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Clothing is used to stay warm and display the player's style.

Almost all Clothing, including Armor can be customized using the Dyeing Stand to make the player look unique.

See also: Hats (list), Shirts (list), Pants (list), and Shoes (list)


Armor protects the player from Damage. Full list of Armor, including defence statistics, speed penalties, warmth, and craftability, click here.

Scuba Diving Equipment[]

For a complete list, click here. Scuba diving equipment or Water Breathing Potion can be used by the player to breath underwater for a short period of time. This is especially helpful to look at underwater Random Encounters.

Propeller Pack[]

For more information, see Propeller Pack. The Propeller Pack can be used to make the player fly.

All Clothing (list)
Hats (list)

African KofiaAlchemist CapAmish HatBandit HatBaseball CapBeanie HatBeefeater HatBeretBicorn HatBobble HatBoletus HatBowler HatCap with SpectaclesCaptain HatCharmer HatChef HatChieftan HatConical HatCoral CrownCowboy HatEgyptian CapEgyptian War CrownExpedition CapExplorer's HatFedoraFeather HatFezFishing HatFrench BeretGold CrownHead FeathersHemingway's HatInuit HatIron CrownJester's HatKeffiyehKnitted CapLab Face ShieldLasture HatMaya HatNavy HatNorthern Uniform HatParty HatPharaoh CrownPilgrim's HatPirate Captain HatRasta HatSanta HatShaman HatSmall Bowler HatSoldier HatSoldier Tricorn HatSombreroSouthern Uniform HatSt. Patrick's HatStraw HatTam o' Shanter HatToadstool HatTop HatTraditional Chinese HatTricorn HatTurbanWinter HatWitch HatWizard HatWoodsman's Hat

Shirts (list) Alchemist RobeAtlantean DressAtlantean TunicBard RobeChef CoatCoral ShirtCowboy ShirtCowgirl ShirtCrop Top ShirtDenim JacketEgyptian DressEgyptian TunicElven TunicEngineer JacketExpedition JacketFur JacketGrass ShirtInuit ParkaKarate Kimono Lab CoatLayered T-ShirtMaya TunicMummy WrapsNative American JacketNinja KimonoNeoprene SuitNobleman CaftanNorthern UniformPattern ShirtPattern Suit JacketPharaoh RobesPirate Captain JacketPirate ShirtRain CoatSailor ShirtSanta CoatShaman TunicSheriff ShirtShirtSleeveless ShirtSoldier JacketSouthern UniformStriped ShirtSwim Suit TopTraditional Chinese ShirtWoodsman's Shirt
Pants (list) Alchemist PantsAtlantean ShortsAtlantean SkirtBard SkirtCaptain PantsCargo PantsCowboy PantsEgyptian LoinclothEgyptian SkirtElven PantsEngineer PantsExpedition PantsFur PantsGrass SkirtInuit SkirtJeansKarate Kimono PantsMaya SkirtMummy Wraps SkirtNative American PantsNeoprene PantsNinja Kimono PantsNobleman PantsNorthern Uniform PantsPantsPattern Suit PantsPharaoh SkirtPirate PantsSanta PantsShaman PantsShort PantsSkirtSoldier PantsSouthern Uniform PantsSweatpantsSwim Suit ShortsTraditional Chinese SkirtTuxedo Pants
Shoes (list) Alchemist ShoesAtlantean SandalsBard BootsBlack Cowboy BootsBootsBrown Cowboy BootsCaptain ShoesEgyptian SandalsElven BootsEngineer BootsExpedition BootsFlippersFur BootsLeather ShoesMaya ShoesNobleman BootsPharaoh SandalsPirate BootsSanta BootsShoesSuit ShoesTraditional Chinese ShoesTuxedo ShoesWellingtons
Other ArmorScuba Diving Equipment