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Crafting Basics[]

To access the inventory menu, press the inventory menu key (default 'I' or 'Tab') while in-game. This will bring up the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the character panel, showing the player's inventory and equipment slots.

The inventory menu.

From here, the player may switch tabs to change between the Cube, Inventory, Crafting, Blueprints, Costumes, and Pets menus. Alternatively, the crafting menu can be accessed directly by pressing the crafting menu key (default 'O').

The main crafting menu.

The crafting menu using the all items option.

The items that can be crafted will appear in this menu. Unless the server is set to "All Recipes Revealed," the player needs to learn new recipes by having all the needed ingredients in the inventory. The player will also learn all recipes for a given item by having the crafted item itself in their inventory. At the start of a new game without "All Recipes Revealed," the player will already know the recipes to the following basic items: Flint Lighter, Grass Rope, Grass Shirt, Grass Skirt, Grass Sleeping Pad, Herb Bag, Stone Axe, Stone Hammer, Stone Knife, Stone Pick, Torch, Campfire, and Wicker Basket.

The recipes available when starting a game in Exploration Mode.

The player's crafting options are determined by the items in the inventory, as well as which Workstations are available. The player can also see recipes using a specific item by clicking on "Used In" in the inventory menu.

The inventory menu with an item selected.

The items an Iron Ingot is used in. The top items are craftable with the current inventory. The grayed out recipes with a number below can be crafted with a specific Workstation. The player can click on these items to find out which Workstation is needed. The other grayed out recipes are missing ingredients. The player can click on these items to see which ingredients are still needed.

To the right of the items is where the crafting recipe appears, showing the player which ingredients and the quantities that are required. To craft an item, simply click on it, and then click the Craft button in the bottom right of the GUI. The newly crafted item will be placed in the player's inventory or dropped on the ground by the player's feet if the player's inventory space is too full.

If the recipe produces more than one of the product, this will be reflected in the number below the item and the number displayed next to "Can Craft" on the right.

Large numbers of stackable items can be made by clicking the Craft More button, giving the option to choose how many to craft.

A slider allows the player to choose how many of the item to craft. The player can also type in the desired amount above the slider.

To exit the player's inventory or crafting menu, press their respective key again {'I'/'O') or Esc.


Many recipes require a specific workstation in order to craft the item. Most items that are crafted using a workstation will be added to the player's crafting menu before the workstation is crafted itself. In order to use any workstation, the player must first place it in the world and right-click it.

Each workstation has a list of items that player knows how to create along with two tabs: Recipe, which shows the recipe for the selected item, and Pending, which shows the finished, in progress, and (if unlit) not yet started crafted items. The player can click "Take All" or right click a finished item to retrieve it. Right clicking an item in progress will cancel the item.

The player can still access craft other items while interacting with a workstation by clicking on the crafting tab. This takes the player back to a main crafting menu hub, from which the player can craft the regular items.

The main crafting hub.

Some workstations, such as the Campfire and Smelting Furnace, among others, require the player to feed them with a fuel source first like Firewood or Coal, before igniting them.

While holding a fuel source, hold down left click to feed a workstation.

Crafting Progress Tree[]

Below is an interactive illustration of a basic progress tree. However it does not show every item that is available in the game. Click on an item to be directed to it's crafting page.

Mining DrillYlandium LanternPropeller PackYlandium GeneratorCharging StationYlandium Power CellSmall Ylandium EngineYlandium DustYlandium RefinerySmall Steam EngineCar ChassisTireFlippersDrive BeltRubber SlabMusket BallShotgun ShellCannonballBulletGunpowderMining HelmetEnergy StoveFlashlightVacuum TubeEnergy CoilEnergy ConverterEnergy RegulatorEnergy WorkbenchChemistry StationSoldering IronAugerGearboxPadlockFirearmsLocksmith TableYlandium CrystalRaw RubberSaltpeter ChunkSulphur ChunkLab BurnerCopper WireCopper IngotCopper OreViceBumblebee CannonSteel PlateSteel TubeCogwheelSteel RodCoalBoatMast with SailShipMapWooden ChestWooden DoorWooden Block (1x1x4)PlankBlank Paper SheetPaper PressBamboo RaftWooden RaftLogBamboo SticksPropellerFoundryCasting MoldGlassblowing PipeIron PickIron ChiselIron HammerNailsIron KnifeScrewdriverIron AxeIron SawDyeing StandStoveAnvilIron IngotIron OreAlchemy TableGlass FlaskLanternMagnifying GlassRaw GlassSandBlacksmith ForgePencilFurnace LiningCharcoalKilnSmelting FurnaceClayBellowsSewing KitClothYarnCottonFlaxSisal Agave LeavesStone SpearTanning RackSpinning WheelWeaving LoomTorchWooden NeedlePoleWood PulpCampfireWooden PiecesStickStone KnifeFlint LighterStone ArrowResinFlintFeatherStone AxeStone PickStone AxeStone MortarStoneStick BowGrass RopeGrass SkirtGrass ShirtGrassCrafting Tree.png
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