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The following is a list of food available in the game Ylands. For more information, see the individual food pages or the Hunger page for a comparison of how filling each food is.

List of food[]

This list is broken up into different categories. Cooked food is any food that has been put into any Cooking Spot and this category also includes its portioned version too. Crafted food requires a recipe but has not been cooked in any way. Creator Cube Items cannot be crafted but can sometimes be found in Random Encounters. Edible Raw Food came from animals or nests and can be eaten or cooked. Mushrooms can be found growing on the ground, but cannot be replanted. Not Edible Raw Food are categorized within the game as food, but must be crafted or cooked before being eaten. Produce is any other raw fruit or vegetable that can be replanted but does not include any crafted versions.



Creator Cube Items[]

Edible Raw Food[]


Not Edible Raw Food[]