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Most items require Resources to be converted into Crafting Material before being made into the final item.


This Wiki defines resources as the items that can be found in the world. These items cannot be crafted. Resources include Mined Resources, the products of Plants, such as Logs, Corn, or Aloe Vera Leaf, and other items found in the world.

Mined Resources[]

This subcategory includes resource that need to be dug from the Terrain.





Products of Plants[]

Products of Animals[]

Relicts / Components[]

There are 6 relicts types (so far) :

Esoteric Component

  • Found in : Esoteric Relict Container
  • Opened with : Esoteric Powder
  • Container seen : Random Encounter - ShipWreck (UnderWater)

Alien Component

  • Found in : Alien Relict Container
  • Opened with : Alien Cutter
  • Container seen : Random Encounter - Alien SpaceShip (UnderWater)

Elven Component

  • Found in : Elven Relict Container
  • Opened with : Elven Key
  • Container seen : Random Encounter - Elven Ruin (UnderWater)

Ancient Component

  • Found in : Ancient Relict Container
  • Opened with : Ancient Offering
  • Container seen :

Orichalcum Component

Ylandium Component

  • Found in : Ylandium Relict Container
  • Opened with : Ylandium Wrench
  • Container seen : Random Encounter - SubMarineWreck (UnderWater)

Other Resources[]

For a full list, click here.


Materials are items that are crafted but can also be used up to craft new items. Unlike Tools, materials are Materials include all intermediate items, such as Raw Glass, Yarn, Steel Plates, and many others.

Clothing Items[]

Energy Items[]


Items Containing Metal[]


Wooden Items[]

Other Materials[]