty weld froze the game

    [YLD-17563] [Editor] Fixed: Child animated objects did not trigger in trigger zones (child non animated objects will not trigger - no change there)

    [YLD-16418] [Editor] Fixed: Editing parameter is loosing focus

    [YLD-16543] [Editor] Fixed: Copy/paste/cut did not work while editing group/weld

    [YLD-17507] [Editor] Fixed: If you destroy the trigger entity in animated trigger zone it could stop to trigger again

    [YLD-14039] [Editor] Fixed: Custom interaction hints were mixed if target entities were to close to each other

    [YLD-17215] [Editor] Fixed: Objects animators are not stored properly in compositions (or when copy-pasted)

    [Editor] Fixed: Objects in preview of composition being placed could be wrongly rotated

    [Editor] Fixed: When making more than 50 changes while editing weld then it was not possible to exit weld edit mode properly

    [Editor] Fixed: Loading your game with active redo steps in new version of Ylands could cause problems

    [YLD-18327] [Editor] Terrain keeps disappearing on the first scenario in editor

    [YLD-12910] [Editor] You can not write decimal numbers into Vector3 literal while using Spanish

    [YLD-17640] [Editor] Quit to main menu button does not ask you whether you want to save changes

    [YLD-17559] [Editor] Restarting the game via script does not rejoin the clients

    [YLD-17197][Editor] You can delete all the entities while editing weld, which leads to stuck

    [YLD-18052][YLD-18051] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Providing wrong type to Set property tiles will now show proper error message

    [YLD-16835] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Spawn entity instruction error messages were not helpful

    [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Adding new parameter to existing storage instruction could cause a problem in calling the instruction from different scripts

    [YLD-17491] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: There is no error message when using Entity storage without adding it to an entity

    [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Animated entities were not detected by static trigger zone (entities part of group/vehicle will still be ignored by static trigger zones)

    [YLD-17247] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: transform position/rotation instruction tiles did not work on dynamic objects correctly

    [Visual Scripting] Fixed: On movement/rotation instruction end is called even if target position/orientation is same as the initial position/orientation

    [YLD-17349] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Player events were not called in the same order for the first player and for the others. Now is order same. (On start, On create, On awake, On team spawn, On role spawn, On spawn point spawn, On team connected, On role connected)

    [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Get Loaded ammo did not work correctly

    [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Subtracting wrong types now shows proper error in the log

    [YLD-17250] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Calling "Move to" on an object which ended its movement in the same frame could cause that second move to was not executed

    [YLD-17285][YLD-17276] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Picking buttons in visual scripting can be clicked when puzzles are in the left bar

    [YLD-16444] [Visual Scripting] Fixed: Second particle effect played on the same spot overriden the first one

    [YLD-17483] [Visual Scripting] Tile window size is changing incorrectly

    [YLD-17478] [Visual Scripting] Variables created after using object, entity, logic or color picker are invisible

    [YLD-17466] [Visual Scripting] stuck when pick group from search bar

    [YLD-17272] [Visual Scripting] Deleting delay tile deletes only tile contents, not the tile itself

    [YLD-17270] [Visual Scripting] Deleting of script tiles in custom instruction can cause game stuck

    [YLD-18323] [Items] Bark armor boots model has no back-faces around the toe and ball parts

    [YLD-18317] [Items] Armor_Bark_skin01_body has emitted/shone the flare-like fx when being hold in hands

    [YLD-18295] [Items] Armor_Leather_skin02_legs is distorted when equipped

    [YLD-17224] [Items] Fixed: Iron axe skin no particles on heavy attack charge

    [YLD-18069] [Items] Painting Wrong Carpet

    [YLD-18031] [Items] Pirate boots have strange shadows

    [YLD-17442] [Items] Visual glitch on engine indicators

    [YLD-18286] [Items] Armor_Stone_skin01_feet is not visible when worn

    [YLD-17048] [Friends] Players are not able to send another friend request after the first one is declined

    [YLD-16985] [Friends] You get asked for password if you accept Invite to Game with password

    [YLD-17505] [Friends] Fixed: You would get a message sound whenever a player went online or offline

    [Friends] Fixed: Fixed a problem where if a user accepted a clan invitation while the clan leader had their detail open, the detail would not immediately update

    [Friends] Fixed: Fixed "current game players" and "previous game players" lists not counting your own character in (your character won't display in the grid, but the player count will count you in now)

    [YLD-17179] [Friends] Fixed: Blocking player that you sent friend request to breaks friends behaviour

    [YLD-17221] [Friends] Writing message in friend list will focus out from chat after moment

    [YLD-16127] [UI] Fixed: Server managment: No indication of promoted player

    [YLD-17263] [UI] Fixed: Creator cube: all flora groups have seedling or sapling icons

    [YLD-18185] [UI] Inventory and crafting windows can be open at the same time

    [YLD-18508] [Hints] Fixed: Hints for entering combat mode are not present

    [YLD-13454] [Combat] Fixed: Possible to toggle combat mode

    [YLD-17544] [Camera] Fixed: After switching to and from freeplacing mode with high tech tools camera does not return to aiming mode

    [YLD-17655] [Random Encounters] Fixed: RE buildings spawned in the same place clipping

    [YLD-17076] [Random Encounters] Fixed: Some RE buildings are generated misplaced

    [YLD-14274] [Random Encounters] Fixed: Blocks levitating in the air around Random encounter

    [YLD-17578] [Environment] Fixed: Islands generate with very steep transition to water

    [YLD-14550][YLD-14736] [Environment] Fixed: Underwater spawned items are levitating in the air

    [Environment] Fixed: Sea Urchins are spawning underground on the shallowest level of water, and still damage the player

    [YLD-17634] [Vehicles] Fixed: You can place blocks and ship / car parts outside construction mode via freeplacing

    [Audio] Fixed: Timed explosives now use the correct audio definition

    [YLD-17465] [Audio] Fixed: Padlock sound source position

    [YLD-15669] [Audio] Fixed: Missing placing sound of boats and rafts

    [YLD-16266] [Building] Fixed: Deconstruct of blocks doesn't work on Dedicated server

    [YLD-16745] [Building] Fixed: Building on vehicles can falsely report "Location is inside other player's protective barrier."

    [YLD-17251] [Building] Fixed: Broken construction mode (wrong dissolved entity positions)

    [Chat] Fixed: A problem where after reconnecting to the chat service, the game would not properly show other player games info

    [YLD-18246] [Chat] System Warning message about ALL chat is not shown in main menu

    [YLD-18133] [Chat] Change formatting of /cmdlist

    [YLD-18073] [Chat] Can't close the chat after testing game in the Editor

    [YLD-17468] [Chat] Hints you get from /help command won't disappear once you send a message

    [YLD-17356] [Chat] There is a wrong System message when writing to All/Game chat in Editor

    [YLD-17308] [Chat] Chat stops working after saving the game in editor

    [YLD-17246] [Chat] Chat without cursor after someone offers you trade with chat open and you ignore or accept and cancel the offer

    [DS] Fixed: Fixed an issue where rented/dedicated servers wouldn't properly start up in some cases

    [YLD-17454] [Multiplayer] Fixed: Client can get kicked from server, when ship exits from lagged construction mode

    [YLD-18405] [Multiplayer] Problem with sleep in Multiplayer

    [YLD-18330] [Painting] Third channel is not working on Bear hide skirt

    [YLD-18127] [Painting] Belt of southern uniform pants color does not match in inventory and inspect view when wearing

    [YLD-18037] [Painting] Shirt has one channel that does nothing

    [YLD-18029] [Painting] Third channel is not working on Pirate shirt

    [YLD-18257] [Costumes] Alien costume is too bright

    [YLD-18256] [Costumes] Polygons attached to incorrect bone and deformed hands

    [YLD-18072] [Notifications] When dropping a first stack of items into a chest, no Item Removed notification is shown

    [YLD-17681] [Radial Menu] "E" shall also close the radial menu

    [YLD-18018] [Controls] Inventory (Cube) doesn't open when using Tab key

    [YLD-17949] [Welding] All the stair blocks and some irregular blocks have no collision once welded

    [YLD-17232] [Forums] Fatal login error

    [YLD-17213] [Animations] Character is holding cold resistance potion in wrong direction

    [YLD-17296] [Trading] Two players trade when their package are full. The item they choose is inconsistent with that added into the trade bar.

    [YLD-18428] Fixed: An issue where players would be shown twice in the social tab if you added someone and immediately blocked them

    Fixed: Hit detection did not worked correctly on items placed on vehicles

    [YLD-16405] Fixed: there is no support for "custom" video settings

    Removed: glass sphere item was removed from the game

    [YLD-16607] Fixed: Sound volume change of objects when going into a cave

    Fixed: Impact sounds for cactus and umbrella

    Fixed: An issue where a corrupted rented server game could freeze the game while removing the game from the server

    [YLD-17530] Fixed: when trade is initiated, client will not see the UI

    Fixed: Fixed shoulders for new character on Emote_Shrug animation

    [YLD-17570] Fixed: Set missing mask on two-handed melee animations

    Fixed: Seed planting would always emit sounds as if you were planting the seed on grass

    Fixed: When a player accepted your friend request, their game info would not be sent

    [YLD-17300] Fixed: issues with "recent game players"

    [YLD-17173] Fixed: Terrain Generation: cliffs are too smooth

    Fixed: Game names in social tab are not translated

    [YLD-17241] Fixed: Rented server game type not translated

    Fixed: VS: string literals with '\' inside a text did not work correctly

    [YLD-16449] Fixed: When scrolling trading can break

    [YLD-17068] Fixed: Tripple key tap should not be count as 2 double taps (Start flying and going up immediately did not work correctly)

    [YLD-17039] Fixed: When offering items one by one trade fails

    Fixed: Clients don't receive "inventory full" warning

    Fixed: Egyptian sickle sword is now held correctly in hand

    [YLD-18476] Terrain grid was generated on the same height as treetops when there was a tree nearby

    [YLD-18452] The newly created game name can be too long

    [YLD-18418] Player data was out of sync in multiplayer rooms, and players who joined the room could not see the homeowner player's character

    [YLD-18392] In the creation mode, the character riding a horse will have an abnormal Angle of view

    [YLD-18294] Show small loading popup with cancel button on cancelable connection events

    [YLD-18220] Extract resin makes the player perform an attack after an action is finished

    [YLD-17929] Specific scenario can not be exported for workshop

    [YLD-17673] Ladders are not working

    [YLD-17542] Blueprint allocates an unreasonable amount of memory

    [YLD-17469] Game stuck in return to the main menu

    [YLD-17360] Trade breaks if you offer 7 items and scroll

    [YLD-17359] Remove Codex alerts reset option

    [YLD-17301] When using a cannon, the up-and-down direction is reversed

    [YLD-17299] On AMD graphics card, the screen blinks black when looking at specific structures or models

    [YLD-17143] Underwater wall creates a small pond

    [YLD-16243] Hair is visible through pirate captain hat

    [YLD-18673] Terrain under sea broken and plants floating

    [YLD-18697] Players cannot enter the game directly by entering the room number

    [YLD-18273] All DS servers shown as hosted by Ylands (temporarily deactivated feature and will be reintroduced later)


    • Friends list - add players to your friend list. See what they’re currently playing and join them or invite them to your game.
    • Chat system - now you can talk to people close to you in the game world, send messages to everyone in that game (Game channel); to specific players whether they are in the same game, *Main Menu or even the Editor (Whisper channel); or to all members of your clan (Clan channel)
    • Clans - create your clan today! Let your friends join and chat together. Clan functionality will be gradually expanded.
    • New terrain generator - we’ve added the first iteration of our new terrain generator. We are still tweaking the system, so there can be places where the generated terrain looks less than ideal, but that will be fixed. This new generator will allow us to create interesting and unique terrain features, which will make maps much more interesting. Please note: options for generating ylands in Creative mode were adjusted to the new system and as such, some options were removed (e.g.: terrain type, land count, etc.).
    • Advanced object grouping - organize your objects into neat groups. Take advantage of performing operations with parenting objects, saving a lot of time and effort.
    • Dynamic objects - set objects (or whole groups) as dynamic and then animate their movement and rotation via new animator game logic objects. Use platforms to smoothly transport characters. Preview your animations via Test animator option (default: F7).
    • New costume - what could it be...


    [YLD-13963] [Audio] Tweaked engine sound volumes

    [YLD-14915] [Audio] Added new bandaging sound

    [Audio] Added sound for building fire from remains of campfire

    [Audio] Added sound for lighting torch using other torch

    [Audio] Added summon horse character sound

    [Audio] Added missing sound for ignite when you ignite item on ground

    [Audio] Added SFX to 2HM jump attack, more exaggerated windup position for 2HM jump attack

    [Audio] Added missing sound in jump attacks, exaggerated animation in 1HM and 2HM jump attacks

    [Audio] Tweaked hooves small footsteps sound

    [Audio] Tweaked big + small mammal footsteps sound

    [Audio] Tweaked doorsteps volume

    [Audio] Added new item drop sounds

    [Audio] Added artkits for normal landing sound

    [Audio] Tweaked landing sounds

    [Audio] Tweaked player hurt sound volume

    [Audio] Added water sounds for digging with Pickaxe + Spade

    [Audio] Tweaked crossbow reload sound volume

    [Audio] Tweaked volume for collect sounds

    [Audio] Tweaked volume curves for animal footsteps. Panther and crab footsteps volume.

    [Audio] Added new drop sounds for different items

    [YLD-14929] [Editor] Double click will now open Object properties of all currently selected objects

    [Editor] 'Esc' is now alternative key to close current mode (Group editing, Weld editing, Animators preview)

    [Editor] Updated game logic icon colors

    [YLD-16920] [Visual Scripting] Added tan and atan instruction tiles

    [YLD-16580] [Visual Scripting] New event "On defend end" added to an Event listener

    [YLD-16743] [Visual Scripting] On pick event split to 2: "On pick start" and "On pick end". Target entity can be different for stackable items. "On pick start" returns stack which was on the ground. "On pick end" returns stack in the inventory (which could be merged with another stack)

    [YLD-16533] [Visual Scripting] Added "Dodge distance" option to Speed bonus

    [YLD-16632] [Visual Scripting] Equip used on items which are not part of armor will be assigned to the 0 slot and that slot becomes activated

    [YLD-16578] [Visual Scripting] Added set hotbar slot script tile

    [Visual Scripting] Spawn entity to container will return merged item if spawned item was merged to one stack (it used to return nothing)

    [YLD-6357] Added recipe for Energy "NOT" gate

    [YLD-12749] Armor can be equipped from vicinity slots

    [YLD-15700] Added armor stats to: Inventory Item detail, Inventory Vicinity item detail, Cube, Inventory Item detail, Trading "My Inventory" Item detail, Trading NPC inventory Item detail, Trading NPC, Bundle Item Detail, Item detail Popup window

    [YLD-12616] When creating a new game a random seed is always selected. Players can use the command /showseed to display the seed of a map they are currently playing /collidercount command is now public. Reports number of currently active colliders.

    Players can now cancel crafting using RMB on crafting in progress

    Players can now take items from workstations using RMB on crafted items

    Energy linker now triggers combat camera for better targeting

    Players can now sort items inside containers

    New set of useful symbols and numbers

    Vicinity items are now ordered by custom or entity name

    Extended catapult's Y axis rotation angle

    Added new male and female heads

    Potion of Speed is back in the game



    [YLD-15860] [Audio] Ticking sound of ylandium engine can be heard from great distance

    [YLD-16615] [Audio] SFX settings do not affect GUI sounds

    [YLD-14728] [Audio] When riding a horse, footsteps output changes from animal footsteps to player footsteps

    [YLD-12082] [Audio] Battle music does not loop anymore after respawn in edge when player was killed before the music actually started playing

    [YLD-14909] [Audio] Opening dialogue window with NPC does not have any sound

    [YLD-16326] [Audio] Too loud and repeating sound of water splashing when sailing backwards

    [YLD-16615] [Audio] GUI sounds volume is now respecting the SFX volume settings

    [YLD-14715] [Audio] Some animals are missing a sound for eating and sound of lowering and raising sails is way too loud

    [YLD-14919] [Audio] Lighting a torch with another torch sounds like lighter

    [YLD-14897] [Audio] Missing sound for build fire interaction

    [YLD-14910] [Audio] Aesop's fables book has different sound of drop to inventory than other books

    [YLD-12081] [Audio] Music can't be heard randomly anymore for a few extra seconds while muted due to weather conditions

    [Audio] Sound of bomb explosion has a short delay

    [Audio] Fixed various sound issues related to energy

    [Audio] One of the mummy footsteps had missing sound sometimes

    [Audio] Fixed Inventory add sound for Aesop fable book

    [YLD-16718] [Dedicated Server] Player teleports after dismounting car to the place where they last mounted

    [YLD-16642] [Dedicated Server] Player is stuck in return to main menu if server is manually restarted

    [YLD-13326] [Editor] Container - some entity previews were not complete (eggs)

    [YLD-12163] [Editor] "Aim To" allowed you to pick non-cannon entities with entity picker

    [YLD-16104] [Editor] V key is invalid when NPC is placed in the Editor

    [YLD-16498] [Editor] Some vases couldn't be set as tradeable

    [YLD-8015] [Editor] Generate New Terrain seed is always the same, unless you manually change it

    [YLD-11745] [Editor] There is no way how to use context menu in character mode

    [YLD-16098] [Editor] Black shirt in Object properties window after "Randomise" was clicked

    [YLD-16379] [Editor] Adding new objects to edited entity weld in the group did not work correctly

    [YLD-16264] [Editor] It was possible to save as scenario with empty name

    [YLD-16527] [Editor] Cutting item (Ctrl+X) from weld will break the weld

    [YLD-16451] [Editor] No pivot was selected after breaking some entity welds

    [Editor] Play test after deleting Player role/team could cause a small error (notification message)

    [Editor] Fixed waypoint icon

    [Editor] Fixed Logic Storage description text

    [YLD-11765] [Feedback tracker] You can duplicate items in the inventory

    [YLD-15521] [GUI] Workstation recipes do not show how many of them were created

    [YLD-15534] [GUI] Pending tab is not selected and recipe tab is not dimmed in particular situation

    [YLD-16025] [GUI] Autobalance is creating golden pebble slots with no count

    [YLD-16896] [GUI] There is a placing crosshair displayed for a second when aiming a weapon

    [YLD-16879] [GUI] New crosshair is hindering view

    [YLD-15717] [GUI] Trading with full inventory drops the item on the ground, without any warning/notification and "Trade Successful" message

    [YLD-16885] [GUI] Crosshair appears when character enters ragdoll

    [YLD-16060] [Items] 3x3x3 brick block did not have second color channel

    [YLD-10553] [Items] "Any vegetable" "Any mortar" and "Any writing tool" had no icon

    [YLD-16119] [Items] Items were not stacked automatically if you were trying to pick more items than can be stacked with the ones you already had

    [YLD-16222] [Items] Egyptian dagger and Pharaoh scepter had incorrect textures

    [YLD-3558] [MP] Ragdoll after falling is not synchronized between host and a client

    [YLD-7601] [MP] Ragdoll of dead bodies is in different positions for different players

    [YLD-14622] [Ragdoll] If you fall from a greater height while in ragdoll, you fall through the terrain

    [YLD-15719] [Ragdoll] Camera does not follow ragdolled character after death properly

    [YLD-16831] [Sleeping] White screen instead of transparent GUI background

    [YLD-15801] [Sleeping] When client moves mouse around the center of the sleeping UI sun will move just once

    [YLD-16613] [Terrain] Client doesn't see any terrain changes

    [YLD-16871] [Terrain] Terrain is blinking in distance if you move cursor too fast

    [YLD-16751] [UI] Text bubbles are glitching as players move around

    [YLD-16842] [UI] Misplaced buttons when no item is selected in inventory, creator cube, workstations, cannons and catapult

    [YLD-7330] [UI] Mutated penguin model is too large in inventory

    [YLD-16091] [Visual Scripting] Camera "look at" does not work when console is opened

    [YLD-16421] [Visual Scripting] Logic storage: Adding instruction parameter problem

    [YLD-16884] [Visual Scripting] Snapping problems

    [YLD-16710] [Visual Scripting] Logic puzzle pieces are overlapping

    [YLD-16444] [Visual Scripting] Second particle effect played on the same spot overrode the first one

    [YLD-16418] [Visual Scripting] Adding/removing arguments from Game logic storage's instruction definition did not work correctly

    [YLD-16209] [Visual Scripting] Spawning a lot of particles in short time could mix them (spawn the earlier one later than the later ones)

    [YLD-16211] [Visual Scripting] Error stack trace could be broken if you had multilines text tiles in your script

    [YLD-16210] [Visual Scripting] Setting description of stackable items did not work for the first time

    [YLD-16475] [Visual Scripting] Loop/Break tile will be colored red if outside of any loop

    [YLD-16490] [Visual Scripting] When moving puzzles with a return puzzle at the end between other puzzles, visual scripting broke

    [YLD-13333] [Visual Scripting] Fixed issue with literal puzzles being hidden by parts of puzzle they are inside of

    [Visual Scripting] Teleporting player to land when they were swimming did not work

    [Visual Scripting] If player placed literal puzzle to a slot, the slot would expand too much

    [YLD-16188] [YLD-16189] Players who died too far from each other in multiplayer can no longer trade and/or they see each other crawling instead of normally walking

    [YLD-16664] Player can terraform water, and after unloading and reloading terrain, they can see the changes

    [YLD-15022] Create basic options should be visible in advanced options too

    [YLD-15453] Equipped items cannot be thrown to vicinity

    [YLD-16673] Snow doesn't remain on the terrain during a snowstorm

    [YLD-15752] Fixed issue which would cause the game to freeze upon crafting multiple items

    [YLD-16284] Game is stuck after trying to deconstruct things inside your barrier

    [YLD-12972] All padlocks are now placed consistently to the hotbar from the Creator Cube

    [YLD-14395] Plants sometimes grow from water

    [YLD-16196] Not controllable boats/rafts in old saves and scenarios

    [YLD-16310] Ship/Boat/Raft in Placing mode is not positioned properly when player is standing in shallow water

    [YLD-16162] When you search in the creator cube for the second time after you dragged an item to the hotbar, the search bar will respond to key bindings

    [YLD-16212] In the backpack, search for existing items, enter the item name, and the result is blank

    [YLD-16208] Fixed pet preview influenced by ingame light

    [YLD-14213] Cannot delete saves of non-owned sharegames

    [YLD-16219] Fixed missing translations on map buttons

    [YLD-6767] Red brick block in the Fort wall random encounter has no translation (Czech)

    [YLD-16182] The game now correctly respects the Dynamic Foliage option set in the Main Menu

    [YLD-16150] Getting a trade offer locks player in combat mode

    [YLD-15762] You can spawn cars into terrain

    [YLD-16320] Picking up items in MP will close inspection window for clients

    [YLD-8081] When blocks were taken from a vehicle (ship or car) before hardening, one of those blocks couldn't be placed into grid before the 2 minutes timer runs out

    [YLD-15548] Grenades and projectiles can be thrown/shot through terrain in some cases

    [YLD-16406] Fixed clipping though the walls when exiting from the vehicle

    [YLD-16457] Crafting now displays correct amount of items that will be crafted

    [YLD-16513] Duck boat transforms into upper deck boat wreck when it is destroyed

    [YLD-16319] Rubber trees already have cut decal on their trunks

    [YLD-16388] Large welded structures with confined spaces are not transparent anymore when camera gets close

    [YLD-15404] Deer stand RE 117 has too short ladder

    [YLD-12675] Small target is not visible in hands

    [YLD-16603] Objects and terrain near the edge of the screen are rendered during rapid movement again

    [YLD-16788] Fixed rare error when placing duplicate Entity Welds into the world

    [YLD-15907] Character no longer performs light attack when releasing primary mouse button after an unrelated action

    [YLD-14696] Depositing items in a container with high network latency should no longer delete and/or duplicate items

    Fixed: ranged combat camera stays disabled after toggling placing mode


    Please note that old pre-visual scripting game scripts will no longer work after installing this update. Also, some of the old games are no longer available in the Workshop.

    As of 0.12, Genesys projects (games made in Editor) cannot be played from the Main menu directly anymore - they have to be first exported from the Editor. In similar fashion, before uploading a game to the Workshop, the game has to be also exported using "Workshop export". See Export -> Export local / workshop in editor main menu or visit https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Game_export

    New Main Menu - A great new look with some additional functionality and reworked logic. There are still some improvements planned, but do let us know what you like and what you miss!

    New Ingame UI - Bright, cheerful visuals, consistency, more options, important actions and information right where you need them.

    Combat update - Much faster and more responsive combat, trees are easier to cut down, nicer visuals (the heavy attack "charge" is now shown with the particles) and a cool new jump attack.

    Costumes - Tired of running around looking just like another ylander? You can now get the first two costumes at the Ylands store. Please note that they do not alter any stats, so your character is still affected by what they have equipped "underneath" the costumes.

    Ship improvements - Tons of Multiplayer improvements. Larger waves, better sailing behavior. Animals can now be transported via ships.

    New camera system - The new camera behaves much better in tight spaces, moves in a much more fluid way, and is also superior to the old system when handling collisions with terrain.

    Interaction camera view - Initialized by the camera mode change key (default: C), this turns on a temporary replacement of full first person camera. While this view is meant for interacting only and is disabled when moving or attacking, it comes very handy whenever precision is needed.

    Entity welding (Editor) - New Editor feature, allowing to "weld" entities into one entity. Imagine it as some kind of "solid" group. Welded entities can be then used in visual scripting as if they were a single entity. They also save a lot of processing power, because when entities are welded, their collision envelope gets optimized.

    Entity welding (ships/cars) - Vehicles now utilize the optimizations gained from welding entities, so whenever you finish constructing a ship or vehicle, the structure will get welded into one, thus making cars and ships much more efficient to be handled by the game. More information about entity welding can be found here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ylands_Entity_welding


    Note: Wind effect on ships has been temporarily disabled until a better way of visualizing its strength and direction is provided.

    Inventory size was reduced by 3 slots. Any items in the removed slots will appear next to the character upon loading savegame for the first time in the new version.

    All vehicles in all saves will now be forced to enter construction mode (so all entities on the surface will be combined at least once).

    • [YLD-13726] [Audio] New teleportation sound for the pets
    • [YLD-14882] [Audio] Added inspect sound functionality when player is checking the pet cage
    • [Audio] New 700+ sounds available as sound effects
    • [YLD-15696] [Blueprints] If you place a blueprint hologram while having the Creator Cube equipped, you no longer have to place the project table. The hologram will start getting built right away without supplying any resources.
    • [YLD-14706] [Blueprints] You can now use your friends' blueprints by copying their blueprint files into your BP folder
    • [Blueprints] Blueprint preview images for new blueprints now have higher resolution. UI slots now display a small preview of blueprints instead of the generic blueprint image.
    • [YLD-13488] [Editor] Adjust "Play window" when editing save game
    • [YLD-13053] [Editor] Make capsule shape for Trigger Zone
    • [YLD-13241] [Editor] Function returning array
    • [YLD-13264] [Editor] Color multiplication
    • [YLD-13381] [Editor] Allow to attach labels through Object properties window of entities
    • [YLD-13410] [Editor] Upgrade Play menu to be able to choose from valid teams and roles
    • [YLD-13430] [Editor] Add "Set length" puzzle (easy way to clear array)
    • [YLD-13446] [Editor] Add instructions for locking/unlocking equipment slots
    • [YLD-13459] [Editor] Allow modification of armor/animal resistances
    • [YLD-14216] [Editor] Allow attaching logic label to more than one game logic in one step in object properties window
    • [YLD-14452] [Editor] You have to choose terrain type when creating a new game (empty, flat, creative, explore) now
    • [YLD-13243] [Editor] Continue/break for loops
    • [YLD-15163] [Editor] Added Game logic storage
    • [YLD-13341] [Editor] ID is shown as part of Object properties window
    • [YLD-10913] [Editor] No option to convert dialogue answer to number
    • [YLD-15336] [Editor] Added search bar for long list in Object properties window
    • [YLD-15360] [Editor] Particle effect game logic has settable color now
    • [YLD-15185] [Editor] Game logic list can be now sorted by ID
    • [YLD-14860] [Editor] Option to switch between 2D/3D icons of game logic objects added to Editor settings
    • [YLD-14863] [Editor] Option to show/hide object relation lines added to Editor settings
    • [YLD-14785] [Editor] Ground snapping is more aggressive now. You cannot unsnap an object from the ground if ground snapping is on
    • [YLD-13846] [Editor] You can scale particle effect using scale gizmo
    • [Editor] Inventory in NPCs and Player role is minimalized by default
    • [Editor] Added impassable barrier Game logic
    • [Editor] Change of terrain will remove also all game logic from the level and it will add one Spawn point which is near the beach
    • [YLD-15402] [Visual Scripting] You can set up owner and domestication level of horses
    • [YLD-15033] [Visual Scripting] Added tile for written texts on notes/signs etc.
    • [YLD-14963] [Visual Scripting] Added instruction for set/get weather at specific position
    • [YLD-14789] [Visual Scripting] Added sound preview buttons for sound effects
    • [YLD-15150] [Visual Scripting] Added 3 new Vector instructions: inverse rotation, rotate point, rotate rotation
    • [YLD-14340] [Visual Scripting] Added tile for reverting entity colors
    • [YLD-15302] [Visual Scripting] Tiles to change played music for a player
    • [YLD-13606] [Visual Scripting] Added tile Debug mode which is true when testing game through Editor
    • [YLD-13843] [Visual Scripting] Transform logic position/rotation tiles added
    • [YLD-14599] [Visual Scripting] Added tiles to change current team and role of a player
    • [YLD-13949] [Visual Scripting] Added Get/set time property for Time triggers
    • [YLD-14743] [Visual Scripting] Array new instructions (concat, fill, includes, last index of, to string, order by as numbers, order by descending as numbers)
    • [YLD-13504] [Visual scripting] Allow to force close Dialog for a player
    • [YLD-14519] [Visual Scripting] You can now hold left CTRL while drag and dropping tiles from left menu and then the menu will not close
    • [Visual Scripting] None tiles now have their type specified on a tile
    • [Visual Scripting] Changing position of item in player's inventory or in a chest will move item out of the container to the world
    • [Visual Scripting] Added new category - enums, listing all enumerated types
    • [Visual Scripting] Play emote with "None" as argument will cancel currently playing emote
    • [YLD-14483] Added new Propeller Pack model
    • [YLD-15748] Added: holding E button to perform currently focused item action instead of forcing player to use radial menu
    • [YLD-13344] Changed the range of the vicinity from 2m to 2.5 meters
    • [Building] Improved block placement snapping when obstructed
    • Better swimming - more accurate movement caused by ocean waves, decreased swimming speed for a more immersive diving experience, falling into water maintains velocity and results in diving underwater
    • Better MP motion synchronization when riding a horse
    • Increased base run speed by 10 %
    • Added: more search keywords to visual scripting literals
    • The game will now gracefully exit upon start if incompatible hardware (e.g., insufficient GPU) is used to run Ylands
    • New and improved music tracks
    • Lowered shooting speed of both Cannons
    • Tweaked torch damage
    • New louder combat music tracks
    • New heads, haircuts and update heads controller
    • Added full body hover attack animations for Swords and Spears
    • NPCs now have at least puff particle as a feedback of the player attack
    • History panel now shows if infinite history recording is turned on
    • Added hints to building blocks describing blocks' size and shape to the game and Editor
    • Reorganized, fixed and added some of the building block item groups
    • Added missing building blocks to complete all sets
    • Several obsolete building blocks were removed
    • Action "harvest" was removed from the game, only "collect wood" on trees and "collect needle" on cacti and opuncias is present


    Added missing building blocks to complete all sets


    • [YLD-11628] [Audio] Ambient and music in main menu is controlled by the same audio settings slider
    • [YLD-13439] [Audio] Pirate Chest closing sound too loud
    • [YLD-13428] [Audio] Sounds of animals are really loud
    • [YLD-14027] [Audio] Kiln sound volume depends on camera position
    • [YLD-14026] [Audio] Ylandium Refinery sound volume depends on camera position
    • [YLD-14025] [Audio] Blacksmith Forge sound volume depends on camera position
    • [YLD-14024] [Audio] Sailing sound depends on camera position
    • [YLD-14023] [Audio] Sail flap sound volume depends on camera position
    • [YLD-13974] [Audio] Sound volume of bonfire depends on camera position
    • [YLD-13975] [Audio] Anchor sound volume depends on camera position
    • [YLD-14334] [Audio] Missing flight potion sound
    • [YLD-14295] [Audio] Missing sound after drinking potion
    • [YLD-14293] [Audio] Missing opening trade window with NPC sound
    • [YLD-14263] [Audio] Wooden Table doesn't have unique sound when opening
    • [YLD-14262] [Audio] Sack containers don't have unique sound when opening
    • [YLD-14356] [Audio] Sparkler has no sound
    • [YLD-13962] [Audio] Player footsteps sound volume depends on camera position
    • [YLD-14279] [Audio] Activate trap sound is too loud
    • [YLD-14278] [Audio] Throw grenade action doesn't have unique sound
    • [YLD-14660] [Audio] Annihilator always plays destroy item sound
    • [YLD-13604] [Audio] Some animal have missing or too quiet sounds on surfaces
    • [YLD-14701] [Audio] Penguin footstep sounds are too loud
    • [YLD-14698] [Audio] Sound of Bears and Mutated Bears walking on metal surface is not correct
    • [YLD-14723] [Audio] Background noise in games
    • [YLD-14735] [Audio] Ostrich footstep sounds are too silent on metal surfaces
    • [YLD-14719] [Audio] Sound of sleeping hyena is too quiet
    • [YLD-14725] [Audio] Sound of boar footsteps sound like horse
    • [YLD-14689] [Audio] Patterned rug's metal impact sound is too heavy
    • [YLD-14200] [Audio] Open map action has no sound
    • [YLD-14294] [Audio] Missing deconstruct building blocks sound
    • [YLD-14198] [Audio] Plant a seed action has no sound
    • [YLD-14717] [Audio] Shark death sound is too silent
    • [YLD-13511] [Audio] Refilling of Small Ylandium Engine is too loud
    • [YLD-14357] [Audio] Missing Wind Turbine sound
    • [YLD-14430] [Audio] Blazing sounds are much louder than other sounds in the close area
    • [YLD-14587] [Audio] Missing Category:Clothing items placing sound, but only played when items are placed clipping into surface
    • [YLD-14791] [Audio] Steel Plate and Steel Tube have no placing sound
    • [YLD-14841] [Audio] Spotlights have missing placing sound
    • [YLD-14288] [Audio] Terraformer fire sound is looping incorrectly
    • [YLD-14896] [Audio] Extract resin is incorrect
    • [YLD-14955] [Audio] Several energy-looking items do not have energy Collect sound
    • [YLD-15019] [Audio] Horse has no idle sound when player mounts it
    • [YLD-14199] [Audio] Write sign text has no sound
    • [YLD-14364] [Audio] Missing sound for all flags
    • [YLD-14962] [Audio] Suitcase Sofa has same hit sound when hit by Wood/Stone weapons
    • [YLD-14907] [Audio] Item sound disappears when running through grass
    • [YLD-15416] [Audio] When a lot of trees are falling at once, only one ground impact sound will play
    • [YLD-14948] [Audio] Missing sound for picking up coal and charcoal
    • [YLD-15266] [Audio] Withered acai does not have tree falling sound
    • [YLD-15410] [Audio] Acai Tree has no falling sound
    • [YLD-15408] [Audio] Withered Rubber Tree has missing impact sound of fall
    • [YLD-15407] [Audio] Young Bamboo Plants have no falling sound
    • [YLD-15267] [Audio] Falling sound of small trees is way too long
    • [YLD-14494] [Audio] Car vehicle sounds
    • [YLD-15782] [Audio] Missing engine sounds
    • [YLD-13328] [Audio] You now should always hear the battle music when multiple predators start to attack you at the same time, instead of the music being randomly at 0.01 volume.
    • [YLD-13512] [Audio] Sound of burning the fuse is played from the place where player ignited explosive
    • [YLD-13667] [Audio] Missing or too quiet animal sounds on surfaces and animations
    • [YLD-13906] [Audio] Sound of Charging Station after pressing is too loud
    • [YLD-14030] Added sounds for ylandium generators
    • [YLD-14030] [Audio] Added sound loops to energy generators
    • [YLD-8828] [Audio] Added mechanics gun sounds
    • [YLD-10497] [Audio] Tree impact sound when a tree has been cut down is no longer emitted from the stump, but from the tree top
    • [YLD-14284] [Audio] Added missing sound of the book closing
    • [YLD-15041] [Audio] Sound of tree falling down now stops when it hits the ground
    • [YLD-14284] [Audio] Added open and close book/sheet sound
    • [YLD-14297] [Audio] Tweaked opening and closing sounds
    • [YLD-14306] [YLD-14305] [Audio] Added Sounds for opening, closing and adding resources to project table
    • [YLD-7891] [YLD-10498] [Audio] Added Tesla Coil sounds (idle, charge up, zap)
    • [YLD-14142] [YLD-14302] [Audio] Fixed: Music on Main menu stops abruptly when loading game, Audio stops playing when going back to main menu
    • [Audio] Sounds when connecting energy ports were not playing when connecting specific entities (such as Force Field Doors)
    • [Audio] Terraformer fire sound is looping incorrectly
    • [Audio] Fixed looped audio for Paintgun
    • [Audio] Tweaked sound for opening and closing sack
    • [Audio] Fixed item drop sounds
    • [Audio] Tweaked placement sounds
    • [Audio] Added new sounds for opening and closing Propeller Pack
    • [Audio] Added new sounds for Boats and Ships
    • [Audio] Fixeds sounds of metal objects dropping
    • [Audio] Added new sounds for Explosives
    • [Audio] Fixed sound levels for Item drop sounds
    • [Audio] Fixed Ostrich footsteps, Penguin footsteps Bear footsteps
    • [Audio] Added sound for propeller open and closing
    • [Audio] Fixed levels of small mammal footsteps
    • [Audio] Fixed Plant seed action sounds
    • [Audio] Tweaked Throw grenade stretch sound
    • [Audio] Added sacks unique sound
    • [Audio] Added Wooden Table unique sounds
    • [Audio] Tweaked volume of activate Traps
    • [YLD-13413] [Blueprints] You can place blueprints into other player's blueprints
    • [YLD-13297] [Blueprints] You couldn't capture new blueprints
    • [YLD-13422] [Blueprints] Fix blueprint unable to be placed when overlapping the player
    • [YLD-13339] [Blueprints] Fixed blueprints being placeable before they are fully loaded
    • [YLD-11944] [Blueprints] Blueprint remains stuck in hotbar if deleted
    • [YLD-10513] [Blueprints] Blueprint project tables would be left in an inaccessible state when players with high ping tried to use them right after placing them in the world
    • [YLD-14760] [Blueprints] If you attack right after placing the project table before the hologram is spawned, the hologram will never spawn and you will be left with an unusable, indestructible project table
    • [YLD-15728] [Blueprints] Players can place blueprint in other players barrier
    • [YLD-15651] [Blueprints] Trying to place a project table too close or too far from the blueprint closes the placing
    • [YLD-12717] [Camera] Equipping the terraformer while controlling the catapult breaks the camera
    • [YLD-12998] [Camera] Fix Free camera being able to flip upside down
    • [YLD-15202] [Camera] Character shakes while aiming up and down in combat camera
    • [YLD-13051] [Compositions] Sort by rating seems to do sorting by downloads just from the lowest
    • [YLD-13361] [Compositions] Compositions downloaded from the Workshop often fail to be marked as downloaded
    • [YLD-13293] [Crafting] If you craft an item directly into the world, the freeplacing hint will not disappear
    • [YLD-14171] [Dedicated Server] Players are stuck when reconnecting to Dedicated server
    • [YLD-13455] [Dedicated Server] Player is not able to control Cannons on dedicated servers
    • [YLD-12907] [Dedicated Server] Unpacked Sleeping Pads collisions now work again on a Dedicated Server
    • [YLD-13332] [Editor] Right clicking the color in object properties sets the color to black
    • [YLD-13433] [Editor] The color of building will disappear in the Editor
    • [YLD-13817] [Editor] Unlock Padlock interaction does not fire trigger of event listener
    • [YLD-13749] [Editor] Stuck at loading screen when placing specific composition to the scene
    • [YLD-13778] [Editor] Interact event works although Listener says otherwise
    • [YLD-13816] [Editor] Ignite Explosive does not work as a triggering event for Listener
    • [YLD-13772] [Editor] Scripts disappear after connecting to each other
    • [YLD-14081] [Editor] Local variable tile can get broken
    • [YLD-14867] [Editor] On ignite event is not working properly when ignited from inventory
    • [YLD-14838] [Editor] On explode event does not work for throwing explosives
    • [YLD-8608] [Editor] Continual shooting beyond loaded terrain stops terrain generation and stucks character movement
    • [YLD-10930] [Editor] Loot command does not work
    • [YLD-11012] [Editor] Map is missing an on open event
    • [YLD-13202] [Editor] Reopening the edit script no longer breaks the local variable block
    • [YLD-13222] [Editor] Get Color script tile does not work properly
    • [YLD-13365] [Editor] Object relation lines could miss in some cases
    • [YLD-13367] [Editor] Undo does not return deleted vehicles with blocks
    • [YLD-13384] [Editor] "Stack" attribute should not be shown in Object properties window for non-stackable items
    • [YLD-13385] [Editor] You should be able to create composition from a single item
    • [YLD-13400] [Editor] Interior post-process do not change when teleported from Interior zone
    • [YLD-13416] [Editor] Copying entities with script can delete the script
    • [YLD-13442] [Editor] Disable interaction does not work with lootable entities
    • [YLD-13537] [Editor] Right click context menu should close on any button press
    • [YLD-13542] [Editor] Clicking on the selected item in the Game logic list should open its properties
    • [YLD-13490] [Editor] You can create blueprint from composition
    • [YLD-13961] [Editor] Ctrl + c with nothing selected could cause an error
    • [YLD-12725] [Editor] Selection box does not move with the item
    • [YLD-14244] [Editor] You should be able to open locked doors through scripts
    • [YLD-14474] [Editor] Entity highlight color is now customizable
    • [YLD-14832] [Editor] You were able to combat in character mode
    • [YLD-13692] [Editor] Transform gizmos could get stuck being too big
    • [YLD-9421] [Editor] Damaged trees are seen as damaged in the Editor
    • [YLD-15891] [Editor] Fixed error when placing game logic objects near vehicles
    • [YLD-8650] [Editor] Rotation of spawn point will rotate character but leave camera unchanged
    • [YLD-15598] [Editor] Selection boxes of groups with game logic object as pivot were not correct
    • [YLD-15293] [Editor] Ctrl+d could move camera if user unpressed Ctrl before unpressing d
    • [YLD-15294] [Editor] Not selected Storage objects added to compositions were too far away from other objects when composition was placed into the game
    • [YLD-13869] [YLD-13871] [Editor] GameLogic could not be placed near animals/NPCs
    • [Editor] Right click did not cancel placing tool in "camera mode"
    • [Editor] Most windows and panels will close if you click to the empty space
    • [Editor] Trigger zone collision detection with building blocks was not accurate
    • [Editor] You cannot set "None" as an Image in the UI Panel
    • [Editor] No proper error message when running script with empty spaces in binary expressions
    • [Editor] Undo/redo of deleting vehicles did not work (cloning/copying)
    • [Editor] Editor supports alpha color for changing emissive part of entity color
    • [Editor] Error in visual scripting when Czech language was active
    • [Editor] Match searched text with category names too
    • [Editor] Event listeners were reworked and now you can listen to many more events
    • [Editor] New game logic objects: Game logic storage, Game logic template, Sound effect, Impassable Barrier
    • [YLD-5534] [Feedback tracker] Respawning inside a tree
    • [YLD-8935] [Forum] Coral appears white when placing on ground
    • [YLD-9390] [Forum] Plant viewable toggle not working correctly
    • [YLD-8863] [Forum] Lamp Collision is too big
    • [YLD-13602] [Forum] Game crashes when I try to place ship composition
    • [YLD-14085] [Forum] Moving a script block causes a crash
    • [YLD-14064] [Forum] Set Array Search not found
    • [YLD-7848] [Forum] Ship Helm moves ship forcefully when ran into
    • [YLD-14427] [Forum] Unable to establish connection
    • [YLD-11370] [Forum] Object loses custom name if player drops it
    • [YLD-8409] [Forum] Ship parts cannot be erased
    • [YLD-14428] [Forum] Incorrect lod of blooming magic plant
    • [YLD-14413] [Forum] Copy/paste color value doesn't apply Alpha
    • [YLD-12128] [Forum] Entity Templates not spawning correctly
    • [YLD-13957] [Forum] Color picking auto click
    • [YLD-13398] [Forum] Game edit mode, Can't delete or step back
    • [YLD-13467] [Forum] Editor cut and paste did not work when editing save game
    • [YLD-10885] [Steam Forum] Raspberry potion bug
    • [YLD-13294] [Gold Rush] When you pick up Golden Pebbles from Containers, they are not counted into your total
    • [YLD-13503] [Gold Rush] Text was not translated when language was changed during a play
    • [YLD-13316] [GUI] Can't use items after double clicking on item in quick bar
    • [YLD-11389] [GUI] Client cannot aim with cannon properly on ship
    • [YLD-10328] [GUI] Window with cancellation from client after trying to connect to server
    • [YLD-13289] [GUI] Remove button in MP lobby menu not working
    • [YLD-13405] [GUI] Invincibility indication does not show on clients
    • [YLD-14911] [GUI] Unique and not separable items behaved very oddly in inventory
    • [YLD-10147] [Multiplayer] Fix of cumulation of bodies in multiplayer game
    • [YLD-6704] [Multiplayer] As client, leaving the driver's seat while underwater will cause you to walk instead of swim
    • [YLD-13352] [Multiplayer] As a client, I see other disconnected clients standing instead of sitting
    • [YLD-8746] [Multiplayer] You see other player standing on a bed after connecting
    • [YLD-14712] [Multiplayer] New character for dead offline players if sleep was executed before they reconnect
    • [YLD-15749] [Multiplayer] Clients have extreme FPS drops on a particular template file
    • [YLD-13397] [Multiplayer] NPC dialogue will not pop out after non-host player exits the game by alt+F4
    • [YLD-13777] [Multiplayer] Dyeing at dyeing tables doesn't work for clients in multiplayer
    • [YLD-11766] [Multiplayer] Paintgun color picker did not work on clients
    • [YLD-14270] [Multiplayer] Fixed swimming pets
    • [YLD-14642] [Multiplayer] Client could read signs at night
    • [YLD-14798] [Multiplayer] Freshly connected clients will see others sitting/emoting now
    • [YLD-14315] [Multiplayer] When joining an ongoing game, characters already in the water should now be seen in the correct animation (swimming)
    • [YLD-13196] [Notifications] Amount of coyns doesn't refresh after successful notification during simulation
    • [YLD-13204] [Notifications] Notification about a successful sharegame save does not appear
    • [YLD-12330] [Protective Barrier] Offline clients in their barrier will receive damage after server is rehosted
    • [YLD-10992] [Protective Barrier] Players can destroy other players' barrier
    • [YLD-14756] [Protective Barrier] If you were invincible before the barrier update, you will remain invincible
    • [YLD-14755] [Protective Barrier] Players who were inside their own barriers before the update became immortal after the update
    • [YLD-14759] [Protective Barrier] Invincibility while offline after placing or fixing a non-activated barrier changed to golden hearts invincibility after barrier update
    • [YLD-14936] [Protective barrier] Players see the visual and sound effects of walking through the edge of barrier only for their movement
    • [YLD-14250] [Rented servers] If save file upload failed upon shutting down a server, the upload keeps getting retried
    • [YLD-11525] [Sharegames] There is no way to host games from My Sharegames menu
    • [YLD-11894] [Sleeping] Sleep is broken when two players connect to an almost full server
    • [YLD-13936] [Sleeping] Sleeping gets broken if someone destroys the bed you are sleeping on before it hardens
    • [YLD-6555] [Sleeping] The sun and the moon are slowing down during moving while sleeping
    • [YLD-15799] [Sleeping] Time is jumping back and forth during sleep on dedicated server
    • [YLD-14194] [Sleeping] More players can initiate sleep at the same time
    • [YLD-14311] [Sleeping] Invincible players after clicking very fast to initiate sleep
    • [YLD-14602] [Sleeping] If you Return to the Main Menu and reconnect while waiting for sleep, the sleep breaks
    • [YLD-14603] [Sleeping] If sleep was initiated exactly at the moment when another player was connecting to the server, it would want one more player than there were on the server, thus making sleep unreachable until the server was restarted
    • [YLD-14144] [YLD-14392] [Sleeping] Fixed an issue where you could start sleep while standing by spamming left mouse button while in the process of standing up
    • [YLD-9381] [YLD-14527] [Sleeping] Fixed an issue where if the game was autosaved during sleeping and then crashed before the next autosave, players would retain the invincible attribute after load
    • [Sleeping] Players no longer fill all their stats to maximum when sleeping, now it merely prevents damage, as it was originally intended
    • [YLD-6716] [Ships] Loading of objects and terrain breaks after a while of sailing forward in Create mode
    • [YLD-6953] [Ships] Raft floats down slowly when spawned in mid air
    • [YLD-5879] [Ships] Player can jump very high on a ship under certain circumstances
    • [YLD-9138] [Ships] Character's legs are shaking on the moving ship
    • [YLD-8536] [Ships] Animals make ship move improperly
    • [YLD-11473] [Ships] When the ship is sinking, the message when trying to pilot is wrong
    • [YLD-4082] [Ships] Boats are falling at constant speed
    • [YLD-14620] [Ships] Running over objects on a boat causes character to fly forward
    • [YLD-13693] [Ships] Ship placing was ignoring water
    • [YLD-14982] [Ships] While building on ships, some building blocks never align to others and gets "Not enough space" error if they are moved to the position via hold RMB
    • [YLD-13984] [Store] You cannot buy skins right after you buy coyns
    • [YLD-13212] [Store] Coyns are not visible when entered from the game
    • [YLD-5280] [Text] Small typo in "Hieroglyphic Block" (Czech language)
    • [YLD-13567] [Text] Several mistakes in sentences in Russian translation
    • [YLD-13351] [Text] Missing texts added
    • [YLD-14112] [Visual Scripting] Custom Interaction disappears when workstation changes model
    • [YLD-14114] [Visual Scripting] Feeding or lighting workstations breaks the script
    • [YLD-13205 ] [Visual Scripting] Show/Hide UI panel does not work on clients on DS
    • [YLD-13477] [Visual Scripting] Script issue when on different language settings
    • [YLD-13968] [Visual Scripting] Fixed a bug that caused big copied tiles in visual scripting to freeze in space and potentially crash the game
    • [YLD-13629] [Visual Scripting] Fixed an issue that caused variables in the visual scripting to be covered by Rename and Delete buttons
    • [YLD-13594] [Visual Scripting] Fixed a displacement issue of variables in visual scripting
    • [YLD-14298] [Visual Scripting] Set position does not work with ragdolled player
    • [YLD-14097] [Visual Scripting] Deleting Delay tile could resolve in subsequent errors (part of script missing)
    • [YLD-14380] [Visual Scripting] Fixed issue which caused tiles to change color and hide text in the "if" tile when changing "else" to "else if"
    • [YLD-14445] [Visual Scripting] Shift + drag and drop of tile had broken undo steps
    • [YLD-14307] [Visual Scripting] Local variable set tile was missing when the bubble was reopened inside of an if tile
    • [YLD-14451] [Visual Scripting] Removing an item in On added to inventory from an inventory could break the item
    • [YLD-14839] [Visual Scripting] Adding more than 8 arguments should not be possible even after reloading the save
    • [YLD-11140] [Visual Scripting] NPC did not recover active item after playing emote
    • [YLD-15078] [Visual Scripting] Fixed error when switching else to else if
    • [YLD-15995] [Visual Scripting] Reset on Trigger zone did not work
    • [YLD-12166] [Visual Scripting] Change of respawn position in On player death events will have effect immediately
    • [YLD-14087] [Visual Scripting] Fixed local variable losing its get method

    [Visual Scripting] Variables in entity scripts could get reset to default state after placing them to world and then picking them [Visual Scripting] Removing Entity storage owner tile from Entity storage instruction could break other tiles

    • [YLD-13269] Rusty Padlock has inconsistent size
    • [YLD-12971] Incorrect collision of Rusty Anchors
    • [YLD-13315] 3/4 part of Wagon Wheel is basically rotated
    • [YLD-13336] Details of Hieroglyphic Blocks disappearing too soon
    • [YLD-12540] You can duplicate any stackable items from Inventory Containers
    • [YLD-13343] Ylandium Power Cells disappear if you split them into vicinity
    • [YLD-13314] Wagon Wheel has only one paintable part
    • [YLD-13201] Pineapple has missing texture
    • [YLD-13231] Pineapple Half is floating above ground when dropped from inventory
    • [YLD-12957] Flag poles missing collision
    • [YLD-13270] Seashell Jar holding is incorrect
    • [YLD-13267] Rusty Padlock has no collision with Player
    • [YLD-12970] Wrecked Bamboo Raft cannot be fully painted
    • [YLD-13747] Teepee has wrong collisions
    • [YLD-13335] Rusty Can has no collision
    • [YLD-13163] Black Cat Statue is brown
    • [YLD-13005] Sack with dollar sign has only one paint slot
    • [YLD-12987] Collision of Rusty Cannonball is too small
    • [YLD-12664] Incorrect collision of Egyptian Chest
    • [YLD-12889] Incorrect occlusion of Duck Boat
    • [YLD-13311] Dynamites and Bombs have misplaced burning effect
    • [YLD-12885] Rusty Gear cannot be covered with Snow
    • [YLD-13309] Grenades and [Dynamite Stick|dynamites]] are held incorrectly
    • [YLD-12796] Some items cannot be fully painted
    • [YLD-12929] Mast with Sails have incorrect collision
    • [YLD-12649] Blooming Magic Bush disappears when it touches an edge of a screen
    • [YLD-13638] Some Vases cannot be painted whole - they're missing painting layers
    • [YLD-14260] Explosives don't disappear and don't deal any damage after exploding if placed inside objects
    • [YLD-11543] Bank Safe in freeplacing mode has incorrect texture
    • [YLD-11250] If engine is fully charged, the charge hint still will not disappear
    • [YLD-12856] Statues remain on water surface on shallow water
    • [YLD-12934] Sleeping bag - can stand up just before going to sleep and watch the day passing by
    • [YLD-14441] Large Wooden Doors have wrong collision
    • [YLD-5238] Propeller Pack is rotating in your hands when you are flying
    • [YLD-13636] Pineapple is floating in the air when you are holding it
    • [YLD-15561] Bear Trap disappears too soon
    • [YLD-13022] Incorrect collision of Metal Container
    • [YLD-12625] Cannot paint some Carpets
    • [YLD-14394] Seashells sometimes levitate over the shore
    • [YLD-12778] Boots disappear with camera movement
    • [YLD-13338] Colour is set to default for items which are dropped into stacks
    • [YLD-13063] Gunpowder Kegs are white when shot out of a cannon
    • [YLD-15223] Incorrectly coloured part of a Diamond Pattern Block
    • [YLD-15465] Items are lost when Container is broken
    • [YLD-14476] Displaying thumbnails of a Human character in the Editor doesn't increase memory consumption over time
    • [YLD-15885] "Unhardened" entity can be destroyed even with Padlock
    • [YLD-15856] Color 3 on Oriental Chest has always original color in another lods
    • [YLD-16039] Stone Chest has more than one LOD Group
    • [YLD-9072] You can't lock Doors/Containers or place Padlocks in the foreign zone
    • [YLD-13560] Colors of the Plastic Blocks should be unified
    • [YLD-13353] Fixed wrong hand usage setting of picks (stone and iron)
    • [YLD-13197] Fix position and size of invalid placing indicator for Boats and animals
    • [YLD-13340] Quill and Ink don't break after one use anymore
    • [YLD-13310] Some plants have incorrect models
    • [YLD-13399] Fixed free-placed items not falling down when placed on vehicles
    • [YLD-13408] Fix building grid near vehicles
    • [YLD-12580] Sleeping Pad has wrong color in Creator Cube / Crafting
    • [YLD-12570] Roots texture do not change with weather
    • [YLD-12981] Unable to focus Car Passenger Seat while flying
    • [YLD-13578] Some items can't be placed on a wall
    • [YLD-13522] Items with multiple colliders no longer appear multiple times in vicinity
    • [YLD-13544] Straw Blocks placement issue
    • [YLD-14190] Broken model of Tribal Idol
    • [YLD-13266] Character is walking while throwing
    • [YLD-13036] Character clips with Top Tree
    • [YLD-11929] Player respawn is causing texture glitches on some blocks
    • [YLD-867] Looking into sea from under the sea level makes the sea disappear
    • [YLD-5603] It's possible to spawn inside Terrain
    • [YLD-15255] You can use Beds to get under Terrain
    • [YLD-6897] Sleeping Pads occlusion culling
    • [YLD-3549] No water particle when you fall into it
    • [YLD-5360] You can't fish underwater anymore
    • [YLD-13209] Fixed stack overflow while placing items near the Water surface
    • [YLD-12510] Items no longer load multiple times
    • [YLD-12609] Fixed an error that prevented plants and other cube entities from being swapped in the hotbar
    • [YLD-13234] Coloring, animated entities do not hold their color after being painted
    • [YLD-13236] Coloring, Paintgun doesn't display current colors of entities upon focus
    • [YLD-12610] Fixed a minor issue with swapping cube entities in the hotbar
    • [YLD-13235] Coloring, Painting one entity channel with Paintgun puts the other channels into the default color
    • [YLD-13233] Coloring, Paintgun restore and pick color functions do not work
    • [YLD-13218] Cannons can be placed and operated upside down causing visual issues
    • [YLD-13242] Both types of cannon damage only in further entities
    • [YLD-13068] Dynamite Bundle doesn't always explode when shot into the ground from a Cannon
    • [YLD-12986] Fixed prefab position offset that caused the Cactus Needle to fall infinitely
    • [YLD-13892] Building grid is blinking and overlapping in some cases
    • [YLD-13664] Freeplacing rotation gizmo persists after placing
    • [YLD-13856] Hair keeping wrong scale after head-size potion effect
    • [YLD-12371] Bamboo Plant colors tweaked
    • [YLD-13823] Festive Door and Wood Door colliders fixed
    • [YLD-13892] Building grid not showing on some bigger blocks
    • [YLD-13691] Santavision holding position
    • [YLD-13860] Head Feathers holding position
    • [YLD-14121] Missing faces of Bark Helmet
    • [YLD-8742] Fixed a validation issue that would prevent players from loading items from the first slot in the inventory
    • [YLD-13528] Character can equip items to hands from inventory while riding horse or while sitting or laying
    • [YLD-6226] Fixed character sometimes spawning underground
    • [YLD-5239] Biome generator sometimes puts biomes where they don't belong (savanna in mountains)
    • [YLD-13856] Fixed twisted hair after using scale-changing potion
    • [YLD-14144] You could stand up and perform action while sleep mode is simulated
    • [YLD-14126] Character's back is clipping through some Chairs
    • [YLD-14167] Fixed a bug that would cause items to duplicate when player put them in the Container
    • [YLD-14057] Fixed glitched ragdoll after close impact of the grenade
    • [YLD-14058] Fixed character falling into terrain a bit while throwing grenades
    • [YLD-14258] Fixed wrong skin visual for hand slot
    • [YLD-11061] Throwing the last grenade in hotbar with full strength would consume the grenade, but not throw anything
    • [YLD-8241] Digging with the Iron Shovel is now interrupted when the item breaks
    • [YLD-14482] Caves: some passages should have smoother terrain on the ground
    • [YLD-14475] Fixed Signs reading in the dark with the helmet equipped
    • [YLD-12593] Oak stump colors fixed
    • [YLD-14569] Fixed missing portraits for all heads
    • [YLD-9381] Fixed players being immortal if the game saved during a sleep
    • [YLD-15544] Dynamite Bundles could not be hit with Arrows
    • [YLD-14656] Repositioning blocks with QZ or WSAD on Ships and cars causes placing ghost to disappear
    • [YLD-15563] Fixed an issue where if a powered Tesla Coil got destroyed, new Tesla Coils would not shoot
    • [YLD-15420] You couldn't pick up things while riding a horse
    • [YLD-15642] Loading a game with the character controlling a raft/sailboat got the character stuck
    • [YLD-14866] Fixed teleport particles staying around the pet after player respawn
    • [YLD-11810] You can use unobstructed Ladders to get through walls
    • [YLD-15014] If you cut the tree to Logs before it hits the ground, the stump collider remained in the scene
    • [YLD-15172] When firing the last bullet in a weapon and immediately switching to another weapon, player would reload the new weapon
    • [YLD-12724] Visuals of fallen Trees are replaced after loading a save
    • [YLD-15536] Placing a grenade after another grenade of the same type explodes results in the new grenade being either lost or unusable
    • [YLD-15532] Stacked explosives (e.g. if the player dropped 5 grenades in one stack) would not explode upon being destroyed
    • [YLD-5847] Horse head animation twitches when turning on the spot
    • [YLD-10566] Error preparing game data after removing old saves and clicking on Play
    • [YLD-14532] Death is broken with disabled respawn - player can't play on that server again
    • [YLD-7340] Game freezes when player tries to exit the program
    • [YLD-14133] If player clicked create game before confirming (hitting enter) renaming of the game, default name was selected instead
    • [YLD-14893] Fixed a minor memory leak when throwing Grenades
    • [YLD-15577] Fixed a crash that could occur if the player drove their car into the ocean
    • [YLD-8069] You are still invincible if you get outside the zone when offline
    • [YLD-13724] Clicking on the radial menu should not activate punch
    • [YLD-13239] UI in Paintgun radial menu now displays correct colors
    • [YLD-14443] Radial menu couldn't be accessed while in the building mode
    • [YLD-12127] Fixed unavailable roles and teams for custom games
    • [YLD-14136] Fixed: an issue where entities with N colliders would get N instances of explosive damage instead of just 1, thus making explosives an overkill for such entities.
    • [YLD-13350] Matchmaking text displays \n symbols
    • [YLD-13229] preserve build orientation when changing anchors (ships/cars)
    • [YLD-13227] [YLD-13228] don't reset build stacker when the placement is not valid
    • [YLD-13382] Fixed one-handed hammerattacks not chaining while walking forward
    • [YLD-13382] Fixed chaining attacks for 1H Hammers
    • [YLD-13299] Fixed biome condition errors
    • [YLD-14036] Slow effect particles of heavy attack are aligned to the correct place now
    • Tweaked: faster pickup animation
    • Sleep now decreases your stats such as Hunger
    • Fixed issue that it was possible to still use some old disabled blocks
    • Fixed transitions in Terraformer/Paintgun/Annihilator animation controllers to stop transitions from starting a new animation
    • Tweaked Explosions and cannon shots
    • Trade action is no longer offered to dead targets
    • Iron Shackles are now held correctly in the hands
    • Tesla Coils were dealing multiple damage instances to entities with more than 1 collider
    • Fixed player automatically standing up when bed or chair under them was destroyed
    • Fixed Armor Leather skin helmet and hats clipping with hair
    • Fixed attack particles position for building blocks
    • Fix inconsistent building preview rotation
    • Wooden Cabinet collider fixed
    • Some items could not be free-placed on vehicles

    • Optimizations - The game should now run faster and smoother than ever. The performance gain will be more obvious in scenes with a great number of objects, where the game can run even 10x faster than before.
    • Combat 2.0 - The combat system has been completely reworked. Characters can now chain light and heavy attacks, dodge and parry out of harms way, making the combat dynamic, more involved and much more fun.
    • Building 2.0 - The building system has also been overhauled. Object placing and snapping is now more responsive, predicting what, how and where you want to build, streamlining the building process.
    • Gold Rush - To demonstrate the possibilities of Visual Scripting and the Editor, we have created a new multiplayer game mode - Gold Rush. You can easily find it as a banner in the MP Lobby, give it a try! We love playing it, but are super interested in your opinion!


    • Reworked avatar faces - We have vastly improved the visuals of existing avatar faces and added some new ones as well.
    • Composition improvements - You can now access all Compositions available on the Workshop from within the in-game Editor.
    • New transition screens - Both splash and loading screen have been replaced and improved
    • New notification system - Whenever a critical or important in-game event occurs, you will be notified via a new and fancy user interface.
    • Vicinity looting - You can now see items you can pick up / drop around you, making picking up and dropping items easier than ever before.
    • New pets - An owl and a gryphon have enriched the selection of available companions - get yours today (no really, they are super cool and adorable)!
    • Digging - Digging precision has been vastly improved.
    • Workstation crafting cancellation - You can now cancel any crafting processes active in workstations and get back all the ingredients
    • Improved compass - Nearby ylands are now shown on the compass while sailing, making locating your next terra incognita so much easier.
    • AFK system - We have implemented a new AFK (away from keyboard) system which detects if someone is inactive for a longer period of time (45 minutes by default) and disconnects them from the server. If the avatar is considered AFK, a text visible to the avatar's owner appears over the top of their head showing the time they have been inactive.
    • Demolition hammer - It sometimes can get tricky to hit one small specific object. That's why a new item, the demolition hammer, was added.
    • Paintable vegetation - It is now possible to colorize trees and plants both in the Editor and ingame (with Paintgun)
    • Emissive colors - The Editor now supports alpha channels for changing emissive part of an entity's color.
    • Improved car suspension - Wheels on cars move along vertical axis in more natural way
    • Water rendering improvements
    • Shadow rendering improvements
    • Improved lighting and shadows for local light sources (torches, lanterns and others)
    • General direct / indirect lighting model improvements
    • Editor / Visual scripting:
      • Visual scripting Editor now supports zoom
      • You can now disable terrain modification and AI pathfinding. These can, if not required by your game, help you get even better performance
      • Added game logic "Logic label" which works similarly to "Entity label". If you set is as Spawn point in Player role/team then random Spawn point from a label will be used
      • Event listeners can now listen to new events "On item added to inventory or equip" and "On item removed from inventory and equip", which will fire no matter how the player got items/got rid of them
      • You can now select all entities of the same type with double click on entity while holding CTRL (works with Add object panel too)
    • Visual scripting tiles added:
      • Spawn entity tile variants which returns spawned entity
      • Character: Force flying, Speed bonus
      • Item: Pickable
      • Entity: Indestructible
      • Container: On close
      • Spawn point: On spawn and On respawn event
      • Color: Alpha


    Decorations remade to items:


    • Water simulation disabled - We have decided to disable the water simulation in the game until it's fully fixed, since it caused a lot of issues and potential exploits. The sea will still have waves, ships will be moving over it, you will be able to swim above/below water surface just as before, the water just won't fill in the newly created spaces. You are now unable to add or edit the water in any way (via Terraformer or Editor) and it is not affected by explosions.
    • First person camera disabled - The first person camera was too buggy and not working correctly in so many situations that we've decided to disable it for now and recreate it from scratch. In this update we have addressed many situations where players used to switch to the 1st person camera because the 3rd person one didn't provide enough comfort. We are considering making 1st person camera available in some sort of experimental mode in 0.12.
    • Decoration type of object is no longer present in the game. All decorations were transformed into regular game objects. Everyone who has ever bought any Decoration (regardless of whether they have used them) will get a full refund shortly after this update is released.


    • [YLD-8023] [Forum] Ladder Falls Through Ground
    • [YLD-9803] [Forum] MisLabelled item - Blue Pigment
    • [YLD-10064] [Forum] Possible exploit - you can enter a locked room by using bed/pad
    • [YLD-11856] [Forum] Top Half of Roof Block Invisible
    • [YLD-7885] [Forum] Seed planting from container
    • [YLD-8040] [Forum] Unlimited Seeds
    • [YLD-12515] [Forum] Sharegame Synchronization Failed
    • [YLD-10942] [Sharegames] After switching host of a sharegame, players can be damaged inside their barriers
    • [YLD-13014] [Sharegames] Update of upload window visuals
    • [YLD-13015] [Sharegames] Change header of window when removing game from cloud
    • [YLD-11458] [Blueprints] Required materials counter goes to negative number in project table
    • [YLD-5732] [MP] When client respawns in swimming animation
    • [YLD-9438] [MP] Invulnerable particles are invisible for client on their character
    • [YLD-8346] [Protective Barrier] When you drop the barrier down, it may clip through the ground and cannot be picked until it is dug up
    • [YLD-11325] [Onboarding] You won't get out of the sixth land if you are hungry
    • [YLD-12383] Fixed MP lobby screen not closing
    • [YLD-11602] [UI] You can break a position of the emote character in the preview window
    • [YLD-11647] [UI] Breath bar still visible after death
    • [YLD-12392] [UI] Item icon duplicates on hotbar
    • [YLD-8928] [Sleeping] Your vote is not needed again when you die and respawn
    • [YLD-11783] [Sleeping] Client can't connect to the server when sleeping is voted by other players
    • [YLD-8963] [Sleeping] If you connect after the sleep queue is started, you can start a new sleep queue
    • [YLD-11773] [Sleeping] Sleep can be interrupted by other player standing up
    • [YLD-12787] [Sleeping] Player won't get up after sleep ends anymore
    • [YLD-8496] [Catapult] Shot object does not create an adequate crater
    • [YLD-11986] [Catapult] Launch power increases even after the draw bar is filled
    • [YLD-11908] [Catapult] Loading an animal with another object will get the catapult stuck and can stuck the game
    • [YLD-8830] [Catapult] You get stuck if you don't load it with any item while holding the energy linker
    • [YLD-9265] [Trading] NPC cannot be traded with, it is busy
    • [YLD-11966] [Trading] You cannot trade with anyone once you close trade with NPC
    • [YLD-8927] [Trading] You can break whole trading by offering trade to player with opened inventory
    • [YLD-11991] [Trading] Ignore this session breaks trade for player that is offering
    • [YLD-11990] [Trading] Offering trade to offline sitting player breaks trade
    • [YLD-11283] [Random Encounter] RE47 (pirate chest) doesn't have obsolete weapon in it anymore
    • [YLD-11495] [Random Encounter] Bandit camp RE doesn't have obsolete paddle anymore
    • [YLD-12052] [Water] You can destroy water by digging with pick
    • [YLD-12224] [Water] Water surface turns black for some graphic cards
    • [YLD-12566] [Water] Ghost of the item you are placing does not transition well into water
    • [YLD-12898] [Water] Underwater effect disappears when camera is close to seafloor
    • [YLD-11999] [Animals] Client sees players on a horse as standing after relog/respawn/load
    • [YLD-12530] [Containers] Items removed from container back to inventory are broken
    • [YLD-12541] [Containers] Whole stacks are lost if you drop them from inventory containers
    • [YLD-7888] [Containers] Items inside them can't be placed on hotbar
    • Fixed a bug that prevented players from dropping items right from containers
    • [YLD-9467] [Terraforming] You can Add Terrain from inventory while swimming
    • [YLD-12975] [Terraforming] Unable to remove object after using Terraformer
    • [YLD-12388] [Animations] Two handed hammers do not mirror pickup animations anymore
    • [YLD-13056] [Animations] Fixed broken fishing animation
    • [YLD-12774] [Animations] Broken swimming animation in placing mode
    • [YLD-12884] [Animations] Incorrect holding animation of quill and ink
    • [YLD-12385] [Animations] Broken leg animation of character inside dyeing stand and Editor
    • [YLD-12135] [Animations] You cannot focus beds and chairs when you get up from them
    • [YLD-12131] [Animations] Character is stuck when getting off horse, twisted legs after changing item
    • [YLD-10496] [Sound] Fixed a bug where default item collect sound would play when merging items to one
    • [YLD-11977] [Sound] There are no paddling / splashing sounds when operating a raft
    • [YLD-12600] [Sound] Sound for opening and closing of medical bag is missing
    • [YLD-12464] [Sound] Sound of the driving over terrain has no falloff with distance
    • [YLD-8541] [Sound] Ambient sounds stops when many drop sound play
    • [YLD-8183] [Text] Fixed wrong translations in lighthouse random encounter
    • [YLD-11608] [Text] Typos in the Onboarding (Czech)
    • [YLD-9490] [Text] Small typo in "Alchemist shoes" item description (Czech)
    • [YLD-11338] [Text] Small typo in Editor title screen description (Czech)
    • [YLD-11673] [Text] Small typo in the Editor title screen card (Czech)
    • [YLD-11371] [Text] Small typo in store on blueprint preview window (Czech)
    • [YLD-8565] [Text] Typos in the Creator Cube Codex page (Czech)
    • [YLD-8575] [Text] Missing comma in the Editor test hint sentence (Czech)
    • [YLD-8374] [Text] Missing comma in the Codex (Cars) sentence (Czech)
    • [YLD-11657] [Text] N/A is translated as Neaplikovatelné - way too long (Czech)
    • [YLD-11883] Fixed issue with initializing UiForm InfoText
    • [YLD-11639] [Editor] Name of the scenario is never saved
    • [YLD-11664] [Editor] Error when using filtering (View)
    • [YLD-11724] [Editor] Scripts added to entities were not saved if they were opened while object properties window was opened
    • [YLD-11782] [Editor] Error when deleting referenced object from label
    • [YLD-11781] [Editor] Script references do not update correctly
    • [YLD-12320] [Editor] Color picker: I cannot change alpha - it is reverted back to 255
    • [YLD-3139] [Editor] Cutting and pasting acts like copying
    • [YLD-12336] [Editor] Game properties window -> changing name and description works again
    • [YLD-11025] [Editor] Clicking with RMB centers the cursor
    • [YLD-12666] [Editor] Appearance of the NPC cannot be changed
    • [YLD-12966] [Editor] Undo does not regard to editing of IF, = and OR script tiles
    • [YLD-10772] [Editor] Naming when placing compositions
    • [YLD-11736] [Editor] Quick double click on item breaks the whole Editor
    • [YLD-12372] [Editor] Object properties window is broken when nothing is selected
    • [YLD-12147] [Editor] AABB trigger zone VS AABB trigger object is handled incorrectly
    • [YLD-12458] [Editor] Pure damage should not be mitigated with armor
    • [YLD-12162] [Editor] Store and set rotation is not working properly
    • [YLD-12502] [Editor] Deleting items from NPCs inventory is not working properly
    • [YLD-12379] [Editor] Game Logic links are not updating when moving objects
    • [YLD-12613] [Editor] Event Listener loses its focused item
    • [YLD-12865] [Editor] Fixed Editor freeplacing hint not showing up in some cases
    • [YLD-11754] [Editor] Missing hint for free placing mode
    • [YLD-12325] [Editor] Undo/Redo step for Cut (ctrl+x)
    • [YLD-12326] [Editor] Undo/redo for editing literal values in VS seems to not work properly
    • [YLD-11166] [Editor] Box trigger zone bounding box show as axis-aligned
    • [Editor] Get labels of an entity did not return objects of correct type
    • [Editor] Wrong text in GUI in object properties window of event listener when invalid action is selected
    • [Editor] Fixed error in VS occuring with Czech language active
    • [Editor] Fixed an error where corrupted ycp files would cause Genesys to hang while loading.
    • [YLD-13205] [Visual scripting] Show/Hide UI panel does not work on clients on DS
    • [YLD-11790] [Visual Scripting] Problem when duplicating literals
    • [YLD-11823] [Visual Scripting] Now you can scroll only over the scripting area
    • [YLD-13202] [Visual Scripting] Reopening the edit script no longer breaks the local variable block
    • [YLD-11774] [Visual scripting] Fixed a stack overflow when only one top level puzzle is present
    • [YLD-12362] [Visual scripting] Literals have correct width set upon use
    • [YLD-12941] [Visual Scripting] Colors of puzzle parts should no longer change upon renaming custom instruction
    • [YLD-13142] [Visual Scripting] Delay dummy functions are visible from global/entity storages
    • [YLD-12435] [Visual Scripting] Delay function inside Entity storages
    • [YLD-12232] Game freeze after alt-tab on some maps
    • [YLD-11686] Minimize freezing when dealing with many save/scenario files
    • [YLD-12043] Fixed minor game freezes when equipping and unequipping clothes [YLD-12468] FPS drop when activating multiple Street lamps
    • [YLD-12083] Game crashes after getting close to multiple burning campfires or bonfires
    • [YLD-12672] Opening radial menu after reconnect causes black screen
    • [YLD-11551] Fixed map preview missing ylands on the edge
    • [YLD-12282] The character is sunk into the background in character preview
    • [YLD-12806] Basic yland count slider does not affect yland count
    • [YLD-12773] Fixed missing cursor after returning to Main Menu
    • [YLD-12267] Compositions window: tooltips should not disappear until cursor is moved
    • [YLD-13055] Scrolling now works after drag
    • [YLD-11669] You can't cancel crafting of item on workstation
    • [YLD-11732] Placing mode on ship has wrong (swapped) second and third rotation axis arrows
    • [YLD-12037] Fixed parrot statue not being in the right category
    • [YLD-11926] Sandstone chunk is hidden in sandstone block category
    • [YLD-12551] Some medieval banners disappear much earlier than the rest
    • [YLD-12927] Mining drill is not stacking materials, you have to pick every rock individually
    • [YLD-12776] Incorrect holding of Rubber tree seed
    • [YLD-12839] Shackles have too large collisions
    • [YLD-12904] Young rubber tree falls into the ground once you cut it down
    • [YLD-12909] Iron chisel cannot be placed into character's hands
    • [YLD-12887] Old horseshoe clips with characters hands
    • [YLD-12825] Incorrect holding of Rusty padlock
    • [YLD-12743] Incorrect holding of Blue crystal
    • [YLD-12641] Traffic signs are not visible in hands
    • [YLD-12505] Player cannot place marble block M
    • [YLD-11753] Gravel, sand, dirt, wood pulp and ice chunk have 3 paintable slots
    • [YLD-11391] Empty Bird Nest and Feathers (The nest version) cannot be properly painted
    • [YLD-12251] Paintgun cannot paint blocks directly white
    • [YLD-12045] Musket ball disappears really soon
    • [YLD-12446] When you hit a building block, it sometimes stays highlighted
    • [YLD-12526] Greek carpet turns completely green in a distance
    • [YLD-12564] Ylandium Refinery and Chemistry Station do not have correct "winter" models
    • [YLD-12259] One model of young bamboo is not affected by the wind
    • [YLD-10972] Boat mast with sail has no collision
    • [YLD-6176] Shirts need to be more visible in inventory
    • [YLD-6231] "Arctic rabbit" is a wrong name for "arctic hare" (aka "polar rabbit")
    • [YLD-12989] Arctic willow leaves can now be put in a herb bag
    • [YLD-12331] Harvesting bushes makes them disappear for a couple of seconds
    • [YLD-12392] When placing item to hotbar from dynamic slot, duplicate items are cleared from hotbar
    • [YLD-12517] Fixed wrong model for roasted starfish
    • [YLD-12047] Fixed a bug that caused some items to levitate after drop or drop below ground
    • [YLD-5724] Fixed Ylandium crystal variations appearing as one model in the inventory
    • [YLD-12621] Wrong holding of war axe fixed
    • [YLD-12818] Fixed items in placing mode not using the second color palette
    • [YLD-10747] Infinite highlight upon hitting non highlighted object
    • [YLD-12956] Sun is setting inside the ocean
    • [YLD-12182] Fuel indicator on one of the engines is not working
    • Fixed placing issues with placing of 336 blocks
    • [YLD-11710] Modification of ladder prefabs for more enjoyable climbing
    • [YLD-12219] Ladder cannot be used when there is a tombstone on top of it
    • [YLD-9414] Ladder can be used to enter off-limit places
    • [YLD-12882] Rope ladder is not working correctly when climbing down
    • [YLD-11897] Ladder usability check ignores non-hardened blocks
    • [YLD-12223] Character is sitting too far from passenger seat
    • [YLD-12012] Unable to sit on passenger seat, exit position unreachable
    • [YLD-12718] It is really hard to build on car chassis
    • [YLD-12228] Offroad chassis: backward acceleration power is to low on little steep surface
    • [YLD-7679] Missing info about fully loaded engine
    • [YLD-8889] Player walks on seabed and has no swimming animation after exiting a car
    • [YLD-11973] Digging indicator doesn't jump around anymore
    • [YLD-12381] Fixed missing slots in dying panel
    • [YLD-12506] Fixed tracking motion type change in shooting mode
    • [YLD-12822] Fixed jumping breaking freeplacing with weapons
    • [YLD-12953] Fixed reload while holding a rifle
    • [YLD-4215] Fixed drop position being the highest instead of the closest when multiple positions are available
    • [YLD-12181] Death with ragdoll causes players to get stuck when they attempt to respawn
    • [YLD-6726] While laying/sitting, player can get abruptly up by punching
    • [YLD-10064] Implemented bed/chair valid exit position check to prevent exploits
    • [YLD-12715] Blast radius calculation made more robust
    • [YLD-11918] Fixed division by 0 in FrameInputPoller when TimeScale == 0 (during 4x screenshot)
    • [YLD-12510] Items no longer load multiple times in catapult
    • [YLD-12609] Fixed an error that prevented plants and other cube entities from being swapped in the hotbar
    • [YLD-12610] Fixed a minor issue with swapping cube entities in the hotbar
    • [YLD-13218] Cannons can be placed and operated upside down causing visual issues
    • [YLD-13242] Both types of cannon damage only further entities
    • [YLD-13068] Dynamite Bundle doesn't always explode when shot into the ground from a Cannon
    • [YLD-12228] Cars sometimes can't reverse after stopping
    • Fixed switching cameras not inheriting the previous camera properly
    • Fixed attack particles position for building blocks
    • Fixed character animations not being overridden in all GUI character preview panels
    • Fixed several underwater rendering artifacts


    • [YLD-11690] [Editor] Added "On respawn" event to spawn point, which will trigger on player spawning there
    • [YLD-11691] [Editor] Be able to set Logic label as Respawn point
    • [YLD-11681] [Editor] Spawn entity as expressions
    • [YLD-11584] [Editor] Object properties - new edit script button
    • [YLD-11579] [Editor] You can now duplicate local variables, after duplication you now drag the duplicated puzzle (not the original as before)
    • [YLD-11772] [Editor] Show both ways of relation between game logics/entities
    • [YLD-12374] [Editor] Selection should be stored to a save
    • [YLD-12377] [Editor] Added option to set Doors to open counter clockwise
    • [YLD-10383] [Editor] UI text anchor options
    • [YLD-12336] [Editor] Game properties window
    • [YLD-12910] [Editor] You can now put decimal numbers to vector and number fields with other languages active than English
    • [YLD-11859] [Editor] Connecting The New Color Picker Window For Editor
    • [YLD-11746] [Editor] Inconsistent blue shades across the Editor
    • [YLD-13006] [Editor] Changed hold V to freeplace to toggle V in the Editor
    • [YLD-13078] [Editor] Added "Custom interaction" event to all entities in listener
    • [YLD-11825] [Editor] Added screen offset to instruction position
    • [YLD-11822] [Editor] Changing a name of custom instruction no longer shifts it
    • [YLD-11824] [Editor] You can now click through the hint
    • [Editor] Entity labels are now List instead of Array (and lists can be edited in Genesys) - much better performance
    • [Editor] [Visual Scripting] Search text is now compared against category names as well
    • [YLD-11784] [Editor] [Visual Scripting] Added hints
    • [YLD-11774] [Visual Scripting] Hitting the F key now first returns you to the last edited block of code in visual scripting
    • [YLD-12654] [Visual Scripting] Added "Close container" event
    • [YLD-12447] [Visual Scripting] Add instruction to modify player speed
    • [YLD-11693] [Visual Scripting] New event when moving items to inventory
    • [YLD-12615] [Sharegames] Added retry sharegame upload notification
    • [YLD-10451] [GUI] Rework functionality, simplify code, better performance, popup animations
    • [YLD-6631] [Animations] New drinking animation for potion
    • [YLD-8017] [Animations] Sitting idle animations
    • [YLD-10496] [Sound] Disabled hotbar change sound when looting items
    • [Sound] Added sounds support for new boats
    • [YLD-12403] Added island icons to the compass UI
    • [YLD-12185] Stone mace prefab remake
    • [YLD-11706] You can unequip items directly to the chest now
    • [YLD-12992] Focused item is blinking now
    • [YLD-13047] Jewel box can be crafted now
    • [YLD-10731] Added Alchemist clothes, Santa clothes category. Fixed Rope ladder not being in the ladder category
    • [YLD-11975] Added cooldown to the dig action
    • [YLD-11973] Added grid projection to digging
    • [YLD-11975] Added cooldowns for spade and shovel
    • [YLD-12068] Slowed down players to a walk when aiming
    • [YLD-11837] Disabled meele attacks made with ranged weapons
    • [YLD-12103] Balanced weapon damage to fit the new combat system animations
    • [YLD-12167] All values in vector puzzles are rounded to maximum 7 decimal places
    • [YLD-11741] Allow players to change id of the game before they export it for Workshop
    • [YLD-12368] Implemented user composition ratings data from backend
    • [YLD-8346] Tweaked how falling objects find their rest position on ground to minimize clipping with terrain.
    • [YLD-7130] Look of Ylandium items in UI now more closely matches their look in game world.
    • Tweaked the sailing attributes of small boats for them to be more agile
    • Adjusted context selection menu, settings window and selection window
    • NPCs will have at least puff particle as a feedback of the player's attack
    • Lowered shooting speed of both cannons
    • Improved transparent item rendering in placing mode


    • Visual scripting: The scripting has been taken to a completely new level. It looks great, and while easy to understand, it is very powerful. In addition to a complete control over strings, logical operands, loops, conditions, arrays, both global and local variables, players have now access to many features of the game they weren't able to set before - be it control over the game time, weather, MP-related features, and much, much more. Now anyone can make their own game.

    Important thing about this is that pieces of code can be easily shared among different projects and players. This is just a first step on our way to the creation of a code library. Three new game examples have been added to the Workshop for you to check and get started.

    • Editor improvements and new visuals: The Editor received a major visual overhaul. Visually it's now better connected with the rest of the game, it's more appealing and user friendly. Many issues were fixed, and the user experience will be definitely better. We've added a lot of features that will make using the editor easier - from being able to edit properties of multiple general / game logic objects at the same time, to supporting simple expressions in numeric fields, and more.
    • Flying Pets: You can now get pets to accompany you while travelling across the ylands. They are linked to your account and can be summoned in any game. You can get your very first pet just by completing the new tutorial. Others can be purchased at the store or even found in game (this, however, is possible only when playing on official dedicated servers - though once you claim them you will be able to summon them in any other game as well).
    • New Tutorial: We're introducing a new, short, linear, and user friendly tutorial that will teach you the game basics in just a few minutes. At the end you'll get your own pet!
    • Vendor bundles: Vendors now sell bundles - useful items and resources grouped in large stacks which can become helpful especially later in the game, when you want to build something without having to spend a lot of time gathering resources.


    • Added most of missing building blocks to complete sets
    • Iron and clay veins are much more common now
    • Increased the number of slots for certain inventory containers (Coal basket, Potion holder, Pigment jar, Soil container, Seashell jar)
    • Objects in slots are now shown as rendered images resulting in nicer visuals and better performance
    • Custom games' are now called just games
    • Added local custom games to 'played' custom games
    • Played games' are now sorted by most recent save
    • Introduced new (default) tab in Game section
    • When focusing voxels with pick in hands, it says in a hint what type of voxel is being focused
    • Game names are now subject to unified constraints (name length, allowed characters)
    • Adjusted all pigments and pigment jar recipes
    • Adjusted charcoal recipe
    • [Sharegame] Sharegame MP session parameters can only be adjusted by sharegame owner
    • Containers item group renamed to Chests and barrels (new name better reflects group contents and there is not anymore group Containers inside other group Containers in Groups & Themes)
    • Player now starts with the knowledge of grass sleeping pad recipe
    • Renamed 1x1x12 wooden beam to wooden block
    • 1x1x12 wooden block is being crafted from logs now
    • 1x1x12 steel block is being crafted from ingots and coal now
    • Removed rope from recipe of two bamboo blocks (1x1x4, 4x1x4)
    • Lowered necessary amount of hay for straw blocks
    • Renamed log pieces used only for building to log blocks
    • Removed one log piece from key items
    • Item group containing log blocks was renamed to log block
    • All gates are being crafted directly to scene now
    • System of digging voxels and voxel type yields were adjusted
    • Renamed blue steel block item group to steel block group
    • Rearranged steel blocks between two steel block item groups
    • [YLD-10816] Increased HP of planted seeds
    • [YLD-8563] Iron ingot now requires 10 pieces of metal to craft instead of 5
    • [YLD-11468] Added heads and hair for human man and woman
    • [YLD-11450] Favorite stars are now in the top left corner in the catalog
    • [YLD-10618] Introduced a system handling removal of deceased avatars
    • [YLD-5117] Created new footsteps for player
    • [YLD-10892] Players can now feed the blueprint project table with resources without opening it



    • [Forum] Fixed bug where items in the inventory would get stuck in invisible slots underneath the inventory window
    • [YLD-10425] [Forum] Right-click/Equip doesn't always work
    • [YLD-10466] [Forum] Missing "Remove" button for MP servers
    • [YLD-10457] [Forum] After Piloting Raft, Hotkeys Inventory Won't Sometimes Reappear
    • [YLD-10884] [Forum] Sharegame won't upload to cloud
    • [YLD-6764] [Forum] Character goes through wooden steering wheel
    • [YLD-10926] [Forum] Placing scenarios and compositions in folders - 1 full day to show up
    • [YLD-11351] [Forum] About the blueprint station in use message
    • [YLD-8448] [Forum] Cannons - exploitable bug
    • [YLD-9334] [Forum] When Hosting Server Speed Sleep Broke
    • [YLD-7971] [Forum] Count of Cotton not updating when making thread
    • [YLD-8976] [Forum] Trade fail, lost items
    • [YLD-9612] [Forum] Cannot create Propeller pack
    • [YLD-10602] [MP] Invisible body after sleep
    • [YLD-4797] [MP] Host sees only hair in the water
    • [YLD-6249] [MP] everything is shaking on the boat when client lies on the bed/sits on the chair
    • [YLD-11387] [MP] Only a limited number of players can place blueprints at once
    • [YLD-8895] [MP] In the online players menu, it's not visible who accepted the sleep and who remains
    • [YLD-9451] [MP] Inventory is not properly closed when sleeping starts
    • [YLD-9139] [MP] Your vote is not removed when your bed is destroyed
    • [YLD-11461] [MP] Project table is missing
    • [YLD-7504] [DS] Can't throw grenades by releasing ahead of time
    • [YLD-11460] [DS] Atypical house ghost does not appear - BP cannot be build
    • [YLD-10390] [DS] Name of server can be 255 characters long, it should be only 30
    • [YLD-11455] [Sharegame] Incorrect amounts of * in password
    • [YLD-11580] [Sharegame] Mouse disappears when password is required from a connecting player
    • [YLD-11111] [Blueprints] Project table is placeable into another project table
    • [YLD-10688] [Blueprints] Inspect material in project table shows infinite number
    • [YLD-11476] [Blueprints] All blueprints are shown as 100% built in project table when placed to client
    • [YLD-10803] [Energy] Linker snaps to occupied nods
    • [YLD-10489] Missing hotbar after exiting vehicle
    • [YLD-11451] Fixed inconsistent overlapping in hotbar
    • [YLD-8880] Client can use (eat, drop, place) another item's ability by quick scrolling on hotbar (now you can't eat map by quickly switching to it after the Eat action start)
    • [YLD-11647] Breath bar still visible after death
    • [YLD-11530] Added take all button to all workstations
    • [YLD-11262] You hold another visible item while igniting the cannon
    • [YLD-11512] Hitbox of item slots on character are misplaced
    • [YLD-10323] Tiny icons in the Creator Cube inventory and Editor catalog
    • [YLD-10978] Putting stuff from Cube to container hides item icons
    • [YLD-11435] Boat icon has broken model in the inventory
    • [YLD-11430] All items emitting particles or light now have tweaked icons
    • [YLD-11448] Dyed items have still defaultly colored icons
    • [YLD-11445] Broken model of bamboo bed inventory icon
    • [YLD-11434] Broken icon of small steam engine
    • [YLD-11569] Client gets pigment instead of Creator Cube
    • [YLD-9248] Ornament and dragon carpets are translucent in the Store at turn
    • [YLD-10193] Hint and name of items are visible through inventory
    • [YLD-10588] Stone mortar pic is missing in Crafting recipe
    • [YLD-11444] Transparent glass parts of icons have broken models in the inventory
    • [YLD-10740] Burning candelabrum gets ignited gradually
    • [YLD-7143] Wrong color on the Foundry model
    • [YLD-10814] First recipe not shown when interacting with a workstation
    • [YLD-10482] Iron Ingot recipe does not appear in "Active Workstation"
    • [YLD-4979] Roots from cave ceilings do not disappear when cave is removed
    • [YLD-8874] Breaking the key chain gives you rags instead of some steel/iron details
    • [YLD-10209] Corn should provide popcorn or flour
    • [YLD-8563] Wrong amount of iron ingots derived from nails
    • [YLD-10205] Rubber tree missing decals
    • [YLD-10261] Missing crafting recipe for second type of table lamp
    • [YLD-9128] Bark is super rare
    • [YLD-6845] Coral has colliders now
    • [YLD-10100] Wall torch can't be ignited by a non-burning torch anymore
    • [YLD-11427] Carnivore bait loses its colors from a few steps
    • [YLD-8891] In some cases you get "missing required materials" from the Alchemy table even if you have enough for crafting
    • [YLD-8777] Incorrect items in alchemy category
    • [YLD-10901] Blank paper sheets do not stack although leather ones do
    • [YLD-11259] You can catapult and destroy the Project Table
    • [YLD-10856] Crafting stations display wrong recipes after you visit other station
    • [YLD-11064] Hole in a brick block
    • [YLD-10879] Rags can't be painted
    • [YLD-10756] All gates have pick option before hardening
    • [YLD-10141] You cannot pick up hay from withered plants
    • [YLD-10411] Blank sheets read option is unresponsive
    • [YLD-11109] Getting "failed" while opening the books
    • [YLD-10357] Blank sheets freshly covered with text are still considered blank
    • [YLD-9128] You can harvest bark from withered trees now
    • [YLD-11670] Knife disappears as you extract 1 resin from small rainforest tree
    • [YLD-10507] Character's floating name is barely visible under some hats
    • [YLD-10586] Character is holding popcorn incorrectly
    • [YLD-11521] Character falls under terrain in new Creative using specific settings
    • [YLD-11149] Items are now dropped after pressing "Take all" button when player has full inventory
    • [YLD-11479] Items couldn't be dropped from inventory
    • [YLD-11449] Green arrow/red cross are now correctly displayed again when dragging items out of inventory
    • [YLD-11386] Chat can no longer be opened in inventory
    • [YLD-6233] When you back up into a bear trap, you can't focus it properly and free yourself
    • [YLD-9733] Broken camera after respawn when host is killed on a horse
    • [YLD-10988] Leaving horse in the water breaks freeplacing mode
    • [YLD-11626] Setting camera direction via VS results in camera moving back and forth
    • [YLD-10669] Improved camera water detection for underwater effects
    • [YLD-11626] Fixed camera LookAt positioning
    • [YLD-8463] Placing in container by RMB can create duplicates and break whole inventory
    • [YLD-11417] Swapping items duplicates its icon when container is opened in chest
    • [YLD-11039] You cannot drop items from chests or containers on the ground
    • [YLD-11509] You can drag and drop your clothes from character into containers (pigment jar)
    • [YLD-11275] When dragging items from any container to inventory, only 1 item was dragged
    • [YLD-11246] Items: books: moving mouse during bookmark renaming will confirm page number
    • [YLD-11674] Items: padlocks: When you try to enter a name or password for padlock, it only inserts one letter
    • [YLD-9879] Take all button no longer disappears after showing a recipe
    • [YLD-11590] Added missing buttons for colorpicker
    • [YLD-11658] Trading painted item shows as default
    • [YLD-11346] Golden pebbles have incorrect value for players during trading with vendor
    • [YLD-11504] Traded items that fit into containers (pigment jar) are put into general inventory instead
    • Fixed an issue where GUI elements would not fit properly when opening/closing an inventory container
    • [YLD-8925] Item amount window when splitting stacks causes some issues with trading
    • [YLD-11424] Item from vendor container cannot be traded
    • [YLD-11572] Vendor's Seashell/Pigment jar should not be openable
    • [YLD-11048] Player gets stuck in the trade window if the vendor leaves while you're setting item count
    • [YLD-10414] Equiping item during trade will remove offered items for that player
    • [YLD-11595] Last visible slot in vendor trading window displays size incorrectly
    • [YLD-11268] Golden pebble price icon is dislocated in first interaction with vendor
    • [YLD-11328] You can duplicate vendor items by offering specially crafted item stacks
    • [YLD-11251] Generating RE Vendors in caves
    • [YLD-8753] Sometimes vendor's inventory doesn't load properly
    • [YLD-11602] You can break a position of the emote character in the preview window
    • [YLD-11598] Texture of preview of skins disappears if you select it
    • Fixed weird aspect ratio for composition previews on some resolutions; now it is a forced square
    • [YLD-11448] Dyed items work again with texture previews
    • [YLD-9252] Ornament carpet is too big in preview window
    • [YLD-11537] Weapon skins are too big for the preview window
    • [YLD-9214] Scrolling in preview skin window makes scrolling all page in the background
    • [YLD-9094] Decorations are too small in the store inspect window
    • [YLD-10785] Missing number of unconfirmed decorations
    • [YLD-11316] Inspect window can be open only for a sec and closes itself
    • [YLD-11399] Generic sad picture added to the store purchase feedback
    • [YLD-11450] Favourite icons are now always drawn over the item
    • [YLD-11243] Broken home window in Custom games
    • [YLD-11071] Custom games now show number of active online games
    • [YLD-10870] Can't reach end of the list of all custom games by dragging the scrollbar
    • [YLD-10348] Host name with head icon is missing on game titles
    • [YLD-11280] Mummy spawns underground in Horus Statue random encounter
    • [YLD-8725] Wild west showcase - player gets stuck if they get up from chair in general store
    • [YLD-11653] Gravedigger's house has locked open doors
    • [YLD-6821] Statues disappear in the ground after placing
    • [YLD-11072] Animals are spawning in the air above the sea, close to an yland
    • [YLD-11145] Ostriches and bears never reproduce
    • [YLD-11199] Sharks are spawned on the shore
    • [YLD-11508] Returning to menu from MP game causes disappearance of Explore menu
    • [YLD-10344] Three dots which allow you to get back to the groups disappear after pressing ESC
    • [YLD-10522] When you are afk in the menu for more than 60 minutes, you will get a pop-up error window
    • [YLD-8659] "You are moving away from the area containing Ylands" message is still sometimes shown when it shouldn't
    • [YLD-11301] Setting UI is visible with dark gray background while generating map data or removing Sharegame
    • [YLD-11564] Some types of seed fail to generate new Create map
    • [YLD-11499] Remove confirm does not work
    • [YLD-10478] Minimum length of game name should be four characters
    • [YLD-11487] Renaming your character shows limit from 4 to 4 characters
    • [YLD-10409] Only cloud-save owner can change cloud-save session parameters
    • [YLD-10931] Your screen settings are not saved after exiting the game
    • [YLD-11524] Critical memory leaks
    • [YLD-11112] Right-clicking on an equipped item should unequip it
    • [YLD-10786] Parts of sleep time selection panel show up instantly with background fading in
    • [YLD-8633] Fixed flying head issue after sit down / get up actions for client
    • [YLD-10627] Small typo in the inventory (Czech)
    • [YLD-11046] Small typo in the Vendors/Bundles scenario (Czech)
    • [YLD-10912] Typos in the Sharegame introduction text (Czech)
    • [YLD-10615] Small typo in MP lobby (Czech)
    • [YLD-10570] Small typo in island name error message (Czech)
    • [YLD-10526] Typos in the new menu (Czech)
    • [YLD-11628] Ambient and music in main menu is controlled by the same audio settings slider
    • [YLD-9336] Modified Music Slider attenuation curve to a linear one
    • [YLD-4320] Missing audio/visual cue for target being immune to damage
    • [YLD-10994] No sound when ctr + drag
    • [YLD-7209] Added new Sound Source Preset for Vehicle Impacts
    • [YLD-11166] Box trigger zone bounding box show as axis-alligned
    • [YLD-11024] Cleaned-up fluid generation and initialization in worlds without generated sea
    • [YLD-11638] Added error handling to the downloading of custom games (and tutorial)
    • [YLD-11399] Purchase failure image added
    • [YLD-11632] Scrollbar for keyboard bindings is not movable as it is supposed to
    • Fixed an issue that sometimes walking animals do not play some footstep sounds
    • Fixed Character and Animal Footstep sounds to play different sounds sequentially
    • Fixed one more case of the game trying to play a disabled audiosource
    • Fixed: broken scenarios will not break a game
    • Fixed: stack count was not a number
    • Fixed loading indicator for played games
    • Fixed items jumping back to the inventory previous slot for a split second when dragging them around the inventory
    • Fixed particles of food being cooked when placed next to fire (when being cooked, particle is white now, when burning, particle is grey)
    • Fixed Ylands icons/logos colliders
    • Fixed Santavision visuals when placed into the world
    • Modified ladder prefabs for more enjoyable climbing
    • Cassava bearberries visibility fixed

    • Sharegames. When playing a Multiplayer game which is not hosted on a Dedicated Server, the usual problem is that as soon as the host goes offline, others can't access the game world. This is no longer an issue when you turn your MP game into what we call a "Sharegame". At that moment, it gets uploaded to the cloud, and when you go offline anyone you let join the game can simply continue playing it. At that moment, they become the host and if you come back online and want to return to your world, you just join the already active game. We provide all players with some free cloud space and number of sharegames they can have (it counts only towards data quota / sharegame slots of the owner of the game, not those who just join), which should be enough for a regular gameplay. If you require more, you can upgrade to a higher tier by paying with coyns. More info can be found here: https://ylands.com/community/topic/21252-sharegames-faq/
    • Blueprints. Blueprints are outlines of premade structures that you can put in your game. All you have to do is supply resources, and the structure will be built automatically. That means you don't have to build the structure by hand, which will save you a lot of time and effort. You can capture your own blueprints inside your barrier with a blueprint camera. You can also claim some for free and purchase some through the in-game store. In the future, we're also planning to put blueprints into the world for you to find as treasure.
    • New GUI. In this update you will find the first iteration of the new GUI. It should be less confusing in many ways, more consistent across the whole game, and deal better with anything from future mobile platforms to high resolution PCs. For now it doesn't support gamepad nor keyboard controls - that will obviously change in the near future. We have great plans with it and you will see it improve with every single update.
    • Single avatar appearance with a unique name. Starting with 0.9 you no longer select your avatar's appearance and its name when entering a new game. When you run this update for the first time you will be asked to create your game name, which will be unique for each player. You will be able to change it one more time after that, but that's it, so choose your name carefully. Your avatar's appearance can be changed as many times as you like from the Home section in the Main Menu. All your characters in both new and existing games will change their appearance to fit your choice.
    • Direct game download. It is no longer necessary to go to the Ylands Workshop to subscribe to a game so that it gets downloaded and can be played - right now you can simply select what you want to play right without leaving the Ylands application (please note that creators still need to upload their creations via workshop.ylands.com).
    • More editor options. It's now possible to edit even some very specific object settings in the editor - change object descriptions, how much and what kind of damage a weapon does etc. And this is just the beginning :)


    • Players can now start games where players can't hurt each other (PvE)
    • Adjusted stack count dialog now allows for a more precise control. Players can also enter the count into an input box.
    • Added default voxel colors in each region for better results when working with terraformer
    • Lowered color blending distance for voxels (almost no visual impact, but new games should generate a bit faster)
    • Log drop rates from adult trees increased by 100%
    • Building block adjustments
    • Extended Protective barrier range to 90x90x90m
    • We are in the process of unifying all building block sets. This will come in several steps:

    - Removing colors from names of building blocks, since everything can be painted now

    - Renaming building blocks, so that names always contain the word BLOCK for easy search (so no more panels, platforms, beams and others, just blocks); searching for BLOCK should give all results also for roofs, pillars and stairs

    - Unifying railings and fences under the keyword FENCE

    - Creating default building block sets and disabling the few blocks that don't fit into it

    • Things that will be done in 0.10:

    - Completing all sets for all types of building blocks, so that players find every available block in every set



    • Fixed bear reproduction rates
    • Changed voxel types in some regions to better reflect their colors
    • Boosted energy heaters to make them more useful
    • Small energy switch and energy switch are now padlockable
    • Fixed Ylandium lantern exploit
    • Fixed burning candle overheating player when held in hands
    • Horse hides now stack up to 5 in the inventory, as all the other hides do
    • Fixed flax bundles in medieval gate encounter
    • Ignite actions on explosives renamed to Ignite explosive
    • Removed Vulture and Seagull from the Cube
    • Fixed Medieval library tower encounter- key now fits the chest key
    • Corals and seashells now drop pigments upon destruction
    • Tombstone dropped after player death now despawns after 12 in-game hours (24 minutes with default settings)
    • Lowered player tombstone HP so players can easily destroy it if it's in the way
    • [YLD-9720] Inconsistent colors of text symbols on scribbled tombstones/signs
    • [YLD-9701] Combat music was delayed sometimes
    • [YLD-9292] Combat music didn't stop and continued even after relog and respawn
    • [YLD-9560] Predator warning music was attached to an avatar after a battle
    • [YLD-9669] Fixed sleeping not being usable for some players due to the "Sleeping panel is open for someone else" error being shown when it shouldn't.
    • [YLD-9664] You could unlink energy circuits in other player's barrier
    • [YLD-9305] You could lose protection benefits from the barrier
    • [YLD-9631] When you clicked the random button to generate a new character, other boxes (head, sex and hair) did not change
    • [YLD-9630] Couldn't open pirate crate in the game
    • [YLD-9463] Mark armor didn't have its own category
    • [YLD-9206] Armor bonuses were not properly sorted in the tooltip
    • [YLD-9457] Lights on helmets and flashlights didn't turn on when it was dark
    • [YLD-9454] You could easily delete your text in notes if you moved your mouse
    • [YLD-9423] Compass was not visible on game load
    • [YLD-9407] There was a levitating conifer in the Siege scenario
    • [YLD-9400] Wrong hint for Decorations section in the inventory
    • [YLD-9351] Too many decorations that can't be placed will not be confirmed and no error is displayed
    • [YLD-9392] Bamboo ladders were not working
    • [YLD-9368] The brick house did not have a floor on the Racing Track
    • [YLD-9367] The large cars (Food truck and the other one) did not have driver's seats on the Racing Track
    • [YLD-9335] Favourite skins were not persistent
    • [YLD-9242] Time trigger triggered at a specific point in time could get into an infinite cycle
    • [YLD-9099] Wrong sitting on suitcase sofa
    • [YLD-8806] Item instantly landed on the ground when dropped from height
    • [YLD-8049] "Carrot nose" item name changed to "Carrot"
    • [YLD-7750] Items drop sound when breaking apart tree
    • [YLD-5106] Crossbow draw sound starts playing immediately after player shoots
    • [YLD-7571] Wrong Czech translation of drive belt
    • [YLD-7570] Wrong translation of catapult's LOAD
    • [YLD-6869] One stage of charcoal kiln had non-consistent translation to Czech
    • [YLD-6633] Objects and Compositions tabs in Editor were not translated
    • [YLD-7516] Graphical issues with Siege scenario
    • [YLD-5775] Eating and feeding doesn't turn off idle animation
    • [YLD-4667] Light producing items shone too much in the inventory
    • [YLD-9333] [DS] Ship couldn't be annihilated even when all parts were destroyed
    • [YLD-9548] [Editor] You couldn't select again some animals with LMB
    • [YLD-10413] [Editor] You can steal ownership of placed object with UNDO/REDO
    • [YLD-9399] [GUI] Holding animation changed when you changed the skin of the item
    • [YLD-9484] [MP] Freezes after picking the items from another player
    • [YLD-9618] [MP] Clients saw active animals' models after they killed them
    • [YLD-9047] [MP] New character broke the game for host when sleeping vote was on
    • [YLD-9045] [MP] Items placed in free placing mode by client teleported to the ground instead of falling
    • [YLD-3476] [MP] A desync could happen when placing a lot of items
    • [YLD-1028] [MP] Missing player list and any information regarding connections and disconnection of players
    • [YLD-9384] [MP] Clients would have to switch an item skin to the default one before changing a premium skin to another one
    • [YLD-10418] [MP] Clients can't move parts of item stacks in their inventory, only the whole stacks
    • [MP]: Streaming overhaul - new streaming implementation and congestion control strategy should improve MP performance and latency during normal gameplay
    • [MP]: Network error 2 (Sequence out of range) should no longer occur, the game attempts to recover gracefully and continue instead - though the gameplay may not be ideal if the network connection is not up to the task
    • [MP]: Resolved some scenarios of commands from the client getting lost before ever being sent to the server (which could result in the server not registering some client actions).

    • New dynamic music. A lot of new great tracks performed by a live orchestra that are played based on players' current situations. The music is layered, meaning that it can get more or less intense based on the level of threat etc. Please note that with the introduction of the new music system your audio volume preferences will be reset.
    • New avatar heads and hairstyles (now with physics enabled)
    • You can now purchase Decorations and place them in the world both in the Editor or your current game (they are strictly cosmetic objects that give you no advantage). Once they are placed in the world, you have to confirm that you want to remove them from your account - only then they become truly a part of the world. Please note that from that moment they behave as any other object - they can be broken, stolen etc...
    • The map system has been reworked completely. The visual representation is now slightly different, you can zoom out as much as necessary, it is faster and works both in SP and MP. It is ready for note-taking, which we plan to introduce in one of the future updates. Please note that only maps that are placed in the hotbar are getting updated as you travel and explore. The map shows the original, initial state of the world and therefore won't reflect any terrain changes made in the game or in the Editor.
    • NOTE: Due to the map system being reworked, all existing map items will be cleared (the world will become "unexplored") after opening your game. Unfortunately, this couldn't be avoided.


    • Fixed crafting potion status effect so that it crafts instantly again
    • Players can't plant in other player's Protective barriers
    • Adjusted stack sizes of all plants
    • Hardness of the dirt and grass voxels is now the same for the same dirt yield when digging
    • Some voxel types were adjusted in arid and temperate regions not to drop sand and dirt at the same time when digging
    • Sand and wet sand voxels are yielding more sand now when digging
    • Lightning bolts should strike much less often now
    • Added different types of picking animation
    • Increased some containers' slot counts
    • Some container recipes changed to better fit the crafting tree
    • Autosave interval increased to 10 minutes
    • Some parts of the Wild West game have been reworked or visually improved
    • [Crafting] Rebalanced recipes of large building blocks
    • [Crafting] Additional roof sets
    • [Trading] Updated item prices
    • [MP] In order to improve stability while joining a session, there is now a queue of players waiting to join the session, only one player can be joining at a time. This has nothing to do with connecting to the session, and only takes place after you select character/start to load the world.



    • [MP] Eliminated the high pressure the wind simulation had on the network, which should improve the MP performance for players during standard gameplay
    • [MP] General fix preventing situations where player's controls could get locked if the server was too busy for some time (e.g., when other players were joining)
    • [MP] General fix preventing situations where an action the player took would not reach the server, causing forever-looping pickup animations and probably a range of other problems
    • [YLD-9216] Game breaks after a trader teleports away while in trade with them
    • [YLD-8896] Damage from players or animals doesn't cancel trading
    • [YLD-8890] Trade offer is not canceled when player takes control of car / ship / lies down to bed
    • [YLD-8869] Cannot trade on the ship
    • [YLD-8834] Request for trade will not end
    • [YLD-8837] If you offer trade when your container is opened, trade will always fail
    • [YLD-8810] "Cannot trade, character is busy" message is confusing if you have sent a trade request already and wait for an answer
    • [YLD-8887] Ignore / Ignore this session trading options are not working
    • [YLD-8715] Green arrow when dragging items outside of the trading window
    • [YLD-8914] Character's death, who initiated sleep and chose new character, breaks the game
    • [YLD-8905] Character will not stand up after sleep is finished
    • [YLD-8904] You are getting damage from cold and hunger while sleeping
    • [YLD-8778] FP camera works as x-ray eyes = you can pick up anything behind walls
    • [YLD-9199] Character doesn't turn with camera when smashing and running
    • [YLD-8944] Red car trunk can't be placed on the car
    • [YLD-9134] Sometimes breath bar is not present (note: fixed the most common cause)
    • [YLD-8913] Shooting in 3rd person when close to a wall is not accurate
    • [YLD-8906] Shooting when backed into an object does not behave correctly
    • [YLD-8912] Cannot change hotbar after trying to pick up something
    • [YLD-8864] Ships (parts) can be destroyed even when inside the barrier
    • [YLD-8854] Darts launched from the dart launcher fly perpendicularly
    • [YLD-8797] Blank leather and paper sheets become invisible in hands after writing something on them
    • [YLD-8795] Rotation of item is automatically on when inspecting it
    • [YLD-8790] There is a wrong hint for fuel action on the steam engine
    • [YLD-8751] No cannon ignite animation if player clicks LMB repeatedly
    • [YLD-8549] Missing items in the cube after searching in the Creator Cube during reloading of cannons/catapults
    • [YLD-2768] Energy information persists until you refocus
    • [YLD-8933] Sand is not dropping as expected in some situations
    • [YLD-9061] Miner and blacksmith are not generated properly in Random Encounters
    • [YLD-8992] Wild West: "Give book to Helen" option available even for players who are not doing the quest
    • [YLD-8775] Wild West: Bridge can be partially dismantled
    • [YLD-8823] Wild West: Hyenas quest - Chief is offering RMB to talk to players without active quest
    • [YLD-9269] Wild West: Hyena quest - incorrect dialogue option for second player
    • [YLD-8824] Wild West: Client can't talk with Chief after completing the quest, but talk option is still offered
    • [YLD-8822] Wild West: Hyena quest breaks if another player kills all hyenas
    • [YLD-9168] Unnecessary focus dot over map
    • [YLD-9145] Missing face on wooden panel
    • [YLD-9016] Round festive ornament falls through the ground
    • [YLD-7868] Withered Sumac collision shape
    • [YLD-8404] Fixed oriental roof block collider
    • [YLD-8997] Stone tools have only 1 paint slot
    • [YLD-9051] Crystal has incorrect model
    • [YLD-9137] Missing animation for Collect Wood action
    • [YLD-8964] [DS] All range weapons have infinite ammo on dedicated server
    • [YLD-4758] [DS] You can't move after you respawn
    • [YLD-9223] [DS] Ship getting broken after another player connects or respawn
    • [YLD-8779] [DS] Unable to load complicated save file
    • [YLD-9171] [Editor] Roman numeral stone block preview icons have a wrong angle
    • [YLD-9143] [MP] Fixed another potential cause of players getting disconnected
    • [YLD-9048] [MP] Broken propeller pack after relog
    • [YLD-9047] [MP] New character breaks the game for host when sleeping vote is on
    • [YLD-8902] [MP] Player who initiated sleep is not able to cancel it after another player joins sleep
    • [YLD-8803] [MP] Incorrectly displayed message when trying to trade with offline player
    • [YLD-8701] [MP] Once you respawn, you are unable to trade with anyone
    • [YLD-7651] [MP] Disconnecting while on the horse gets you stuck after reconnecting
    • [YLD-7646] [MP] When dismounting from the horse, controls get stuck

    • You can now trade with NPCs and other players in MP (if trade is not a primary interaction, you can find it in the Radial Menu, accessible by [E])
    • It is now possible to find NPCs (mostly to trade with) in the newly created Explore games. However, NPCs can be setup to perform much more - you can check out some of them acting as quest-givers in the updated Wild West game available through our Workshop. If you want to have at least some NPCs in your current Explore game, you will, at least, be able to get a vendor NPC Composition from the Workshop and put it in your game through the Editor.
    • Based on popular demand, we’ve added MP sleeping. In MP games (when there’s more than one active character in the game) any player can initiate the sleep request by laying down on a bed or a bedroll and selecting when they want to wake up. Other players will be notified and once they have all laid down the time shift will commence.
    • Ylands is newly (officially) available in French, German, Italian and Russian languages.
    • Crafting should now be more intuitive. Newly you can have your recipes sorted so that you see the most recently learned or the most recently used first, or you can even check our suggested recipes. Crafting each of these at least once will help you open new exciting parts of the tech tree. Also, with having a recipe selected, you can now click its ingredients and see how those can be crafted.
    • A lot of new functionality added to the Editor (see below).


    • Removed "Host unreachable" message and replaced it with a more specific message, allowing both you and us to see where the problem lies (also we made some changes and hope that it will make this situation happen less often)
    • Non-owners are prohibited from performing terrain changes inside the protective barrier
    • Non-owners are prohibited from editing energy streams inside the protective barrier
    • Non-owners are prohibited from painting inside the protective barrier
    • Ships and cars can only be destroyed with the Annihilator if there's nothing built on them
    • Energy streams are now less obvious by default and become more visible when holding the Energy linker
    • Tamed horses can be now renamed via Radial menu
    • Four new free emotes added - Point up/down/left/right
    • In order to keep SP/MP sleep mechanics consistent, players now have to select the time to wake up even in SP mode
    • Melee and ranged weapons now show the damage they cause in the tooltip box
    • Armors now show their strengths / weaknesses in the tooltip box
    • Rebalanced armors' protection / medium predators' strength
    • Buffed certain armors' piercing resistance (to defend better against stronger firearms)
    • Buffed overall ranged weapon damage
    • New damage received indication added / removed screen blinking
    • Added sound effect for teleportation
    • Minor visual improvements made to the lighting system
    • Character legs now use basic inverse kinematics
    • Credits section updated
    • [DS] DS instances attempt to re-host the existing save by default
    • [Editor] Added "Pick" button to the EditGameLogic element
    • [Editor] Added the possibility of spawning items directly into a container/inventory
    • [Editor] Improved warning message when removing terrain / generating new one
    • [Editor] Added "Any player" as a target of actions
    • [Editor] Added "Go to the character" option
    • [Editor] Added "Despawn" action to remove an entity
    • [Editor] Added option to make objects indestructible
    • [Editor] Added "Action sequencer" game logic
    • [Editor] Cannons are now operable from the script
    • [Editor] Added new instigator logic options for the Trigger zone: NOT/AND/OR
    • [Editor] Added "Check for item" event, which checks the target inventory for items
    • [Crafting] Minor recipe improvements
    • [Crafting] Building block ingredient count rebalanced
    • [Crafting] (changed) Alchemist's Sphere - requires 5x Steel Plate, removed Coal
    • [Crafting] (changed) Archery Targets - added Nails requirement
    • [Crafting] (changed) Craftsman's Potion - increased Magic Dust to 5x
    • [Crafting] (changed) Potion of Flight - increased Magic Dust requirement 2x
    • [Crafting] (changed) Energy blocks - fixed Energy Regulator ingredient consumption
    • [Crafting] (changed) Ylandium Lantern, Propeller Pack, Floating Platform - replaced Power cell with Ylandium Dust + minor adjustments
    • [Crafting] (changed) Bullet/Shotgun Shell - lowered Gunpowder requirement to 1x
    • [Crafting] (changed) Cannonball - removed Gunpowder
    • [Crafting] (changed) Gunpowder Keg - lowered Gunpowder requirement
    • [Crafting] (new) Large cross joint
    • [Crafting] (new) Iron Window Bars
    • [Crafting] (new) New Wooden roof pieces
    • [Crafting] (new) Vegetable Soup
    • [Crafting] (new) Awnings
    • [Crafting] (removed) Broken Wooden Fence



    • Fixed warning messages shown very large at times
    • Rubber tree seed fixed
    • Alchemist pants no longer dismantle into acai berries
    • Various random encounter fixes
    • Eat animation no longer shows progress bar. Hold button hint and food don't disappear (that) prematurely
    • [YLD-7969] It was not possible to craft potions on ships
    • [YLD-7932] Herb bags didn't work with alchemy stations
    • [YLD-8173] Hint error after adding any ingredient not used for potions
    • [YLD-6378] Cars could fall through unloaded terrain
    • [YLD-8121] Car had gone missing from the game
    • [YLD-8736] Fixed several memory leaks
    • [YLD-8765] Game got stuck on loading screen when exiting session
    • [YLD-8712] Fixed game being stuck on loading the Editor
    • [YLD-8487] Large saves were not written to disk before exiting game session
    • [YLD-8086] Severe unrecoverable frame drop after certain period of playing
    • [YLD-8003] Game crashed when disconnecting energy streams
    • [YLD-8411] Getting black duplicates of items after placing
    • [YLD-8431] It was not possible to place any cannon on any car chassis
    • [YLD-8138] Placing first item in game session from crafting menu did not work
    • [YLD-8303] Problem with placing objects on a ship
    • [YLD-8180] "Cancel placing" and "Switch Axis" shared the same bind
    • [YLD-8450] Charging station disappeared at short distance from player and you saw input port only
    • [YLD-8445] Character look did not change and items were missing in hotbar after respawn
    • [YLD-8722] Fixed: When you fall on your back you may not stand up
    • [YLD-8502] Gunpowder keg did not have an ignited particle effect
    • [YLD-3280] Gunpowder keg couldn't be ignitable
    • [YLD-8492] Grenades exploded only on impact and not in the air
    • [YLD-8632] Object fired from the cannon had explosive damage
    • [YLD-8471] Fixed: you cannot move the camera by mouse after reconnect in MP if you are standing and the character turns around when attacking
    • [YLD-7871] Player couldn't move after reconnecting to dead character with its corpse under water
    • [YLD-8478] Your dead body didn't disappear after new character was made
    • [YLD-8433] Player was unable to create a new character in Explore scenario
    • [YLD-8714] Character played wrong idle animation in the starter scene and inventory tab
    • [YLD-8284] Guns and cannons didn't make sounds
    • [YLD-7041] Sounds for inventory containers didn't seem to work
    • [YLD-8683] Picking up item sounds didn't play every time
    • [YLD-8540] Action sound didn't stop along with the action
    • [YLD-8663] Couldn't drop items from the Cube
    • [YLD-8130] Searching in the Cube jumped out of the currently browsed category
    • [YLD-8249] First channel white when you took items from the Cube
    • [YLD-6009] Wooden log spikes dealt damage at wrong spots
    • [YLD-7522] Rifle in idle mode clipped through the forearm
    • [YLD-8671] Entities with custom colors inside chests, as padlocks, or inside game logic, did not store their color in compositions
    • [YLD-8493] Blunderbuss was missing a muzzle flash
    • [YLD-8051] Left click to wake wasn't working
    • [YLD-8601] Animals should return to their spawn point if they stray too far
    • [YLD-8291] If an animal tried to run into the water when fleeing, everything broke
    • [YLD-7894] Exiting car or a horse forced the camera too far away
    • [YLD-5206] Character used latrine incorrectly
    • [YLD-8580] Building: items should snap to all static objects in free placing mode
    • [YLD-8505] Ingot moved out of hand while running
    • [YLD-8552] Player could stand on small plants or flowers
    • [YLD-7013] Ice blocks darkened during night time
    • [YLD-8523] Pressing ESC after a character died opened old-style ingame menu
    • [YLD-8451] Reversed health indicator picture in Codex
    • [YLD-7907] Discrepancy in 1st person and 3rd person radial menu action usage
    • [YLD-8033] Tooltip of player count in multiplayer settings was unclear
    • [YLD-1796] You could light things under water on fire
    • [YLD-7610] You could pick up resources while eating
    • [YLD-4471] Food you were eating was not held in hands
    • [YLD-7937] Southern uniform couldn't be equipped
    • [YLD-8305] Northern Uniform Pants appeared as Southern Uniform Pants
    • [YLD-2195] Some items couldn't be placed above the ground (Hats)
    • [YLD-8091] Top Hat changing character head
    • [YLD-8268] Power Jacket should not protect you from suffocation
    • [YLD-8385] Metal container's model wouldn't close when you exited its content
    • [YLD-8144] Hotbar partially hidden
    • [YLD-8365] You could get stuck in the Store after trying to buy skins
    • [YLD-8390] Infinite rubber extraction from sawed down rubber tree
    • [YLD-8304] Weird day/night cycle behavior
    • [YLD-8371] Internal string appeared in MP menu after hosting the game
    • [YLD-1546] Painting under water was working incorrectly (removed terrain)
    • [YLD-8209] Cannot control Terraformer in the water according to the UI tips
    • [YLD-8187] Glowing Cave Mushroom stack changed when being dropped
    • [YLD-7806] 1st Person Invert Camera settings not working with gamepad
    • [YLD-6931] Camera constantly spinning
    • [YLD-8094] Dying indoors placed inventory on the roof
    • [YLD-8324] When hitting character with a weapon, character performed two damage animations
    • [YLD-8739] Tall oak had incorrect model
    • [YLD-8408] You were not able to enter your email in feedback window if your game was in Russian language
    • [YLD-7526] [DS] When you waited for the countdown to restart, you got kicked off the server
    • [YLD-8544] [DS] Error blueprint data popped up when loading DS session
    • [YLD-8665] [Editor] Editor was not waiting for save completition (changes might not get saved in some cases)
    • [YLD-8730] [Editor] Disabled label count event listener triggers
    • [YLD-8591] [Editor] Undo action didn't work properly on objects placed partially unloaded
    • [YLD-8677] [Editor] Light sources missed the "extinguish" action
    • [YLD-8038] [Editor] Corrupted save/ship
    • [YLD-8672] [Editor] Game logic: adding negative damage to objects caused the game to freeze
    • [YLD-7846] [Editor] You couldn't save compositions containing the default spawn point
    • [YLD-8596] [Editor] When adding a composition to an Explore save via the Editor, the composition was incomplete
    • [YLD-8652] [Editor] Interior logic was not working outside the Editor
    • [YLD-8640] [Editor] Object snapping couldn't be turned off
    • [YLD-8628] [Editor] The interaction "Pick" was missing in listener logics in certain cases
    • [YLD-8572] [Editor] Spawn entity would not spawn multiple instances
    • [YLD-8551] [Editor] Context menu in the Editor remained in the start language even after language had been changed
    • [YLD-8516] [Editor] Cloning/pasting entities on ships didn't work correctly
    • [YLD-8364] [Editor] "Entity type" should work even if picked entity is destroyed
    • [YLD-2999] [Editor] Entity selector was not always immediately visible for events that worked on entities
    • [YLD-8363] [Editor] Event listener - deleting actions to run could be done only from the oldest one
    • [YLD-8154] [Editor] Undoing Paint action on Ship could result in ghost items that manifested after duplication
    • [YLD-8373] [Editor] Undo/redo of creating new GL/deleting existing ones in old scenarios didn't work
    • [YLD-6870] [Editor] Setting stack values in containers broke their future editing
    • [YLD-8264] [Editor] Adding items in containers resulted in the game crashing
    • [YLD-8444] [Editor] Game Logics: saving Trigger Zone with Add Label action set to 0:Default made it unmodifiable
    • [YLD-8588] [Editor] game is corrupted after you set some invalid settings to trigger zone
    • [YLD-8317] [Editor] "Ask player" action ignored "Delay" action
    • [YLD-8362] [Editor] Listing of game logics jumped up and down
    • [YLD-8550] [GUI] Paint gun / Annihilator / Terraformer showed count of last item in active hotbar place
    • [YLD-8110] [GUI] In MP lobby, description of dedicated servers showed host's steamID instead of the name
    • [YLD-6299] [MP] Animals: there was no animation of feeding the horse
    • [YLD-7962] [MP] Player could eat (destroy) any item
    • [YLD-4763] [MP] Client didn't see splash and dust when running
    • [YLD-6609] [MP] If someone disconnected while you were connecting, you got stuck at loading
    • [YLD-6929] [MP] Joining new MP game after leaving Editor would get you "Unassigned"
    • [YLD-8396] [MP] Clients couldn't use anchor on ships
    • [YLD-7082] [MP] Can't connect to host again, message "player with current account is already in session" was displayed
    • [YLD-8398] [MP] Blocks and other items made the ship stuck on the place
    • [YLD-7718] [MP] Part of the game world did not load and clients got stuck connecting to MP
    • [YLD-8547] [MP] Client had broken movement after ragdoll
    • [YLD-2446] [MP] Items that other players are holding in hand were displayed in the middle of the second's player screen
    • [YLD-8560] [MP] Invisible objects for clients (in inventory and in the scene)
  • Please note that this update contains very extensive internal changes to many of the game’s systems - both because of the existing or newly added features and future extendibility. Please help us by reporting any bugs and providing feedback - in the weeks leading to the upcoming public Steam release we’ll be polishing and fixing issues very intensively. Thanks!

    Also, with the introduction of coyns we'd like to show our appreciation to you, who have been with us so far, by giving you 9200 coyns to start with (equivalent to over 40 USD). You should see them when you enter the store in the game. In order to claim this you have to link your Steam account with the Bohemia Interactive Account or Facebook (for more information see ylands.com/link-account) - if you haven’t your coyns balance will show 4600. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this process.


    • Painting. Terrain and flora can’t be painted (flora only gets colored as a whole object before losing the color again - it should be paintable in one of the future updates) but most of the other game objects can be. Every object has defined up to three colorable sections and players can decide which section (all of them by default) they want to paint. Colors can also be “picked” from objects in the world and stored, and any changes can be reverted back to the original state. If you’re close to a paintable object a GUI element will appear to assist you. When painting in the game every color uses some color pigments - you can craft these from various objects in the game with the help of a stone mortar.
    • Special containers. You can now craft things like material containers, herb pouches, key chains, pigment jars and others that can be used to store specific items, thus freeing your inventory space (when picking a suitable item, it gets placed into the appropriate container if available). Key chains can be placed in the hotbar and used just as a normal key with locked objects - the proper key is found and used automatically.
    • Padlocks. One type lockable with a key, the other with a code or password to protect most of the interactive objects in the game. Objects locked with a padlock are more difficult to destroy.
    • Labels. Game scripting just got much more powerful with the introduction of “labels”. You can attach labels to entities and later affect only those. You can use labels to track the progress of your game or certain objects and much more. What can be done is demonstrated by some of the games we are now running on our dedicated servers, and we’ll be covering this in depth in one of the future Dev Diaries.
    • New animations and character controller. Many animations have already been improved, more are coming soon. The character controller allows for a more precise controls. Please note that because of the new system some actions may be temporarily unavailable - most notably jumping in the newly introduced “combat mode”, which will be added shortly in a patch, and also that these changes are 3rd person view only - FPS mode will get improved in one of the future updates as well.
    • New environment audio system. Ambient sounds are now fully 3D and take into account your surroundings so, for example, when it rains you can hear the raindrops hit leaves of a tree near you.
    • Store. New store is accessible via coyn symbol both from the main menu and ingame. It contains first small batch of items, with Decorations to become available (as well as avatars and pets).
    • Radial Menu. First iteration of the radial menu - you can access all emotes available to you via RM and assign seven of them as your favorites. You can conveniently access features like placing mode trigger or horse summoning. We can now design objects in the world to have more possible interactions because all secondary ones are then available via RM. General rule is - all interactions with the objects focused in the world are under the leftmost button, while actions of the item you hold under the rightmost. If instead of a single action the active item has more elaborate settings (like a terraformer or a paintgun) you can conveniently access those directly by keeping the RM open button held a little longer while skipping the root level.
    • Dedicated server testing. We have created some dedicated servers running games for you to play. Give them a try and tell us what you think!
    • Known issues. Some of the newly added features (excluding radial menu - you may need to map its toggle to some button first, though) do not fully support gamepad. That should be fixed before coming to Steam.
    • Tech tree update. We went over existing formulas, ingredient counts and pace how players uncover new ones and made changes to make the experience more enjoyable.
    • Explore mode “respawn”. When character dies in the Explore mode now, they start as a successor, one that gets keys, maps, knowledge, tamed animals and other things from the deceased avatar.


    • Attacking is now possible only while holding a weapon or with the bare hands active
    • Map now shows character position and orientation as well as world directions
    • New ingame panel combining News and Changelog
    • New consistent way of loading cannons and catapult
    • New MP Lobby
    • Workstations now follow a new fuel flow (You actually require wood now)
    • Added more nests and feathers on ground (for arrows) on all islands
    • Drop yields from veins increased
    • Islands in Explore mode are bigger now
    • Raft speed increased


    • Padlocks
    • New models for Workstations (first step to make them whole upgradable in some future update)
    • New emotes


    • We’ve done some changes to how we worked with issues. Starting with the next update/patch the issues will contain our internal bug tracker IDs so that you can easily find yours or cross-reference them with the ones posted on forums.
    • [Editor]: Time Triggers did not work correctly if repeat time was lower than initial time
    • Animals will now run away when getting hit with a firearm from a close range by a player wearing Creator Cube
    • Animals will flee when they spot an arrow landing near them
    • Animals will now flee if the sound they heard sounds dangerous (weapon fire, explosions, drilling, etc.)
    • Animals now take the height of entities into account when planning their path (they only took height of the terrain in account previously)
    • Animals are now afraid of cars with at least one engine on
    • Animals will no longer find invalid paths through fenced areas which they think are valid
    • Fixed an issue where some AI behaviours would stay active even when their parent behaviour ended, resulting in some animals getting stuck in the behaviour for the rest of their lives
    • Fixed character sitting on a latrine
    • Fixed certain workstations not smoking when burning
    • Fixed too many subgroups for mushrooms in Cube
    • Shells do spawn in sea as well now
    • Fixed issues with some panels wrong scaling in some resolutions
    • Disabled some weapons in the game because they were too similar to each other (Superior flintlock pistol, revolver rifle, Snubnosed revolver, sawed-off shotgun, flintlock rifle, X crossbow, x crossbow pistol, Hunting bow)
    • Renamed "Reflex bow" to "Wooden bow" and "Straight bow" to "Iron bow"
    • Fixed charpanel toggle playing generic panel toggle sound instead of specific ones
    • Fixed hotbar slot change and item crafted sound effects not played
    • Center and Close buttons no longer disappear below the map
    • Alchemy Stand now has a scrollbar and it can be scrolled with mouse wheel, too
    • Dyeing Stand now has a scrollbar and it can be scrolled with mouse wheel, too
    • Searching in Cube resets category icon to ALL
    • Game version in main menu now shows also current update name
    • Rudder is animated even after loading a game, where you are controlling a ship
    • Fixed anchor switching
    • Items can be dragged from container to inventory
    • Dragging items from inventory onto another item in container no longer breaks the container
    • Character does not start punching after equipping item via lmb

    • Added weather system. In this update you will be able to experience, based on your current biome, various types of weather. Please note that the changing weather isn't only a visual effect but also affects gameplay (fire sources get doused under strong rain etc.).
    • Added cars, car function and engines. Right now nothing is stopping you from driving your own cars! All you need is a chassis where you put one or more engines and a driver's seat. Of course feeding the engine with an appropriate type of fuel is also a good idea if you want your vehicle to move! For steam engines you can use wood, coal or charcoal, while ylandium engines are charged by ylandium power cells. Please note that all engines have a built-in dynamo, so you can even use them to power some devices like car lights.
    • Test your driving skills in the new Racing Track scenario! (available to download at the Workshop)
    • You can now attach engines to ships. The engines can also be used with large ships, where you can, if you have both installed, switch between sailing and being propelled by an engine.
    • Added "experimental" French and Dutch community translations. Good news for those speaking French or Dutch - the first version of community created translation of those languages is now available for you to try. If you want to do so, run the game with --translator (two hyphens) parameter, which will let you pick one of these "experimental" languages. If no problem with the translation is found, in the next update it will become available even without having to use the special parameter (we plan to add Russian language in the next update exactly the same way).


    • You are not able to light fires in bad weather if they're not in shelter
    • You cannot sleep outside in bad weather - you will be woken up if you are already sleeping
    • New combat idle animations for melee attacks
    • New jump animation variation
    • New unarmed attack variation
    • Added bird idle behavior
    • Predators should now be more dangerous
    • Non-predators now flee from players (except for horses and crabs)
    • Animals should circle around the player when attacking them in a big group
    • Animals now reproduce again if their number drops down below a certain threshold, as they did in the old AI system
    • Called horse will wait for about 10 seconds after reaching player's position
    • Added shark corpse model
    • Real loot is shown when picking up items (when picking up rainforest plant, hint shows you actually pick 5x grass)
    • Placing an item in the inventory automatically unlocks its recipe
    • New "hit" and "animal gutting" particle effects
    • A new energy port focusing - if there is no port under the mouse cursor, the nearest port on the focused entity is focused
    • Added preview energy ray between energy linker and focused node
    • You can charge the mining drill in the world (place ylandium cell into hotbar and use it on a drill)
    • Increased building block yield from logs (you will get more building blocks from logs now)
    • Added sounds to big ships (sails open/close, loops, waves when speed up/down, sails and waves loops)
    • Robustness improvements to server monitor and monitor-server communication
    • Server instance logs are now saved under <Documents>/Ylands/ServerMonitor/ServerLogs/<servername>_server_process_log.txt
    • Hiding environment and player temperatures in debug panel
    • All vehicles are spawned without steering wheel now
    • Trigger zones have new option in "Is triggered by": Player role
    • Raised overall speed of ships
    • [Editor]: added new Game logic, "Play Area", which can be used to constrain a loaded area (mostly usable on scenarios like Sky Arena, Racing Track - you will eliminate loading and unloading blocks by proper usage of Play Area GL)
    • [Editor]: added GO HERE action into context menu. It will move camera to selected objects. (HotKey [F])
    • [Editor]: you can listen to charge mining drill/fuel steam engine in editor. You can use "Perform action with an entity" to charge/fuel or deplete drill/engine



    • You can drop items from the cube - droppable items indicated with green arrow; undroppable with red X
    • Adding multiple unstackable items from cube adds correct number of items
    • Dragging items from a container now automatically switches other tab to Inventory
    • Searching in inventory/crafting/cube switches tab to All automatically
    • Fixed boat animation while holding rudder
    • Drilling progress bar is removed
    • Hints for picking up items added while player is mounted
    • Leather sheets stack the same way as paper sheets
    • You are able to build fences again
    • Added inertia to throwing grenades and shooting bows (projectiles will inherit inertia from the player)
    • Empty notes will not change to the "written" version when no text is entered
    • Fixed text bubbles showing in wrong position
    • Fixed massive FPS drops after cutting down a tree
    • Animals no longer destroy ripe bushes and trees, they harvest them instead
    • Fixed animals trying to kill players even with creator cube equipped
    • Fixed predators not wanting to go near food if there was no fire nearby
    • Fixed penguins not wanting to eat fish
    • Fixed animals not eating properly (in a way that for example eating a fish would spawn fish meat or eating a banana would spawn seeds)
    • Fixed animals not being woken up by noises
    • Animals will not eat food from trees anymore
    • Animals will not climb incredibly steep slopes when hunting players anymore
    • Fixed being attacked by animals that cannot reach you (for example by Mutated animals in caves under players)
    • Animals shouldn't get stuck in each other that much now
    • Birds should fly in circles now
    • Fixed birds getting stuck in trees when trying to fly through them
    • Fixed animals trying to find a path through closed doors and gates
    • Reduced the distance the animals flee from danger - previously they would be able to flee across the whole yland
    • Fixed ZZZ particles appearing hundreds of meters away from the sleeping animals
    • Fixed animals being hurt only by entities, not by other possibilities
    • Fixed a case where an animal would wake up from being dead and stop doing anything at all after loading a save
    • Fixed sliding animal corpses
    • Land in Make New Yland updates properly when changing biomes
    • Breath bar no longer appears when you're immune to drowning
    • Interaction hints display properly when using flying potion
    • Fixed wrong hints while sitting/lying with propeller pack
    • Fixed bamboo chest sounding like ocean waves when being opened
    • Saguaro cacti should be moving in the wind again
    • Player now starts knowing how to craft a wicker basket container
    • Fixed inconsistency in green and red roof recipes
    • Head feathers give you feathers upon breaking
    • Sandstone chunks give you more sand upon breaking
    • Wooden raft doesn't unlock together with bamboo raft anymore
    • Fixed bugged charging stations on ships
    • Melon head potion doesn't need as many melons now
    • Spikes are now crafted into the scene and are not pickable
    • Fixed falling through a pile of items stacked on top of each other
    • Fixed being able to do infinite towers of sand/gravel from only one piece
    • Trigger zones with Perform option set to "Do not fire if another object is in the trigger zone" did not work correctly
    • Text in search field is no longer shared across workstations
    • Fixed UI sometimes displaying wrong inventory item changes
    • Reduced FPS drops when loading new terrain
    • Wrong text when hovering over "Host a game"
    • Fixed a small Earth visible in the background when creating a new Yland
    • Added missing hint for Continue option in main menu
    • Fixed an error that caused the game to freeze when exiting Configure Panel in Editor
    • Leaving vehicle controls caused by ragdoll will no longer keep player in ship controlling mode
    • Fixed player being spawned underground in rare cases
    • Fixed breaking the game when respawning as a new character in First person view
    • Fixed buttons that were completely covered by a white overlay, and highlighted when using mouse
    • Fixed being unable to free yourself after getting stuck in a bear trap
    • Fixed spawn entity action in Editor
    • Improved navigation for on-screen keyboard - left on leftmost key now selects the rightmost key
    • Entities you cannot interact with are not highlighted anymore
    • Fixed respawning as a new character in Wild West breaking the game
    • Fixed progress bar sometimes missing during specific actions
    • All light sources will shine in the main menu now
    • Removing option to play specific sound from a set in the Editor
    • Show message action did not work with short messages
    • Particle effect game logics have preview in Editor
    • Particle effect game logic orientation was not taken into account
    • Small targets in Fun Fair were difficult to hit
    • Projectile trigger zone in Ylander Jones did not work as expected
    • Default orientation placed vehicles in the same heading as a player
    • You shouldn't be able to control vehicles placed upside down
    • Mouse sensitivity now goes from 0 to 10 instead of -5 to 5. That also fixes wrong behaviour with negative values
    • Weapons: Muzzle flash effect is shown on all barrel ends
    • Fixed wrong delay for crossbow reload animation
    • Character won't hold items that are in placing mode anymore (in FPV mode)
    • Arctic rabbit renamed to Polar rabbit
    • [Editor]: Camera movement is faster
    • [Editor]: Camera movement when scrolling with mouse wheel did not work correctly


    • Ylands Workshop
    • You can access it through Ylands.net or via shortcut at Ylands.com
    • With the exception of the Explore and Creative games (that are still in the game) all games are available to download in the Workshop now
    • Once you log in, you can subscribe to games and compositions (mods will be added later). More info here.
    • When you subscribe to a game, you'll find it in the list of available games the next time you launch Ylands
    • When you subscribe to a composition, the next time you launch the game you'll find it under a new tab in the Editor
    • You can rate and report both games and compositions
    • At any time you can unsubscribe from games or compositions - they will disappear from your list (to get rid of them altogether you'll have to manually delete them)
    • More games and compositions will be added later
    • This is just the ALPHA version as a first iteration, feedback is appreciated to improve it!
    • We encourage you to upload your own creations! :)
    • AI has been reworked from scratch, fixing a lot of issues related to animals (new ones might arise)
    • Multiplayer now supports up to 10 players
    • New respawn system. Current behavior if you die in Explore:
    • You click on "Respawn": you will spawn with the same character (you will know recipes, you will still own your horses) on the last yland you occupied (nearest one if you die in the sea)
    • You click on "New character": you will spawn with a fresh new character on the first yland your first character spawned
    • When reversing, all vessels have significantly lower friction with whatever is underneath them. If you happen to get stuck with your big ship by forward sailing into shallows, you should be able to leave by reversing out of there. This has the disadvantage that if you reverse into shallows (which is even easier due to lower hull friction while reversing), you will get stuck there for sure.
    • Adjusted camera alignment logic for vehicles and mounts. By ALT you can switch between the 'default' and the 'free' modes.
    • The default camera follows the direction of the controlled object
    • The free camera is like the default one, only after moving it it doesn't realign automatically


    • Character now emits a faint light in dark areas (visible only to the controlling player)
    • /unstuck console command now has three options
    • a - align with terrain (it does not take entities into account)
    • b - pick a likely safe starting position on the beach of current yland (different for every unstuck call)
    • r - pick a respawn position for this scenario
    • Added new game Rating and Reporting functions in the escape menu
    • The Basic panel of the Feedback Tracker has been removed, as it proved to be not as useful as the Advanced panel. You are still welcome to provide feedback using the advanced panel!
    • Idle animations
    • Smoother idle animations transitions
    • Animation for turning mounted player when aiming
    • Horse dies faster, in a more humane way
    • Improved calling horses
    • Animals can be waken up by sounds now
    • Animals will now fear campfires
    • Starving players and players affected by extreme temperatures will now lose health much slower
    • Raft can now be moved very slowly even on land
    • You can now stop autorun by pressing forward/backwards key when on foot
    • Pickaxe, spade, shovel, annihilator and terraformer will not show any progress bar
    • Planting seeds now takes significantly less time
    • Drying rack removed from the cloth crafting chain, making cloth crafting easier
    • Generating of veins was redone into new better system
    • Added console commands for emotes (/dance, /facepalm, /threaten, /wave)
    • When dragging equipment from character, other panels will automatically switch to inventory
    • Inventory now opens as default upon pressing Tab, instead of Crafting
    • When crafting/breaking with full inventory, items are dropped into scene
    • Map now opens with a click, not holding the mouse button
    • Building fire on a burnt out campfire turned to ash now consumes wood pieces
    • [Editor] Game logic "ownership". You can see ownership of objects when you hover with mouse above them



    • [Ships] Fixed ship behaviour when moving forwards and backwards
    • [Ships] Ship won't stop when you let go of the helm
    • [Ships] When you destroy the helm, the ship will stop
    • [Ships] Items won't fall through the ships anymore when you drop them on it
    • [Ships] Ship's warning hints are now properly translated
    • [Ships] Player moves properly with the ship after taking control of a cannon
    • [Ships] Ship rudder now animates properly when steering the ship
    • [Ships] Logging out when controlling the ship will not break the game anymore
    • [Ships] Animals present on board of the ship will not tip it over anymore
    • [Ships] Animals won't slide on a moving ship
    • [Ships] Player won't slide on a moving ship after getting up from sleeping pad
    • [Ships] Chairs, beds and sleeping pads now work properly on moving ships
    • [Ships] [Multiplayer] Other players than the driver should properly move with the ship
    • [Multiplayer] You won't get stuck cancelling the password form when joining a server
    • [Multiplayer] You should again be able to join a game hosted on dedicated server
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed player condition screen indication after healing on client side
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed horse never waking up from sleep
    • [Editor] You can hide vegetation again
    • [Editor] Some catalogue content was outside of the screen
    • [Editor] Added Save As option under File in menu bar
    • Building is now not possible while riding a horse
    • Placing mode is now accessible again after death on the horse
    • Volume of tree falling has been readjusted
    • Player with empty hands won't hold last active item anymore
    • Fixed grain plant to form clusters again
    • Tamed horse will never shake the player off
    • You are able to craft leather out of panther and puma hides again
    • Set up character limit for explore games so it doesn't exceed windows filename length limit
    • Standing up from chairs will not damage or kill the players any more
    • Fixed holes in Sky arena map
    • Hotbar doesn't disappear after dying while reading a book
    • Inspecting items while in an open chest no longer closes the chest
    • Upper body animations are interrupted by player's death now
    • Taking crafted items from a workplace with full inventory now displays error message
    • Feedback text is now reset after you send feedback
    • Fixed wrong names of highlighted entities while flying via potion of flight
    • You can quickly switch through colour variants of items in placing mode
    • Campfire sound should now be muted properly when you set volume to 0
    • Workstation panel should show correctly after adding items to craft, saving and loading
    • Hotbar items are no longer too large when you select a new character after you die
    • Screenshot names now use 24h format
    • Character equipment in starter scene is again properly coloured
    • Creator Cube and potion light emits light around the player again
    • Catalogue is no longer accessible after you drop Cube or die
    • Dates of created games are now properly translated
    • Fixed crash related to changing terrain under fluid
    • Water animals should no longer walk on terrain
    • Animals should now sink into the water when you drop them on it
    • Marine animals now properly fall down when spawned in the air
    • Animals will not try to kill players equipped with the Creator Cube anymore
    • Fixed a bug where an attacking animal would only follow the player, but not attack
    • Fixed a bug where animals would start twitching when coming near a player to attack
    • Fixed animals getting stuck when player is nearby
    • Fixed predators threatening, but not attacking players
    • Fixed predators not knowing what to do when attacked by a player with the cube
    • Fixed predators losing interest in player when he sits or lies down
    • Baits are luring animals again
    • Fixed building blocks having wrong collision structure in various rotations
    • Fixed oxygen meter showing wrong values after loading the game
    • Autorun no longer persists after death
    • Players sleeping on a raft should not get attacked by sharks anymore
    • Fixed missing terraformer in funfair scenario
    • It's no longer possible to mount horses while caught in a trap
    • Potions last the correct amount of time now
    • Hotbar broken item red indicator works properly after repairing a broken item
    • You will not drop your equipment and inventory after death in creative mode
    • Energy powered light sources shine brighter in the dark
    • Fires are brighter and shine properly in the fog
    • Sticks and bushes on the ground can be lit and turned into campfires again
    • Fixed rabbits getting stuck in idle animation
    • Tamed horses now follow player when called and no longer flee from their masters
    • Blank papers are now stackable
    • Player emotes interrupt when interacting with things in the scene
    • Removed splashing sounds from Sky Arena
    • Fixed swapped gamepad axes for third person camera movement

    • Sleeping - Players are now able to sleep (until now only the sleeping animation was played) in both beds and sleeping pads/bags. After you think you've had enough sleep you can wake up, and in the meantime your wounds will be healed. Take into account that in order to be able to sleep you need to be on a flat surface and not surrounded by predators
    • Writing and reading - The decorative books in the game are now filled with content and you can also write your own short notes (as long as you have something to write with in your inventory). To make your texts more interesting, you can make use of some rich text tags
    • Added first iteration of the new Main menu (some parts are still work in progress)
    • Originally, with the exception of weapons, all the objects dealt the same amount of damage when being held by the attacking player. Now the damage differs based on the essence of the item (so attacking with grass in hand does damage close to none etc.)
    • Changed version numbering to give players a better idea of how far we're from 1.0 - this one is 0.3, the next one will be 0.4 etc. We are still counting the updates though, this one being update 23


    • Tutorial yland no longer starts automatically after the game has been started for the very first time
    • Codex hints alerts are now shown on all ylands, not just the tutorial one
    • Repositioned HUD GUI elements based on feedback
    • When clicking a mouse button, it takes shorter time (it has been increased from 0.2s to 0.35s) for it to take action
    • Now fog appears in the evening, during the night and in the early morning (how much and how often depends on the biome in question)
    • Forage has been removed from the game, being replaced by grass
    • Adjusted number of maximum stacks for various objects
    • Rocks added to all regions
    • Modified savanna colors
    • The amount of horses and magic bushes was lowered on all types of islands
    • Player's character now starts slightly hungry
    • Player's character gets hungry faster
    • Players now lose HP much slower in cold/hot areas
    • Removed cooking pot from the game (last remaining workstation upgrade). Players' workstations with cooking pot installed will disappear
    • Removed Polar explorer role from Explore scenario
    • While in placing mode you can interact only with not hardened objects (based on feedback from players interacting with objects in the world while trying to place something)
    • You can interact with a pile of ash after a burnt out campfire again (take out food, use wood to build fire again)
    • All containers have now written "CONTAINER" in the description for easier visual identification
    • Trees now drop logs in a visually more appealing manner
    • Trees now drop more logs, proportionate to their size
    • New swimming and mounted horse animations
    • Character jump animation redone
    • Character idle animations polished
    • Refined swim and raft animations
    • Player can't feed horse again when the feeding animation from the previous action is still playing
    • Reduced horse name length to 75 from 150. The game will ask again for a name if the user clicks Cancel in the screen asking them, whether the submitted name is correct
    • New ambient sounds added
    • New player footsteps sounds added
    • Unstuck command now also resets character's velocity
    • Improved LOD system of building blocks (they should LOD more consistently). LODed objects will no longer stay in semitransparent "dithered" state
    • Game configuration saving and loading is now more robust
    • Removed some of the obsolete/not used actions from advanced game options panel
    • Players can now exit the Main menu via ESC
    • Players can now name their ylands in any type of game they start
    • Now all MP games are visible in the list and players are asked for a password (if the game is locked) after they try to join
    • [Editor] Added 3D game logic objects (you can see them by default in the character mode)
    • [Editor] Added "Heal" action to "Perform action with entity"
    • [Editor] Added "Spawn entity" action
    • [Editor] Ships can be anchored



    • Players should no longer hit horse when trying to feed him
    • Fixed particle and sound when feeding horse
    • Improved player focus in 3rd person camera (it should be much easier to focus interactable entities)
    • Vastly shortened the freeze on subsequent openings of catalog/crafting/inventory panels. Catalog filtering is now asynchronous
    • Sitting/Lying will activate an empty hotbar entry (prevents unexpected interaction with item specific modes)
    • Character cannot switch hotbar slots while sitting/lying
    • Fixed character not always having the item in active hotbar slot in hand
    • You will equip to dynamic slot from detail view if you have full hotbar (it used to display just a warning)
    • Fixed particles from hotbar shown over the codex pages (hotbar now hides when Codex panel comes up)
    • Fixed catalog item staying in character's hand after losing catalog access
    • All UI panels (except for 'You Died') are closed when local character dies
    • Crafting panel: Recipe products descriptions are shown in hints. Ingredient hints use localized name instead of internal name
    • Several overflowing texts in panels (languages other than English) fixed
    • Trying to control a machine in water now displays a warning instead of simply doing nothing
    • Player can't shoot from the (invisible) firearm under the water anymore
    • Loaded crossbows are shown as drawn in world and when equipped (not yet in hotbar though)
    • Fixed several issues with ammo count for weapons sometimes not being refreshed correctly
    • Cannons and weapons are able to use ammo from Creator's Cube again
    • Camera no longer turns black when the view is obscured
    • Field of View value 55 won't bring third person camera into epileptic seizure anymore
    • Fixed the issue where the camera could be turned upside down under some circumstances
    • You are no longer able to rotate dead character in main menu
    • State effects no longer accumulate while character is dead
    • Rotation during mounted free fall is forbidden now
    • Multiple anchors on the ship are not allowed anymore
    • Mutated penguins now attack the player
    • Fixed horse being stuck in looping death animation
    • Fixed the issue when after dying on horseback and respawning the character couldn't' move
    • A rotating raft won't spin forever after leaving it anymore
    • When you die in control of a ship respawn window now pops up
    • Character step particles and sounds now play also when walking on entities (e.g. walkway paved by stone blocks)
    • When a load point is high above sea level, only 3 horizontal slices at sea level are loaded instead of the entire column block up to character elevation
    • Game is no longer started before all terrain/water tiles are generated around the player
    • Saves backup feature now properly leaves only 5 latest backups. This means the common situation, where it would not delete everything it should have and the backups folder would be gradually increasing its size after each update, should no longer be happening
    • Decals and fog are now properly rendered when controlling a machine (catapult/cannon)
    • Prewarming character panel GUI objects during initial Ylands scene load. That way, it does not freeze the game when opened for the first time during regular play
    • [Editor] Mouse wheel scrolling now works with game logic list
    • [Editor] Game logic name is now updated in GL list after it has been renamed
    • [Editor] Game logic selection is now synchronized with GL list on left panel
    • [Dedicated server] Fixed a bug introduced with the update 0.22, which was causing dedicated server failing to host games with character creation wizard
    • [Dedicated server] Server Monitor: Fixed some options and buttons not being disabled when they don't make sense
    • [Dedicated server] Server Monitor no longer fails to load scenario list if there are no saved games present
    • [Dedicated server] Server monitor can now be closed via X
    • [Dedicated server] Server Monitor: Fixed some buttons that were interactable at wrong moments, thus causing various acts of misbehaviour
    • [Multiplayer] Resolved an issue where loading overlay would never disappear after failing to connect to a MP session
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed most issues with catapults and cannons
    • [Multiplayer] Resolved an issue where the game would get stuck in Ylands loading screen after losing connection to host
    • [Multiplayer] Ylands host now binds its network socket to an arbitrary free port provided by system instead of a fixed port number
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced error handling for network startup failure
    • [Multiplayer] Clients now see explosives ignite particles and hear sounds
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed the issue with client failing to reconnect since he was still considered connected by the server

    • Codex - feeling lost? No more! Find a lot of useful information in our awesomely looking Codex. More topics coming soon! You can access it via F1 by default
    • Ships are now physically simulated. You can walk over them as you sail and they rock, shake when collide, or interact with the sea surface. They now have (by default) an anchor and a lever that controls it. Note that building on anchored ships is much easier than on ones that move.
    • Funfair scenario - a lot of fun Ylands activities on a small place


    • Control schemes for rafts, boats, and horses were unified. Default keyboards/mouse controls are now always WSAD with mouse used to rotate camera
    • Code redeeming system implemented. Now it's possible to unlock specific items for players based on codes (e.g. as part of promotions during events like PAX, as a reward for helpful players etc.). Please note that any items given out to players this way are only visual variants of existing ones and they will never give players advantage over those who don't own them.
    • Discovering potions is now easier - if the tested ingredients make up any potion, exact number of each of those needed is shown
    • Additional batch of optimizations (object visibility, faster map processing etc.)
    • New polished jump and fall animations
    • Player character scale scaled down slightly to exact 1.0 in order to make external modding easier
    • A lot of sounds are newly exposed for players to use in Scenario editor
    • Improved Main menu scene <-> game scene transition time and smoothness
    • Smoother horse swim transitions
    • Introduced the first batch of redone horse riding animations
    • New horse turning on spot animations
    • New mounted horse idle animation (horse head is not obstructing player's view)
    • Horses now turn faster
    • Specific audio environment is now enabled when entering caves
    • Improved gamepad controls for various ingame panels
    • If you force a controller through Configure/Controls/ActiveController, the change will happen immediately after closing the dialog.
    • Additionally:

    - The option to force gamepad is not presented in the dropdown unless a gamepad is connected

    - If gamepad is disconnected while gamepad control is forced, the control switches to keyboard and controller mode to 'automatic'



    • Fixed Sun, Moon and stars not being visible in the sky
    • Removed obsolete 'Visual distance slider'
    • It is no longer possible to build on falling objects
    • Evil genius' yland is no longer marked as favourite automatically
    • Fixed incorrect time of day set in Main menu under some circumstances
    • Fixed issue where players were able to place dirt, sand etc. right in the air with Terraformer
    • Gun no longer disappears from player's hands after shooting from a cannon
    • Fixed cannon crosshair disappearing when operating the machine with an item in player's hands
    • Fixed machines forcing FPS camera mode incorrectly
    • Fixed erroneous focus when controlling machines
    • Horses no longer climb over walls
    • Fixed mishap event while mounted
    • Fixed small issues with the horse movement
    • Fixed player position relative to ship rudder to align rudder steering animation
    • Fixed localization and hiding of the message box shown after losing connection to host
    • Energy Streams are now properly updated when the nodes are moving. Ports that are not in the same storage (e.g. the same boat) cannot be linked
    • Greatly reduced spread of items dropped from destroyed entities
    • Fixed several issues related to dropdown lists
    • [Dedicated server] Fixed unclickable parts of Server Monitor
    • [Dedicated server] Fixed dedicated server not starting when there is an existing saved game associated with a no longer existing scenario
    • [Dedicated server] Fixed infinite map loading when running a dedicated server
    • [Dedicated server] Server Monitor: Fixed restart/stop buttons not working properly
    • [Launcher] Launcher now works properly in 1366x768 and 1369x768
    • [Gamepad] Fixed issue where players were not able to access all skin colors in Character creation panel
    • [Gamepad] Fixed issue where highlight outline sometimes got disconnected from slider handle
    • [Gamepad] Players can now scroll the Cube catalog with analog stick
    • [Gamepad] Fixed incorrect gui elements highlighted when switching tabs via LB/RB
    • [Gamepad] Fixed crosshair moving down instead of up while shooting
    • [Gamepad] Horse riding has now valid gamepad buttons set by default
    • [Gamepad] It is now possible to rename ylands with gamepad
    • [Gamepad] It is now easier to access 'Take all' button in Container panel
    • [Gamepad] Onscreen keyboard no longer overlaps feedback panel
    • [Gamepad] It is now possible to write passphrase and search for a game
    • [Gamepad] It is now possible to navigate through Basic feedback form
    • [Gamepad] It is now possible to zoom and rotate in item detail view
    • [Gamepad] Question marks are no longer shown as hotbar shortcuts
    • [Editor] Fixed selection being blocked by hidden terrain

    • Cave complexes. Some are big, some are small; some of them have both an upper and a lower level; some have entrances leading to the surface, some don't. You'll be able to find various interesting resources in the caves (right now gold doesn't have a real use, but it will play an important role soon!), and most of them contain mutated animals, which tend to be stronger at the lower level. Reminder: caves will only appear in newly generated games.
    • New first person camera animations
    • A mining drill that uses (rechargable) ylandium power cells and can be charged at a charging station
    • Dedicated server support, that allows players to host their games. All the info here
    • [Multiplayer] Explore mode can now be played in multiplayer
    • [Multiplayer] Multiplayer mode is not restricted to ylands of size 1 anymore


    • New user friendly terraformer GUI (two modes - in-game/Editor)
    • Introduced additional support for gamepad (e.g. entering texts via virtual onscreen keyboard)
    • Power helmet has now active spotlight
    • New animation for character freezing
    • Items that have been put as shortcuts into the hotbar now display a corresponding indicator in the inventory panel
    • Trees now show how much they have been damaged by chopping
    • Sulphur and Saltpeter veins have been moved to caves and can no longer be found on the surface
    • Game audio improved (WiP)
    • When you light fire-based workstations, they now transition to full burning state instead of slowly burning state
    • Items are crafted even in slowly burning fire-based workstations
    • Heated iron ingot removed from the crafting chain, all affected recipes now require regular "Iron ingot" instead (remains in the world of players who have it saved, they can easily convert it to regular iron ingot through the crafting menu)
    • Blacksmith Forge and Anvil merged into one workstation - Blacksmith Forge, where all iron related items will be crafted. Old forge and anvil have been preserved due to backwards compatibility, but they don't show up in the catalogue, cannot be crafted and cannot craft new items. Player can destroy obsolete workstations with one hit and they will get back the necessary ingredients to build a new workstation
    • Player role can now be selected at the Character creation panel
    • Ability to show/hide character clothing at the Character creation panel
    • Removed the panel allowing players to select whether they're creating single or multiplayer game as a first step in order to make new game creation more straightforward. This panel is accessible in-game (when a new game is created via Host Game button, the panel is shown automatically as the game starts)
    • Some animals' bite can temporarily reduce character's speed
    • Ylands with no land (e.g. Sky arena) have now constant base temperature of 20°C



    • Fixed several poor sounds/sounds with absurdly high volume
    • Fixed issues with ship turning incorrectly while moving backwards
    • Ship being moved backwards is no longer affected by wind
    • Removed some of the items that were meant to be just aesthetic but players expected them to have some use (rope, paddles, and horse collars)
    • A trapped horse can't be recalled by the player
    • Fixed horse getting stuck sometimes when being recalled by the player
    • Player can no longer mount dead horses
    • Stats and hints should now be properly updated while riding a horse
    • Fixed horse speed not matching its animation at times
    • Eating chocolate blocks lowers hunger level
    • Hardened tombstones don't get highlighted anymore
    • Ylandium torches can no longer be stacked
    • Replaced some lower quality icons in GUI
    • Fixed broken sorting games by date
    • Fixed several buttons displaying incorrect hint
    • Fixed issue with container showing incorrect name
    • Fixed several problems with panels/items overlapping or protruding in a wrong way
    • Fixed missing numbers in item slots in Alchemy workstation
    • Fixed key used for making item favourite not working
    • Improved description of some special abilities granted by some of the items
    • Fixed inventory scrollbar states not resetting properly
    • Fixed incorrect value shown when Master volume was set to "0"
    • Improved alphabetical sorting of games and scenarios
    • Fixed first entry in Editor's catalogue list being sometimes obstructed by other GUI elements
    • Fixed regions on Globe model not being translucent at times
    • Fixed issues where needed/generated amount of energy wasn't shown when focusing an energetic item with Energy linker active
    • Reworked how gamepad worked with keybindings settings panel
    • Fixed several gamepad-related issues
    • Player doesn't take any damage when trial time-out panel is active
    • Fixed size not being shown for some objects in catalogue/inventory/crafting
    • Fixed incorrect size shown for some objects in catalogue/inventory/crafting
    • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to gut dead animals
    • Adding terrain with terraformer in the air should be more user friendly now
    • Fixed some texts not being properly localised
    • Fixed an issue where Detailed view sometimes showed the previously displayed item's name

    • North Pole factory scenario
    • You can now eat building blocks made of edible materials (remember these words when playing the scenario!)
    • Cooldowns on various actions (eating etc.) have been temporarily disabled (until we are able to replicate and fix a related bug reported by players)


    • Added support for translators. For languages that are currently being translated by the community we provide specific tools to help them with the process. In order for these tools to work (to be able to select other than "core" languages) the launcher needs to be run with "-- translator" parameter (please note that quotation marks should be removed and there are actually TWO hyphens without a space between them, not one). Currently this is available for French, into which the game is being actively translated
    • Improved hover animations



    • Fixed issue where saving the game while resting on a chair or a bed could cause a loss of data
    • Boats won't fall under terrain when placed too low anymore
    • Animals and characters on board ships or rafts now behave properly when the vehicle is destroyed
    • Fixed obsolete hints visible when controlling the catapult
    • Removed catapult control hint while flying via Flying potion
    • All terraform hints are hidden while in catapult mode
    • Terraform gizmo is now disabled when players perform any action
    • Players can terraform while sitting on the horseback
    • Catapult can no longer be focused while riding a horse
    • Player can consume food or potions while riding a horse
    • It is no longer possible to respawn in scenarios where it is not allowed
    • Fixed issue where animal skeleton models could be broken when being dragged
    • It is now possible to be teleported even when caught in a trap
    • Sails no longer highlight when being focused
    • It should be more easy to come by iron veins now
    • Fixed gamepad inverted controls not working properly
    • Player can no longer dig while riding a horse
    • Out of ammo warning is now shown only when the player is trying to shoot
    • Fixed issue where switching to free camera made player stand up from a chair or a bed
    • Fixed Hold text being shown over control icon
    • Hints are now correctly shown even for objects that had two interactions triggered by clicking and holding primary button
    • The big ships are here! I want to go explore the sea - what do I have to do to sail away? Basically, there are two different sized hulls, that include a ladder, so that you can get into the ship, and a helm, that will let you control it (but you can place these wherever you want to as well). As an extra part, you'll need a mast with sails, otherwise you won't be able to move, and having a wind indicator can always come in handy. Just as with the small boat, you'll have to take wind into account when sailing. And that's it! The rest really depends on you - you can add anything, from cannons to building an art gallery on it.
    • Oh, and this time I'd recommend having the music on when launching the game :)


    • Large and customizable ships
    • Small and large cannon - you'll be able to shoot them as long as you have cannon balls in your inventory
    • New (mostly MP) scenario: Buccaneer Bay
    • Players can now find Random encounters even at the sea, marked by floating debris. Please note that some may be located too deep for the players to get to them without specific water-breathing items.
    • Every time the player dies now a new panel is shown giving players options based on the current scenario. They can exit the game to the Main menu, Respawn, or Respawn as a new character. In Explore scenario dying now results in the player's items being dropped on the ground next to their corpse (where others can claim it) with items getting some damage. Players respawn at the starting point so if they want their inventory/equipment back, they need to get to the place where they died
    • Due to some optimizations incompatible with the old code the content of maps that players have might have been cleared
    • [Launcher] Fixed the "deleting directory ../tmp/ failed" error users with Avast have been getting (you will have to either reinstall the game or download a new setup)


    • Characters can be now randomly generated and rotated in the Character creation panel
    • Hearts indicating players' health now disappear gradually, making even the small damage dealt to players more obvious
    • Added hints into the descriptions of items that can be equipped, containing information about slots where those need to be put
    • Players are now able to see the selected scenario's Respawn rules
    • Some actions are now on cooldown
    • Groups in catalog now have more accurate names and images
    • LMB clicking an item in a container now moves it from the container into the inventory instead of showing the item detail panel (the original behavior was found to be confusing to many players)
    • Crafting panel can now be opened with a dedicated key (default: O - please note that if the default key doesn't work for you, you may need to reset the keybindings or set it manually)
    • Specific building blocks (oriental, the ones used in the Wild West scenario etc.) can no longer be crafted (as they were not used this way and made the crafting system needlessly bloated). They can still be placed in the level from the Catalog or via Editor
    • Pressing Toggle Inventory key now only closes the Character panel when the Inventory tab is active, otherwise it changes to the Inventory tab first
    • No level sounds are played in the editor (unless players switch in to the Character mode)
    • Existing games in the list can now be sorted either by date or name
    • Added icons to make it easier to notice the current Character panel mode (Inventory / crafting / catalog)
    • Games can now be renamed (via Advanced options accessible by clicking the game preview with RMB)
    • Added visual hints to make it more obvious that Game logic objects can be renamed by clicking their name in their settings panel
    • Mouse sensitivity can now be set in the configuration panel
    • It is now possible to separately invert Y axis for FPS/3rd person camera for gamepad and keyboard control scheme
    • Terrain in the level has no longer limited height and depth
    • In addition to animal hide the map can now be crafted from paper as well again
    • Propeller pack now flies faster
    • Iron tools are now more durable
    • Repair kits now repair 4x more damage than before
    • Number of seagulls flying among ylands has been reduced
    • Warmth factor on all clothes lowered - players should not die of overheating so easily
    • The bottom of the sea has been improved so that it feels less empty
    • If players end up in a situation from which they can't get out, they can use the command "/killself" to respawn (if possible in the given scenario)
    • [Editor] You can edit items in containers (by clicking on them with middle mouse button - this is just a work in progress solution and will change eventually)
    • [Editor] Added ID of edited entity/game logic to editing window
    • [Editor] It is now possible to set the volume specifically for editor sounds
    • [Editor] Added group editing
    • [Feedback tracker] Description text field now isn't scrollable and shows character count
    • [Feedback tracker] Feedback tracker now sends compressed (anonymous) game logs when the appropriate checkbox is ticked



    • Console is now closed after pressing Esc.
    • Grenades now behave more consistently (e.g. don't suddenly disappear into thin air)
    • Fixed the issue where many animals were generated at the exactly same spot at the start of the game
    • Players are no longer able to kill themselves while shooting up in the sky
    • Players won't kill a horse when shooting near its head while mounted anymore
    • Fixed stone crossbow bolt having a wrong model assigned
    • Player was able to spam particle effect when drinking potions
    • Improved various horse animations
    • Fixed players not being able to enter machines (catapults) anymore after they left them
    • Fixed bonfire being filtered as workstation
    • Fixed the issue where players were not able to enter crafting panel
    • Minor GUI tweaks
    • Several Multiplayer related issues have been fixed
    • Improved some of the Czech texts
    • Fixed ammo needed from "Ball" to "Musket ball"
    • Fixed interaction progress bar being shown even when it wasn't supposed to
    • Fixed the issue where players weren't able to scroll to see all existing games or scenarios
    • Improved readability of some GUI elements
    • Building block sizes in the inventory / catalog are once again shown with the size indicator
    • Updated some old GUI color schemes to the new one
    • Fixed the issue where cancelling out of the character creation in the Explore mode made players unable to use the basic island generation dialogue
    • It is no longer possible to search in the inventory while dragging an item
    • Escaping from a window with opened dropdown list will now close it properly
    • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to scroll game / scenario lists via mouse wheel
    • Fixed the issue where switching to the basic view during the preview refresh in the world creation panel disabled most of the advanced options
    • Fixed some of the GUI sounds not being played properly
    • Focusing items with ylandium lamp in hand should no longer be problematic
    • Fixed break and dismantle buttons not working properly at times or having misleading hints
    • Fixed unwanted particles when switching an energy switch
    • Fixed wrong loot from Brazier showing up
    • Fixed books not showing in hand
    • Fixed bug where players couldn't feed fire with flammable materials
    • Swimming animations have been improved
    • Fixed issue with steel arch blocks where you could not build around them and they could not be deleted
    • Fixed issues related to ship and raft placing
    • Projectiles should not get stuck in trigger colliders such as plants
    • Fixed explosive and crushing projectiles erroneously dealing damage twice
    • Fixed chain explosions not always working properly
    • Fixed the issue where the game would get stuck at loading when launching Ylands from a shortcut pinned at the taskbar from a previous version
    • Fixed the issue where after playing for a while dropped items fell through buildings
    • [Audio] Fixed the issue where current volume settings were ignored after leaving the credits panel
    • [Launcher] PLAY button now gets disabled upon clicking, thus preventing players from running multiple instances of the game at once
    • [Launcher] General code tweaks that should improve performance a little bit
    • [Editor] Drag and drop of duplicated objects sometimes did not work
    • [Editor] Teleporting (via move entity action) a player on a chair, bed, in a trap, on a horse, in a boat, controlling catapult should work now
    • [Editor] Combination of surface snapping and translation grid did not work correctly
    • [Editor] Drag and dropping by one axis in local coordinate system now works
    • [Editor] Picking a building block in the currently selected hotbar slot did not start placing mode
    • [Editor] Placing and deleting items in the inventory for players' roles can no longer break the dialogue window
    • [Editor] Escaping out of a logic properties window with an open list will no longer make it visible in another window
    • [Editor] Fixed Redo / Undo buttons not being highlighted at times where they should be
    • [Feedback tracker] Advanced feedback panel can now be closed with ESC
    • [Installer] Installer will now create Start Menu links properly
    • [Installer] Fixed wrong "Start In" shortcut property
    • [Random encounters] When you destroy the teleport switch on a random encounter teleport, it stops working now
  • What was so far called "Survive" mode is now the "Explore" scenario. In this scenario a large map will be created and various types of ylands (with diverse biomes) will be part of it, being able to travel to the different ylands on the map by boat. For the exploration to be easier just look at the sky and follow the Birds, they'll help you find the other ylands. Having a map with you might also be a good idea (as long as you have it in the hotbar, your path will be stored)



    • Equippable items' tooltip now shows info about which equipment slot they belong to
    • Added reset hints button
    • Launcher now uses the same language that the player has set in the game (or system language, if they're running the launcher for the first time)
    • Added sounds for rowing, some animal deaths and harvesting
    • Added sounds for fires, doors and containers
    • Added sound of hitting glass
    • All veins redistributed over the climate zones



    • [Mutiplayer] You can now see where exactly the other players are aiming at with their guns
    • Animals don't wake up now when player is far away from them
    • All flora growth time is shorter now
    • Trees are not harvested for wood anymore, the new action is called "collect wood"
    • Target slot now gets highlighted when hovering over equippable item
    • Changing active panel to Crafting/Inventory/Cube resets selected filter category to all, resulting in less confusion
    • Animals won't attack players in vehicles now
    • Elevating to a water surface is much faster
    • You create your path in the first map in the hotbar (if you have more than one). You do not have to have the map as an active item, just in the hotbar
    • Map is now easier to craft (leather, not paper)
    • Out of ammo warning is no longer shown when equipping a gun that, while not having ammo in inventory, still has some ammo loaded

    • New scenario: Yland 17
    • New scenario: Sky Arena
    • Updated tutorial yland (players who played it before and would like to see the new tutorial hints can put /resethints into the console after starting the scenario)
    • [Editor] It is now possible to create levels without any terrain or water in them. It's also possible to build in the air
    • [Editor] It is now possible to edit even games in progress created from scenarios
    • [Editor] Character mode reworked. Now it is just a different camera view, it's not a normal game anymore. Now you can edit/move objects from different perspectives (1st and 3rd person views)


    • [Editor] Added the possibility to set some parameters of entities in the Editor (name, position, rotation, hp, max hp)
    • [Editor] You can now directly edit containers' content
    • [Editor] You can now directly edit initial equipment and inventory of specific player roles
    • [Editor] You can now set some other properties as well. You can match keys and locks, open/close doors, switch levers etc.
    • [Editor] Translation grid scale is now in simple units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10
    • [Editor] Game logic objects are now sorted alphabetically in the list
    • [Editor] It is now possible to edit sign texts directly in the editor
    • [Editor] It is now possible to show/hide specific objects in the editor via layers. Hotkeys (numbers) can be used:
    • Terrain
    • Water
    • Game logics
    • Animals
    • Plants
    • Building blocks
    • Items
    • Accessories (other entities which are not animals, plants, building blocks and items)
    • Energy streams
    • [Editor] You can start dragging objects without selecting them first
    • [Editor] If you place something with double click, you will start editing it immediately
    • [Editor] You can start testing a scenario from the current camera position (F6)
    • [Editor] Grid object manipulation is forced when at least one grid item is selected (you can ignore it if you hold [V] key)
    • [Editor] Event listener can now be triggered by the player manipulating a specific type of entity
    • [Editor] Easily accessible Play button created in the lower right corner
    • [Editor] It is now possible to cause specific damage to entities via Game logic objects (Perform action with an entity - Damage)
    • The game now remembers the last character that was used and it's shown by default in the character creation panel
    • After eating, characters will now get hungry sooner than before
    • When starting a new game, the hotbar is filled with the first 8 items found in the inventory
    • Weapons and tools categories in the Character panel is merged into one, and the Plants category has been added
    • Tools are now more durable and less easily destroyed
    • Crafting of cloth takes 1/3 of resources that it used to
    • All containers have more slots now
    • Sewing kit is easier to craft
    • Leopard fur produces more leather
    • Stone and sandstone blocks have variations again
    • Players can now counter the horse trying to shake them off. When the horse is trying to shake the player off, the HOLD TIGHT tooltip appears. By holding [SPACE] this can be countered. The probability of falling is also based on the level of the horse's loyalty
    • Horse won't jump while standing still, instead a specific animation is played
    • Players can dismount the horse only while it's standing still
    • Horses tamed in the Editor will always act as normal friendly animals (will shake the players off for example)
    • Horse loyalty system changed: now you need to ride your tamed horse for an hour (real time) for it to become loyal
    • A called horse should spawn on the nearest coast (when the player is not so far from the land, in other case the horse should ignore being called)
    • The number of animals on the ylands has been raised
    • Animals are not afraid of torches anymore (this brought way too many issues in the game)
    • Eating action is now instantaneous
    • Feeding action is now instantaneous
    • Plant, Harvest, Fish, Treat wounds and Extract resin actions are now faster
    • The duration of lighting items with a torch and lighting a torch has been shortened
    • Lighting torch action now has a new animation
    • Characters now move left and right with strafing animation
    • Changed several animations of two handed weapons for a better looking two handed melee attack animation
    • It is now possible to chat during autorun
    • Catapult's strength bar has been moved higher, so it won't cover the forced fps mode tooltip
    • Free camera is once again bound to LEFT ALT
    • Added sounds for shooting bows and crossbows (only releasing the arrow)
    • [Launcher] Added special Welcome page
    • [Launcher] Launcher now supports localization - currently available in English, Czech and Spanish



    • [Editor] Opening Game logic edit window and closing it could cause change of rotation/position of game logic in some cases
    • [Editor] It should be now possible to see the correct current state of energy beams even though time is frozen
    • Animals can now walk in shallow water again
    • Players can't dismount into the wall anymore
    • Fixed incorrect animation while swimming on the horse
    • Horse calling improved
    • Horse will never try to shake the invincible player off (player with the Creator cube equipped)
    • Player is no longer stuck in swim animation when killed on the horse in the sea
    • Mounted horse will now jump even while moving at the slowest speed
    • Destroying the catapult while drawing will destroy all items in the bucket. Next newly placed catapult won't contain items from the previous one anymore
    • Catapult now becomes transparent when blocking the view
    • Fixed issue where the character could stand up from ragdoll even after dying
    • Fixed camera going into a weird location for one frame when standing up from ragdoll
    • Ragdoll fall damage is no longer unreasonably low
    • Fixed potato plant fade transitions while the plant is growing
    • Fixed hay piles and hay bales so they can be picked up again
    • Improved jump and landing animations and states
    • Fixed issue with wrong animation while lighting things with a flint lighter
    • Player won't play digging animation forever after breaking the pick axe in the middle of the digging loop
    • Fixed issue with colliding animations when holding the mouse button and running
    • Fixed the issue where spike trap was playing piercing animation after placing mode was switched off
    • Two-handed swing animations are now more dynamic
    • Bow shooting animation improved
    • Fixed incorrect melee attack animation while holding bow
    • Tweaked character pose when sitting in a chair
    • Fixed an issue where player died several times during a long fall
    • Deactivating spikes and bear traps with ranged weapons no longer causes damage to the weapons
    • Fixed "fixed date" field not getting saved properly when creating a new yland
    • Characters won't keep swimming on the ground if they were diving on the coast
    • Small white sphere visible while placing is no longer visible
    • Light sources placed in the level no longer shine more brightly than the one held at hands
    • Ostrich is no longer possessed in the Editor
    • Players won't have the bow go through the chest when they stops running
    • Fixed an issue where animals would be always running away in fear when there were at least 2 open fires anywhere on the map
    • Fixed animals not running away after receiving damage
    • Land and flying animals shouldn't be falling asleep while in water
    • Fixed a problem where, if a tree got destroyed right in the process of creating a falling tree entity, the game would break on several levels
    • Players now shouldn't see energy used/required hint without the energy linker being active
    • Fixed/Improved loading transition screens
    • Fixed issue where free camera command parameters were not restricted properly
    • Fixed free camera not switching to daylight under some circumstances
    • Adding terrain under water should now work properly
    • Switching an active item while reloading the gun now interrupts reloading
    • Better indication of being out of ammo
    • Added a 0.3s long warmup time before the player can throw grenades (to prevent carpet bombing-like grenade throwing)
    • Only explosives with "Is ignitable on ground" checkbox ticked can be ignited now, thus preventing players from igniting grenades
    • Fixed issue where players weren't able to throw the last grenade from a stack
    • Potion particle effect is now shown only when the potion has been successfully drank
    • Players were unable to change some Yland Creation options if they had the Globe panel opened
    • Eating action has sound again
    • Lots of GUI fixes
    • Obsolete ylands video removed from the main menu
    • Ragdoll in MP should work properly on client side
    • [MP] Fixed map always opening on server instead of the proper client
    • [MP] Fixed energy switches not working on clients
    • [MP] Fixed catapult shots flying differently on client and server
    • You can now provide us with your feedback about Ylands directly from the game! You can evaluate the current update's fun, performance and visuals in just 3 clicks (only once per update!) or include more info in the advanced tab. You can even report bugs directly there if you don't feel like going all the way to the forum - if you provide us with your email address (up to you), we'll make sure we get back to you as soon as it's humanly possible!
    • And don't hold back! We are already used to crying ourselves to sleep :D


    • You can now see trees falling when you chop them, and they can also be chopped and cut into pieces while lying on the ground
    • Introduced first batch of traps that can kill or immobilize any creature
    • Implemented new tutorial hints system (WiP, disabled by default in the Configure panel)
    • Added new feedback tool accessible from the in-game menu
    • New free camera, allowing moving the camera over a specific path (more info here!)
    • Added new way of showing focused items


    • New "throw" animation
    • New "jump" animation
    • Spikes now cause damage whenever a player/creature runs into/falls on them
    • New random sites added
    • Premade scenarios can now be hidden in the scenario list
    • You can lie in an open coffin
    • Improvements to the third person camera, making the camera movement smoother
    • Added the console command "console 0/1" to turn off/on the console output
    • Less data is now sent when starting a MP game, resulting in the game starting faster
    • Terrain mesh is now generated faster
    • Added new game logic object: particle effect
    • Added open/close door event. You can now invert the current state of doors with script
    • Ylands setup file can be now launched with "-launcher-update=true" to skip the uninstall step (in order to only reinstall the launcher and keep game files)
    • The game version can now be seen in the Launcher file Properties (under Details tab)
    • [Editor] Show Message and Ask Player Question can have anonymous speakers



    • Several improvements to the visibility code, resulting in additional framerate improvement
    • Improved player's character idle animation
    • Fixed occasional issues with horse tail animations
    • Reworked/fixed horse feeding process
    • Fixed the issue where dying while riding a horse and having the Cube equipped could break the game
    • Horse will keep the speed for 2.5 seconds (instead of 0.5) after releasing controls
    • Tamed horse will stay still while focused
    • It is no longer possible to dismount a horse on the top of the wave
    • Fixed/improved mouse wheel input (hotbar item selection/scrollbars)
    • Catapults should now work properly in MP
    • Fixed issues arising when the character died while controlling a catapult
    • Catapult placing: askew check will be executed every 5 seconds, not every frame as before
    • Catapults can't be controlled if placed in water
    • Taking control over catapult now disables placing mode
    • Fixed issue resulting from switching between catapult control and editor
    • Placing the catapult in an unstable position is no longer possible, and a warning message is shown when trying to do so
    • Fixed the issue where destroying a controlled catapult could broke the game
    • You can now switch between FPS and third Person mode while controlling the catapult (FPS mode is WiP)
    • Entities (trees and so on) between catapult and controlling camera should be transparent now
    • If there is not enough space for the 3rd person camera while controlling the catapult, the FPS mode is forced
    • Objects can be now selected more precisely from the catapult's placing zone
    • It's no longer possible to operate a catapult while falling or flying
    • Fixed: using mounted player as catapult ammo breaks the game
    • Fixed: missing cloth textures in MP when players are standing too close to each other or one of them is using catapult
    • Cross hairs now shrink when shooting
    • Fixed: you can get your view obscured by building blocks and you can see under the terrain
    • Adjusted warmth modifiers on clothes and armors
    • Fixed the issue where players were dying in the tunnels in the Siege scenario
    • Fixed doors that could kill players in the Siege scenario
    • Fixed the issue where torches couldn't be extinguished
    • Fixed the issue where in some cases players wouldn't have to reload the gun
    • Reloading is disabled for already drawn crossbows
    • All weapons from the Cube will need reload now
    • Reload with full magazine is disabled
    • Fixed the issue with beds' and chairs' transparency
    • Fixed the issue with entering ragdoll on bed or chair
    • Fixed the issue with camera switching while in ragdoll mode broke FPS camera
    • Fixed: entering ragdoll state in a transparent mode will reset transparency back to normal
    • Ragdoll mode will take max. 3 seconds now (starting from the first collision)
    • Fixed braziers so they don't disappear when burning out
    • Fixed transitions to swimming animation
    • Character now correctly swims in all directions
    • Disconnecting player who was interacting with the container no longer makes the container stay inaccessible to others
    • Wind turbine now shows under Energy items
    • Glass now needs to be hit more than once by bare hands to break
    • Fixed cannonball and gunpowder keg collisions
    • Instant actions like picking up items no longer stops player
    • Fixed arrows and bolts hitting the target under a wrong angle
    • Fixed players being able to ignite instant explosives, thus ending stuck in an animation loop
    • Fixed players not being able to ignite timed explosives from hand
    • Fixed timed explosives in hands giving wrong GUI hints when focusing another entity
    • Fixed animals getting damage only when an explosion occurred near their pivot
    • Ylandium generators now provide more energy
    • Game download progress bar now works as it should when connecting to MP game
    • Fixed issues with third person camera view character transparency
    • Switching from FPS to third person camera will always keep the correct rotation
    • Third person camera: distance from the player now depends on FOV values
    • Lowered HP of small targets and dummies so they are easy to destroy
    • Fixed offset of keys so they don't look so strange while unlocking doors
    • Display blocks can be used as nodes now
    • Setting the amount of random sites should now work as intended
    • Drag and dropping from the cube to the inventory will add just 1 item by default (hold ctrl before dropping and you can choose the stack count)
    • Fixed new ylands incorrectly setting their world version, resulting in further issues
    • Fixed energy streams' placing mode being disabled when exiting swim or fly mode
    • Improved path finding for fleeing flying animals
    • Slightly improved high slope handling for animals
    • Fixed newly placed grenades appearing at the place of the last explosion
    • Fixed brazier not emitting any heat and bonfire not emitting light
    • Added many new treetops and colliders for them
    • Fixed disappearing stumps under acai and birches
    • Crossbows from the Cube now must be drawn before shooting
    • Guns work correctly with the potion of flight now
    • Fixed the confusing message when you die from being shot
    • Better player position in water calculation - Player (and mounted animal) will stop constantly changing the movement state on the top of the wave
    • Better fall detection and falling damage calculation implemented
    • Door colliders are now disabled while in the opening mode
    • Switching MP mode via command line added
    • Modified savanna biotope colors
    • Fixed rusty key working as regular key
    • Added new catalog themes: Ammunition and Light source
    • Renamed Light sources group to Lamps
    • Fixed issues where sometimes only the GUI would be visible with the rest of the scene black when played on AMD
    • Fixed some controls missing in the keyboard remapping panel
    • Fixed door showing hints at wrong positions
    • Animals should not get stuck so easily now
    • Fixed broken GUI in the alchemy table
    • Fixed fade transitions of cassava plant
    • Fixed weird text being shown when deleting a character's name in the character creation panel
    • Fixed issue where items dropped/placed in the world didn't show their count
    • Fixed: scrolling in the inventory will break next opened category
    • Cave ambient color is not affected by sun color anymore
    • Barbed wire fence now causes damage
    • Animals shouldn't be trying to walk into entities such as trees and bushes so often now
    • Fixed: explosives are missing RMB pick hint
    • Fixed: text bubbles are shown above menus
    • Stack count selection panel no longer closes the other panels
    • You can choose the stack count when depositing an item into a container (hold CTRL)
    • Fixed the Terraformer flattening not working properly
    • Arrows no longer produce same particles as bullets
    • Fixed: the campfire upgrade (cooking pot) disappeared after feeding the fire
    • Fixed arctic willow items not being consumed
    • Fixed energy stove
    • [Editor] Game logic links are updated after undo action
    • [Editor] Spawn point rotation affects initial camera rotation now
    • [Editor] Fixed: selecting is not canceled when you press both mouse buttons
    • [Editor] Fixed scrolling with mouse wheel being really slow in the particle and sounds dropdown menu
    • [Editor] Fixed text boxes in some of the game logic's dialog windows not being aligned
    • [Editor] Switching from character mode to edit mode will keep camera position and orientation
    • [Editor] Deleting a chair you were siting on in the character mode in the camera mode breaks the game
    • [Launcher] Fixed several minor launcher-based issues
    • [Launcher] Fixed launcher displaying wrong trial time
    • [Launcher] Fixed Launcher memory leaks
    • [Launcher] Fixed Launcher crashing for some users

    • Places of Wonder - both small and big randomly generated locations filled with interesting objects and structures, where players can find interesting items and perform various activities. Their density can be set up while creating a new yland (in the Advanced yland creation panel) and new ones will be added all the time
    • Explosives (dynamites, grenades...)
    • Catapult that can throw everything that is located in the basket behind it (living things like animals can be thrown right now, but the ability to fire players will be added in the next update)
    • Whenever the player is asked to enter a text (mostly to name objects) a confirmation window follows to avoid unwanted texts being used
    • Added "Host a game" button under the "Join" option in the Main menu, where some players were looking for it instead of creating the MP game directly via "Play"
    • Stackable items can be now separated within the inventory (while holding CTRL when dropping them)
    • Identical stackable items can be now merged in the inventory into larger stacks
    • New sulphur and saltpeter veins now exist on ylands, allowing creation of gunpowder
    • Gunpowder-related formulas



    • Fixed issue where players were unable to rename an yland in the basic yland creation panel
    • GUI fonts size slightly increased
    • Fixed Break/Dismantle item buttons not working properly in some cases with items at the inventory
    • Tamed horse should now shake off its rider less frequently
    • Changed the visual representation of horse being fed
    • Camera position tweaked
    • Glass items should now be very easy to break
    • Warning about max. possible yland size allowed for MP is once again shown
    • Horse animations have now smoother transitions
    • Animals are no longer fleeing from predators (until their fleeing behaviour is improved)
    • Fixed some panels still using the old visual scheme
    • Fixed missing or obstructed texts at some panels
    • Fixed issue where typing in texts (e.g. naming an yland) would slow down the game
    • Fixed character visual at the character creation panel sometimes looking different from the initial values
    • All animals now make step sounds
    • Slightly raised gamepad deadzone
    • Fixed issue that sometimes prevented players from connecting to a LAN session
    • Fixed several issues with dyeing and potion making workstation panels
    • Before this update we were able to shoot just with bows, but from now on we'll have a wide range of long-distance weapons to choose from - crossbows, handguns, rifles, shotguns, you name it! Just make sure the ammo is in your inventory and you're good to go (using the ammo from the creator cube will make it into infinite ammo - Hershel from The Walking Dead would approve!). For those who are not experts in the art of war, don't panic, because there will be a hint telling us what ammo to use in each case.
    • If you try to shoot with an empty clip it will be auto reloaded, or you can reload your weapon at any time by pressing R (ideally before you get shot while you are still loading our weapon; but if not, I'm pretty sure the vultures won't complain about it). For a more precise shooting, click the right mouse button and it'll be switched to the aiming mode. Shoot them rabbits right where you want to!

    • And now that you can perform different actions with the things you hold in your hands, new controls were assigned so that one of the hands is always free, and so the controls have been reset.


    • Introduced "proper" shooting for both firearms and bows
    • New GUI looks (please note that some panels are still being tweaked)
    • Duplicated keys now fit original locks. Duplicated doors/chests can be opened with the key which fits the original door/chest
    • New way of dyeing items (new workstation looks and recipes)
    • Added a new visual hint showing the player that they have received/lost an item
    • [Editor] Eyedrop tool added (allows quick selection/duplication of objects present in the level)
    • [Editor] "Perform action with an entity" now accepts an additional parameter (e.g. to specify how much damage should an entity receive etc.)
    • [Editor] Character is now flying after switching to character mode
    • [Editor] Added Clone button that allows for game logic object actions to be duplicated
    • Largely improved/reworked Launcher window
    • Actor now remains in the game even after the player has logged out (the one setting up the game will eventually be able to enable/disable this feature)
    • It is now possible to rebuild fire from the ashes
    • Added confirmation panel to various operations in the menu
    • Updated/added several animations
    • Added new animal: vulture
    • Added several boar variations
    • Mirrors now reflect the sky color and players' character
    • Added new particle effects (e.g. water splashes)
    • Added new sounds
    • Weapons now require/consume proper animations and can be reloaded
    • Characters and animals now lay feet on the terrain properly
    • Characters now correctly turn to the direction they're aiming at
    • First rough iteration of character movement gamepad controls (please note that most of the advanced features and GUI panels can't be controlled via gamepad yet)
    • Implemented a lot of camera-related improvements, plus the position of the character in 3rd person view has been changed
    • Temporarily removed Dutch language from the language list
    • Picked items now visually move "into" the character



    • [Launcher] Fixed/improved over dozen of bugs and issues
    • [Launcher] Fixed freezing during the Authentication step
    • [MP] Numerous fixes of various game features not working correctly/optimally in MP
    • [Editor] Deleting trigger zones no longer breaks the Editor
    • [Editor] It is no longer possible to interact with the underlying GUI with the Game menu panel active
    • [Editor] Animals no longer make sounds when the game is paused
    • [Editor] Search field now gets cleared after changing the object category
    • [Editor] Some operations should now be more smooth
    • Fixed several issues related to throwing objects out of the inventory
    • Fixed several issues with Undo/Redo feature
    • Fixed several issues that could cause the game to crash during the loading of a level
    • Players can't get stuck while locking/unlocking doors anymore
    • Gutting a dead animal should now work as intended
    • Fixed numerous items that were working/displayed incorrectly either in the catalogue or in the game
    • Loyal horses no longer try to get rid of their owner
    • Fixed several incorrect Czech translations
    • Fixed issues experienced while removing the Creator cube or the Propeller pack while having full inventory
    • Fixed issue where some objects were shown more than once in the catalogue
    • Fixed issue where players were sometimes unable to take screenshots
    • Dyes are now stacking properly
    • Improved scrolling via mouse wheel in some panels
    • Fixed issue where players were unable to mark items as favorite
    • Fixed situations where during placing of the items players would incorrectly get "I can't do that yet" message
    • Dead characters no longer react to being hit
    • Items no longer show "dropping" animation when being placed in the level
    • Fixed several ragdoll-related issues
    • Players can no longer use their own character as a support to place objects in the air
    • Fixed issue where trigger zones would react to non-intended objects
    • All weapons should now cause the appropriate type of damage
    • Fixed issue where changing the game language would sometimes fail
    • Heavy armors now slow player down as they should
    • Fixed several issues related to terraforming
    • Lowest sea temperature is now -2°C
    • Fires will now get extinguished whenever they get in water
    • Improved several aspects of animal AI
    • Fixed issues where water was sometimes missing on some terrain blocks
    • Fixed issue where players with the Creature cube equipped wouldn't emit any glow
    • Item shortcuts can now be removed from the hotbar properly
    • It is no longer possible to edit a deleted scenario
    • Deleting all savegames no longer prevents the player from returning to the main menu
    • Fixed several issues found in the Yland selection/creation/editing panels
    • Horses shouldn't be repeatedly stopping anymore
    • Shadow distance in the game configuration should now work properly
    • Drinking the Glow potion once again results in light being emited
    • Doors are no longer behaving in a weird way in the inventory/catalogue
    • Players shouldn't be able to see their headless torso now
    • The character's hand no longer disappears while shooting
    • Players can now once again move items among the inventory slots freely
    • Fixed issue where some building materials had set incorrect grid size requirements
    • Characters can now lay down when sitting
    • Fixed wrong names of some items
    • Shovel is now flattening the terrain in ways that are expected
    • Constructing objects in the world from the crafting panel should now work every time
    • Music and other sounds no longer play after the game has lost focus
    • Clicking RMB in a container now places the object into the inventory instead of equipping it
    • It is now possible to check/uncheck the Custom tracks option in the Audio config panel
    • Fixed projectiles not hitting their targets even when they should have
    • The lantern should now emit light in a proper way
    • Annihilator should now be aimed more easily
    • Animals no longer walk backward or sideways
    • Fixed characters falling through chairs when sitting on a chair placed on an uneven surface
    • Pressing ESC or alt-tabbing when diving no longer breaks the game
    • The game now uses a mesh combining technique with its building blocks (such as stone blocks, brick blocks and many others). Before mesh combining, when the game wanted to draw a building consisting of 500 blocks, the CPU was telling the graphics card: "Render this block. When you're done, render this block. Then this block." That had to repeat 500 times. Now, the CPU tells the graphics card: "Would you kindly render this big thing of 500 blocks?". And the GFX responds: "Yeah, sure, man! Phew, glad you didn't tell me to render it block by block, that would really be time consuming!" Thanks to this improvement, we got a major performance increase in areas with lots of buildings (we're talking about twofold or threefold FPS gain here).

    • We've spent the last few weeks taming our horses, and we've found a new riding-technique.
    • When taking your horse for a walk, you can now set the next speed by double tapping the W button. If you want to slow down, press S.
    • If you stop holding W, the horse won't stop immediately, it will slow down until it stops completely. If you want to just relax and feel the air in your face while riding your horse, press * and you'll activate the autorun mode. During autorun, use W/S to change the speed. Holding the S button or pressing * will stop autorun.


    • Weapons now deal various types of damage (therefore some work better against some objects/armors)
    • Items can now be repaired by using the repair kit from the item overview panel
    • Objects in the game now have resistances to various types of damage (piercing damage by arrows does minimum damage to trees while slashing it with axes makes them very unhappy)
    • New optimizations that result in better fps
    • [Editor] Added Undo/Redo feature
    • [Editor] You can now use the terraforming tool directly in the editor without going to the character mode (please note that this is just the first iteration, in the next update the controls will be fully integrated into the editor and made more user-friendly)
    • Attack animations now reflect the type of weapon equipped (blunt, piercing and slashing type of weapons)
    • Lights now turn on/off gradually
    • Animals can now be healed when they eat
    • Enraged animals can calm down after they eat
    • Player can now see the health of tamed/loyal horses



    • Movement hints are shown during the horse riding
    • Fixed an issue where horses could not be fed sometimes
    • All game logic objects should now show proper selection boxes when selected in the editor
    • Horse names are now updated to reflect the name changes even when the horse was focused during the change
    • You can no longer dismount the horse while jumping
    • You can no longer jump while standing in place when mounting a horse
    • Mounted player now gets damage after the long jump
    • Fixed sitting position on all chairs
    • Fixed colliders on all chairs with backrest
    • [Editor] Fixed issue where "instant rotate/move" actions sometimes didn't execute
    • [Editor] Fixed issue where actions set to be executed upon specific item leaving the trigger zone were triggered after the game had been loaded even when the item was still inside the trigger zone
    • [Editor] After the object being placed is deselected it gets also deselected in the right-hand list
    • [Editor] Interaction lines to deleted game logic object should not be visible anymore
    • [Editor] You can no longer start placing while performing other action
    • Adjusted damage dealt by dart shooters
    • You won't ride an invisible horse after dying while riding (it was fun, though...)
    • New default key for Dismount is now U
    • Fixed issue where switching camera mode while mounted resulted in various problems
    • Character is now properly animated when transitioning between laying and sitting states
    • Mummy is now fearless and never sleeps
    • Balanced damage done by animals
    • Drag and dropping things in the character panel now should have lower impact on fps
    • Player can no longer sit/lie in the air
    • Switching camera to first person view while player was semi-transparent no longer leaves the player that way
    • Fixed minor ragdoll-related issues
    • Fixed character positioning problems when mounting/dismounting a horse
    • Stopping in water during the horse riding no longer makes you sink for a moment
    • Character can no longer move while mounting a horse
    • Crabs no longer keep turning on one spot
    • Fixed issue where crabs were floating above ground
    • Look! There's a horse right there! Let me pet it for a whi... hey! Why is he ignoring me?
    • Because, my friend, he doesn't trust you enough! Would you feel safe around a double-headed dragon who tried to touch you with his claws? But what if he fed you with a 4 cheese pizza? Wouldn't you then feel different about the dragon? No need to answer to that, it might just be me...
    • Aaanyway! Give some yummy stuff (the yummier the better) to the horse and he'll become your best buddy! Mount him and run like the wind until the sun sets! (or until he decides to kick you, everyone knows 1 out of 8 horses behaves more like an ass)
    • Only then you will be able to give him a name - but you can only do this once, so choose it wisely! (otherwise he would get confused by the different names, and we don't want that, do we?) And if you lose him out of sight, you can call him by pressing F9 and he'll come to you.
    • Our ylands are becoming more and more civilized and from now on we will use our hands to open doors, instead of bumping into them like rugby players.
    • But one cannot be cautious enough, right? Lock the door after leaving to make sure no one steals your goods.
    • This is how it goes: you have a door with a lock on it, you take a blank key and lock said door (you can then rename it so that you don't end up with 500 keys that look the same in your pockets). From now on you'll be able to unlock this lock only with this key (the one and only key to rule them all! Actually just one door, so it's not that epic), and this key will only work in this lock. The same goes for chests!

    • Note: We are aware of the issue where in some cases in multiplayer games the player may see other players and the horses they are riding not properly synchronized (the rider being ahead of their horse etc.). We are already working on the fix.


    • Horse domestication
    • Horse riding (at various speeds)
    • Horse calling
    • Locking / unlocking doors and chests
    • Doors are now opened via action, not by pushing into them
    • Added dart shooters to the game. They can be triggered by an event in the editor
    • Terraformer: you can add water to an existing water volume more easily
    • [Editor] You can test your scenario and return to the editor without going through the main menu scene
    • [Editor] Added several new types of trigger objects to the trigger zone (any player, any animal, any item, specific entity, specific entity type)
    • [Editor] Added new trigger actions: move/rotate item instantly
    • [Editor] In the character mode trigger zones can be triggered: they will write to a console what would happen if it was not in the editor
    • [Editor] When selected, trigger zones show connections to objects they affect
    • [Editor] Added a new game logic: event listener (Example: mounting an animal, opening a container, picking a specific item etc. can trigger an action)
    • [Editor] Added new "Ask player" action which can be used in all triggers (in event listener too). This action will open an input field with a question for a player to answer. They can write something in it and confirm that field. Different actions may be triggered based on given answers
    • [Editor] Visual overhaul of the game logic object settings panel - now it's cleaner and better arranged (also, some fields can be closed/opened via arrows)
    • [Editor] Added the possibility of copying the position or rotation of a selected object via context menu (RMB) and to apply these values to other objects (via context menu or inside the game logic object settings panel).
    • [Editor] The state of the editor buttons is now remembered



    • [Editor] Fixed difficulty opening the game logic object setting via double clicking if some transform widget was visible
    • [Editor] If you add spawn points in the editor but you do not add any player role, you will be spawned randomly on one of the spawn points
    • Fixed Festive tree input port
    • Fixed darkened visuals of particles emitted from the terraformer and other tools if player's character was transparent
    • Fixed painting via terraformer sometimes not behaving as expected
    • Improved focusing of interactable objects
    • Fixed the issue with animals going under water
    • Fixed the issue with dying from hight/low temperatures too fast
    • Fixed idle animals - now they have a bit randomized animations to prevent their synchronized idling

    • Characters can now sit and lay both on the ground and chairs and beds (to sit/lay on the ground: F4/F5 by default)
    • Context menu is now available in the editor
    • Workstation GUI has been reworked (now it's a part of the Character panel along with the inventory etc.)
    • New loading screen when leaving an yland to main menu or to the desktop
    • First bunch of console related improvements
    • A save confirmation panel is now shown when leaving the editor
    • Camera movement in the editor has changed. While holding down RMB you go in the camera direction. Mouse scroll is now zooming the point under the mouse cursor
    • Particle effects added to Propeller pack item



    • Fixed wireframe selection boxes in the editor that sometimes showed weirdly colored
    • Fixed the ability to place terrain materials (e.g. dirt) in the air without it actually appearing in the world, but decreasing the material count anyway
    • Launcher: Fixed a rare issue where the launcher would not run properly with a specific folder in the Ylands directory
    • Launcher: Fixed a not so rare issue where the launcher would run itself twice with one instance being unusable (containing some template texts etc.)
    • Fixed an issue where editing a custom language file with the game running would always end up in an endless loop
    • Slightly sped up translations loading (should affect both initial game loading and custom texts import)
    • Fixed player not making hurt sounds when being attacked by entities other than animals and other players (e.g. Tesla Coils)
    • Fixed screenshots being saved as black images
    • Fixed File/Save tab in the editor sometimes behaving oddly
    • Fixed issue where hiding the GUI made impossible to display the in-game menu (showing the in-game menu now turns the GUI on)
    • Fixed several minor GUI related issues
    • Fixed some animation transitions
    • Fixed some multiplayer issues
    • Fixed issue with slot counts in some containers
    • Fixed issue with polar bear not eating
    • Editor: you cannot drag and drop items on the part of the terrain that is not generated anymore
    • The Editor has evolved from elementary to extended, bringing us a more advanced version – but this isn't even its final form! We will continuously work on it in the months to come, and with every update it will be tweaked to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore your feedback is highly welcome!
    • Right now it is only possible to edit in the scenario ylands, but in the future it will be used in every sort of game.
    • Something important to mention is that it is possible to copy (Ctrl + C), paste (Ctrl + V), duplicate (Ctrl + D) delete (Delete key) and select multiple items (holding Ctrl) in the editor with said shortcuts, but for now this is not specified by any hint. This will be changed in the future and it will be possible to complete these actions by right clicking on the item/object. In the same way, shortcuts will be added for every button.
    • There are tooltips for every button in the editor, but in case you find the interface not to be very intuitive, we decided to compile a short “guide” on our forums, mainly explaining what each button does. And shortly a video describing the Editor's main features will follow.
    • We would like to take this as a chance to begin a series of guides that will hopefully shed some light upon some of the current in-game features (which players' feedback has proven not to be that clear at the moment), like what potions are for or how to use workstations.


    • Massive scenario editor update (new features, GUI, optimizations and tweaks)
    • Players can now craft various items and objects that utilize energy (those that were available only from the catalog until now)
    • Better tree collision detection for projectile weapons
    • Ragdoll simulation (when landing from heights)
    • New character footstep particles
    • Weapons get damaged when being used to hit enemies / smash things
    • Copper veins can now be found on ylands
    • Particle effect is now shown when taking environmental damage



    • Fixed issues with Map item
    • Fixed issue where wall torches and torch stands could be lighted twice
    • Fixed animals rotating around their axis while sleeping
    • Fixed some recipes consuming tools and not lowering durability
    • Added / Fixed harvest action on bushes
    • Fixed several recipes with magic dust
    • Ostrich walks better over obstacles now
    • Fixed issue with bonfires working as workstations
    • Fixed bad colliders on all bonfire prefabs
    • Players can no longer perform actions while flying using the flight potion
    • Present boxes are containers now
    • Fixed numerous editor GUI related issues
    • Paintings were renamed for easier filtering in editor
    • Renamed piles of dirt to the respective tree and plant names
    • Fixed several issues with chat input focus
    • Fixed several non-localized strings
    • Fixed several texts being cut-off in-game
    • Fixed birds sliding along the terrain instead of flying
    • Fixed animals having seizures when standing on one spot
    • Magic bush is much rarer now in all climate areas
    • Fixed energy objects having issues in multiplayer
    • Fixed issue with disappearing hints for focused items
    • Fixed issue where energy nodes could not be focused
    • We've been toying with the game controls scheme for some time now, and right now we've reached a point where we'd like to have as few controls as possible for the game experience to be more intuitive and user friendly.
    • As of this update you can interact with your immediate surroundings with 2 buttons:

    - The left mouse button by default: you can [place, hit with, eat…] the item you are holding in your hand. This can change depending on what you are facing in the level. For example: holding the “flint lighter” in your hand won't do anything per se (you can just hit things with it), but as soon as you focus the “unlit campfire”, the hint to light it will pop up.

    - The right mouse button by default: you can interact with the items you are facing in the world: pick something up, toggle a switch, open a chest…

    • Note: if you reconfigured your default key bindings, you might want to reset it so that you can notice the changes


    • Added containers with variable number of slots that can hold players' items
    • New simplified controls scheme
    • New feature allowing faster and easier translation added for community translators ( see https://ylands.com/community/topic/138-translation-how-to-check-my-texts-in-the-game/ )
    • Added support for Dutch language
    • Items can be now placed into the scene also by drag'n'droping them from the inventory
    • Only interactable items are displayed as focused
    • New way how objects placed in the scene can be removed (larger objects constructed in the scene can be "salvaged" for two minutes after they have been placed by a single hit. In that case all the ingredients used to build them are returned to the player)
    • Damage visual effect is now shown at the screen borders when the actor gets hit
    • New slider allowing adjusting of distance where objects are no longer drawn (while the Detail distance affects at what distance the entities show their simplified visuals)



    • Additional animal AI fixes
    • Several multiplayer-related fixes
    • Fixed several equipment and container related bugs
    • Implemented more comprehensive damage model of processing and reacting to entity damage
    • Items with multiple stacks in scene (e.g. stick x3) now actually react to damage piece by piece
    • Several potionmaking-related fixes
    • Fixed step sounds not being played in first person camera
    • Fixed issue with hotbar slot selection via mouse wheel not always working as expected
    • Several issues related to hints fixed
    • Player owned items now correctly respond to durability damage from interactions/crafting (i.e. they are destroyed and smoothly removed once the durability reaches 0)
    • Performance optimizations
    • Fixed black wings and possibly other flying animals not changing their flying/ground bodies properly
    • Fixed placement grid not showing where it should
    • Fixed non-predators not fearing fires

    • First iteration of the Scenario Editor (work in progress)
    • Updated main menu scene
    • Enhanced/updated character animations and movement for both camera modes


    • Seeds for all existing plants
    • Game logic objects - Time Trigger, Player Role, Spawn Point, Trigger Zone


    • [Multiplayer] Fixed most issues that resulted in players not being able to see/connect to other player's games

    • First version of enhanced lighting system, resulting in nicer, more realistically working light sources (still work in progress)
    • FPS camera is no longer moving while the player stands still, making the object placing easier
    • Items and groups in the catalogue can now be toggled as favorite also by drag-and-dropping them over the Favorites button
    • Players can now move items from the catalogue to their inventory either by drag-and-dropping the item over the Inventory button or via the special button available at the items' detailed view
    • Improved new yland terrain generation (now generates up to 33% faster)
    • Adjusted distance where objects disappear - especially player-built structures should disappear at greater distances


      • Canvas
      • Ginger cat
      • Grey cat
      • Sunflower
      • Night flower
      • Bird banter
      • Savanna at dusk
      • Fancy dancing
      • Water lily
      • Joyful snail
      • Jowls
      • Windmill
      • Sinister castle
      • Barn
      • Sunset
      • Shipwreck
      • Lighthouse
      • Shining lighthouse
      • Zebra
      • Skunk aroma
      • Raibert the ferret
      • Scarlet parrot
      • The struggle
      • Sunny yland
      • Yland at night
      • Fresh still life
      • Spoiled still life
      • Giraffe
      • Eagle owl
      • Sunny mountains
      • Spitting llama


    • Fixed blinking particles in inventory/catalogue slots
    • Fixed a nasty bug that caused that every time (during a single session) an animal became enraged and started attacking the player, the damage it caused became multiplied
    • Fixed the issues where players were unable to write on sign posts
    • Animals now react to a torch being held by the player the same way as to a campfire (to a lesser degree)
    • Fixed an occasional game crash caused by placing a lot of items with the Replicator
    • Fixed issues where the character in the main menu scene could hold items they were not holding in the game
    • Fixed issues where empty stacks of items could be dropped

    • Enhanced item catalog system containing special categories: "Favorites" (can be selected by the player), "New & Noteworthy" (new and modified items) and "Groups & Themes"
    • Potion making - players can now create both common and magical potions at the Alchemy table
    • Item dyeing - clothes can be now dyed at the Dyeing stand
    • Animal predators now fear campfires. Note that they can overcome their fear if they are starving or they are provoked enough
    • The Replicator now copies energy networks as well
    • The Replicator now remembers the last 5 stored structures
    • Drinking animation added
    • The game launcher now supports clickable links
    • The dialog used to select how many items out of a stack are taken/used/dropped is no longer shown automatically. Instead the player needs to hold the assigned key (Default: Left CTRL) for this panel to open when they perform the relevant action



    • Fixed a rare bug where players might get stuck between two blocks with no way of getting out
    • Memory leak found and fixed
    • Fixed problem where text bubbles showing text said by a character (not read from a sign, which is intended) could not be properly seen in the darkness
    • The Replicator no longer stays in hand when a placing mode has been toggled
    • Numerous fixes and GUI tweaks
    • Fixed performance issues when placing animals into scene
    • Several animal AI improvements (more to come)
    • Cycling object variants while building will no longer reset the rotation and offset position of an object being placed
    • Item previews should now be properly rotated so that they face the camera
    • Energy streams can now pass through anything
    • Created "Energy" category tab so that players can find new energy objects more easily
    • All energy items can now be found under the "Energy" category tab
    • Energy nodes can now be picked up even when they are linked to energy streams
    • Removed objects of type "XY parts/materials". Originally objects like the campfire were first crafted into this type of item, they had to be placed in the hotbar, activated and placed in the level. Now as soon as the object is crafted, players can place it in the level
    • Players are now able to interact with objects in scene (e.g. pull levers) even with an item equipped
    • New zone demonstrating energy devices added to the tutorial yland (please note that you have to start a new game for this to become available)



    • Fixed digging visualization projection not being shown
    • Fixed the issue where players couldn't place the floating platform in the air
    • PLEASE NOTE: Because we did some changes to the game controls, we had to reset the game controls scheme. Those of you who have reconfigured the default control scheme in some way will need to do it again. The most noticeable changes are:
    • The default keys for opening the Character panel are now [Tab] and [­I]
    • Placing mode change (building in grid vs. free placement mode) is now toggled via [P]
    • Interaction with entities in the scene (other than looting) is now (as indicated with a hint) done via [E]


    • Energy just came to your ylands. With the first devices available (and more to come soon) you can create both simple and sophisticated energy setups
    • Added Ambient Occlusion effect - in addition to basic SSAO, players can now enjoy state-of-the-art HBAO+ developed and licensed by NVIDIA as part of NVIDIA GameWorks™
    • Added particle effect shown when objects are destroyed
    • Added another way of creating a campfire - by using a light with a small piece of wood lying on the ground
    • Items that can't be broken down into small fragments can now be destroyed
    • Added the ability to set count of affected objects when performing an action with stacked items
    • Added bears (normal and polar)
    • Newly created ylands now contain more interesting landscape shapes (players can still select to have the ylands created based on the previous algorithm by selecting "Hillside" terrain type in the advanced yland creation panel)
    • When the player's character is hit, it affects the currently playing animation
    • Water now doesn't flow through the building blocks, which allows the creation of dams and pools
    • Use button in the item detail panel now works in a more flexible way and so does dragging and dropping items over the character in the equip panel



    • Removed some obsolete game items such as door and window frames
    • Sharks are now transformed into the correct object when they die
    • Player's character now picks up items without crouching
    • First batch of animal AI-related fixes
    • Fixed issue where the items that spawn in the scene (mostly those created as a result of digging) would be added to stacks

    • Added item "Replicator", that allows faster and more comfortable building. Copy or remove whole groups of building blocks
    • Added Czech language support
    • Ambient Occlusion (available under Graphics settings)
    • /cmdlist in console now displays a list of available console commands
    • Launcher now shows user ID of the currently logged user
    • Added new "eating" animations for several animals
    • Added first batch of button tooltips (more to come)



    • Fixed a problem where people with special characters in their user ID or password were unable to log in. Please note that if you are not able to login even with this update, you may have to download the setup again from the Bohemia Interactive store and reinstall the game (your games should stay intact but you may want to backup them anyway - they can be found in Documents/Ylands/Games)
    • Fixed a crash occurring when players tried to smooth the terrain at the map border
    • Fixed a problem with picking up the item partially stuck in the ground
    • Fixed numbers of ingredients needed for crafting a certain item being switched in some cases
    • Carnivorous animals eat only meat now
    • When the actor receives damage over time (burning, drowning) they make appropriate sounds so it is easier for the player to notice
    • Fixed several issues related to the location selection globe
    • Better jump animations
    • Fixed an issue with text bubbles where sometimes the background wasn't scaled correctly or the bubble wasn't visible at all
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes a starting time and a location were not stored properly
    • Smash control hint isn't shown anymore as this is the default action (bound to the left mouse button by default) available most of the time
    • Changed sound effects for hyena

    • New item preview



    • Overall improvements to performance (visibility tweaks, improved water reflections)
    • Fixed several memory leaks
    • Fixed several bugs related to workstations (e.g., campfire upgrades)
    • Fixed numerous GUI-related bugs

    • The main menu scene environment now changes based on recently played/newly created game
    • When starting a new game the default character is now randomized



    • Improved general game stability
    • Fixed several audio-related issues
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