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The inventory is the menu that the player uses to manage the items that they carry. From this screen, a player can equip, drop, break, or destroy Items including Armor, Tools, Weapons, Blocks, and others. The Player's avatar is also displayed here.


The inventory is opened and closed by pressing the 'I' key or 'TAB' key. This key can be changed from the in-game Controls menu. The inventory can also be closed with the 'Esc' key. For Exploration Mode and most Player-Created Games, the Inventory is saved upon exiting a world or server, so the player will have exactly the same items upon entering the world or server as they did when they last left.


The inventory consists of 4 clothing slots, 1 backpack slot, 1 accessory slot, 42 storage slots, 9 hotbar slots, and an off-hand slot. Items in the hotbar slots can be selected during play using the keyboard (keys 0–9) or mousewheel, and placed or wielded with the mouse buttons.

Many items can be stacked into one slot. Some items cannot stack, notably Tools, Armor, and Weapons.

Clothing and armor is only considered equipped when it is in a clothing slot; when in any of the regular inventory slots, it is not considered "worn" and does not offer protection. Held armor can be equipped by left-clicking it, this will swap the clothing with what is currently in the corresponding slot.

Managing Inventory[]

Left-clicking on items in the inventory will display an image of the item, the "Used In" button for Crafting Recipes, the "Equip" button, the "Drop" button, and a description if the item has one. More information and buttons (Break or Destroy) are available after clicking the button shaped like an eye. The player can use WASD or the arrow keys to switch to other items in the inventory.

Breaking Items Ex 1.png

The entire stack can be grabbed by clicking and dragging it into another slot. To add an item to the hot bar, click and drag or right click on the item. To split a stack, hold down the 'Ctrl' key while dragging or long press with the left mouse button. The number of items in the new slot can be changed using the pop-up slider or typing in the number in the top area of pop-up.

Set Item Count Pop-Up.png

Pressing right-click on an item will send the item from your inventory to the first unused hotbar slot or will overwrite slot 0 if it is full. A small icon with the hotbar number will appear on the lower left corner of the item. While the inventory menu is open, right clicking on the hotbar slots will remove that item from the hotbar. Pressing 0-9 or right clicking on the hotbar slot, whilst not in the inventory menu, will switch the item equipped to the item in that slot of the hotbar. Pressing 1 will unequip all items from the player's hands.

Pressing the 'X' key while holding an item will drop it onto the ground. Alternatively, the item can be dragged to the "vicinity" area on the right side of the inventory menu to be dropped.

Pressing the 'V' key while holding an item will allow the player to Free-Place an item or place a Block off of the grid.

External Inventories[]

Containers have their own inventory-like windows that pop up to allow manipulation of items. Right-clicking on a Container will open up its GUI and allow items to be transferred between the object and the player's inventory. Right-clicking an item or stack of items while a container's inventory (chest, trader, etc.) is open will send the item stack immediately from your inventory into the container that you have open or vice versa.

NPC Inventory[]

Certain NPCs have inventory slots, used for various purposes.