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  • Plants (Flora) can be picked for their products, which can either be crafted into other materials, eaten, or turned into seeds. Seeds can then be planted to grow the plants again.
  • Herbs include all small plants in the game. Most of the herbs can be put into the Herb Bag. In most cases, there is nothing left of the herb plant once it is picked.
  • Shrubs are medium-sized plants and Trees are large plants. Unlike Herbs, Shrubs and Trees will fruit over and over without killing the plant. Some shrubs are just decorative and do not have a product. Most trees do not have a product, but can be chopped down for Logs, Sticks, Resin, Bark, and Wooden Pieces.

See also: Any Mushroom

All Flora (list)
Herbs (Plants) (list)

Aloe Vera PlantBearberry PlantBuckwheat PlantCarrot PlantCassava PlantCelandine PlantCorn PlantCotton PlantDesert Melon PlantDesert Sage PlantEchinacea PlantFern PlantFlax PlantGrain PlantGrass PlantHeliconia PlantIndigofera PlantIris PlantLily PlantMagic BushOrchidsPhilodendron PlantPineapple PlantPotato PlantPrunella PlantQuinoa PlantRafflesia PlantRainforest PlantRamie PlantRice PlantSavanna Grass PlantSisal Agave PlantSnapdragon PlantSorrel PlantSpinach PlantTurmeric PlantWild Melon Plant

Seeds (list)

Acacia SeedAcai Tree SeedAloe Vera SeedAmber Orchid SeedArctic Willow SeedBamboo ShootBanana Tree SeedBearberry SeedBirch Seed (Tall Birch Seed) • Blackberry SeedBuckwheat SeedCactus SeedCarrot SeedCassava SeedCedar Tree SeedCelandine SeedConiferous Bush SeedConiferous Tree Seed (Tall Conifer Tree Seed) • Corn SeedCotton SeedDeciduous Shrub SeedDesert Melon SeedDesert Sage SeedDwarf Pine SeedEchinacea SeedElderberry SeedFern SeedFlax SeedGrain SeedGrass SeedHeliconia SeedIndigofera SeedIris SeedLarch SeedLily SeedMetasequoia Tree SeedOak Tree Seed (Tall Oak Tree Seed) • Opuntia SeedPalm Tree SeedPhilodendron SeedPineapple SeedPotato SeedPrunella SeedPurple Orchid SeedQuinoa SeedRafflesia SeedRainforest Palm SeedRainforest Plant SeedRainforest Tree Seed (Small Rainforest Tree Seed, Tall Rainforest Tree Seed) • Ramie SeedRaspberry SeedRhododendron SeedRice SeedRubber Tree SeedSakura Seed (Tall Sakura Seed) • Savanna Grass SeedSavanna Shrub SeedSisal SeedSnapdragon SeedSorrel SeedSpinach SeedSumac SeedTea Tree SeedTurmeric SeedWhite Cherry Seed (Tall White Cherry Seed) • Wild Melon SeedYellow Orchid Seed

Shrubs (list)

Arctic Willow PlantBlackberry BushCactus PlantConiferous BushDeciduous ShrubDwarf Pine TreeElderberry BushOpuntia PlantRaspberry BushRhododendron BushSavanna ShrubSumac Tree

Trees (list)

Acacia TreeAcai TreeBamboo PlantBanana TreeBirch Tree (Tall Birch Tree) • Cedar TreeConiferous Tree (Tall Coniferous Tree) • Larch TreeMetasequoia TreeOak Tree (Tall Oak Tree) • Palm TreeRainforest PalmRainforest Tree (Small Rainforest TreeTall Rainforest Tree) • Rubber TreeSakura Tree (Tall Sakura Tree) • White Cherry Tree (Tall White Cherry Tree)