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Creator Cube
Creator Cube.png
"The most powerful item. When equipped, allows creation of any existing object."
Item ID
Destruction Yields
20x Ylandium Dust

The Creator Cube one of the power tools given to the player in Sandbox. Using the Editor, creators can also give players or admins the Creator Cube when the game starts or even make it a prize or reward in a Custom Game. It is the only item that can be equipped in the accessory slot. When equipped, Animals won't attack the player and are easier to Tame. The player cannot take damage (except using the command /killme), has no hunger and has unlimited oxygen when underwater. This is indicated by the Healthbar turning purple. The player's Firearms have unlimited Ammunition. It also gives the player a full catalog of all the items available in the game, including Plants, Animals, and Items that cannot be crafted (including more Creator Cubes).

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The Creator Cube cannot be crafted.