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This page contains a short description of almost all categories.

For the newest items added to the game, see Changelogs.

Gameplay Basics[]


Potions can be crafted from Magic Dust using an Alchemy Table. They can give the player enhanced abilities However, they only last for a short time. For durations, see Potions.


There are currently 6 types of Ylands:



For a full list of animals, click here.

Animals can be Tamed or hunted.

Mutated Animals are dangerous animals that drop Ylandium Dust, an end-game Material used for Advanced Tools.

Most Sea Life is stationary and can be picked up for Crafting or Food.


Flax Plant.png

For a full list of plants, click here.

Plants can be eaten as Food, used in Crafting, or for Alchemy



There are also quite a few Mushrooms in the game.

Breaking Items[]

Breaking Items is a very useful mechanic to get specific materials used for Crafting for items that are no longer wanted.


Most construction is done on a grid using Building Blocks. These can also be free-placed off the grid using V by default. This category also includes Doors, Category:Windows, and Category:Fences.


Captain Hat.png

Almost all Clothing, including Armor can be customized using the Dyeing Stand to make the player look unique. See also: Hats (list), Shirts (list), Pants (list), Shoes (list), and a full list here


Guardian Armor.png

For an alphabetized list of Armor, click here ot here.

Armor protects the player from Damage.

Scuba Diving Equipment[]

For a complete list, click here. Scuba diving equipment or Water Breathing Potion can be used by the player to breath underwater for a short period of time. This is especially helpful to look at underwater Random Encounters.


Blacksmith Forge.png

The player can use various Workstations to craft any Craftable Items in the game. Most items require Ores or other Resources to be converted into Crafting Materials before made into the final item.

Crafting recipes can be locked until the player has all of the required materials in its Inventory. There is also an option to unlock all recipes.

Resources (including Ores)[]

Resources are found in the world and cannot be crafted. They are often used as raw ingredients in crafting recipes. Some are found sitting on the ground, such as Eggs, but most must be harvested from Plants, Mined, or taken from Animals. All of the Herbs, Ores, and Hides are resources. For a full list, click here.


Materials are crafted items that are used in crafting recipes themselves. Unlike Tools, these items are used up in the crafting process. Most of the steel items (Steel Plate, Steel Rod, etc.), Copper Wire, Yarn, Cloth, and Charcoal are good examples of this. For a full list, click here.

Co-op Mode[]

In Update 1.6: Trading Territories, the Protective Barrier Generator was replaced with a map-wide permissions system called Co-op Mode. In Exploration Mode or Creative Mode, this feature can be used to protect the whole map from other players. The owner of that map is automatically "mayor" and can determine the roles for their friends, clan, and visitors.


As mayor, the player can capture Blueprints using the Blueprint Camera. These blueprints can be placed in any type of server (with the correct permissions) to quickly duplicate the original house or ship or other structure.

Demolition Hammer and Demolition Sledgehammer[]

Demolition Hammer.png

The player can deconstruct blocks to get back the materials used to make that block or the block itself (with some exceptions). The player can use the Demolition Sledgehammer to deconstruct multiple blocks or the Demolition Hammer to destroy one block at a time. As a mayor, the player can deconstruct any blocks and as a citizen, they can only deconstruct their own blocks.



Many Decorative Items can be Crafted or generated with the Creator Cube. For a full list, click here.



Objects can be dyed any color with a Dyeing Stand or Paintgun with Pigments in the player's Inventory (or a Creator Cube in the inventory).


Ylandium Generator.png

Use an Energy Linker to connect Energy Source to anything that needs Energy, such as:

Energy Gates and Switches can be used to make more complex energy links.

Note: The Charging Station can be used to charge Ylandium Power Cells, Small Ylandium Engines or the Mining Drill

For a full list, click here.


Unless it is wearing a Creator Cube, the player must eat Food to prevent Hunger and death by Starvation. Cooking food makes it better quality and the player won't have to eat as often. For a list of how long each food lasts, and other effects of food, click here.


Wooden Desk 3.png

Most furniture is just for decoration. The player can sit on Benches, Chairs, and Stools or sleep in Beds. For a full list, click here.


For a comparison of all containers, click here. Some Cabinets, all Chests, and some Tables can be used to store Items.

Inventory Containers[]

Inventory Containers containers can be used within the player's Inventory or on the ground. They are all specialized and can each only store a specific type of Item.


Aloe Vera Poultice.png

To read about the mechanics of Health, click here. When The Player is Damaged, it can use Health Items to heal or slowly heal over time.


Tools can be used multiple times for Crafting recipes or for Digging. The most basic tools are made from Stones but there are also tools made from Iron Ingots and Zirconium Ingots. For most recipes, the player needs Any Hammer, Any Axe, Any Knife, Any Saw, Iron Chisel, or Sewing Kit. Only some of the tools will go in the Toolbox.

For a full list of all tools, click here (alphabetical list here).


Duck Boat.png

Boats or Rafts can be Crafted to sail slowly around the Ylands

Engines or Sails can be used to power Ships. The player also needs a Ship Helm and Anchor Lever for a functional ship.

All car parts can be found here. Cars also need Engines.

A Potion of Flight or a Propeller Pack can be used to make the player fly.


Zirconium Sword.png

A list of Items which are primarily used to inflict Damage on and/or kill other players and Animals. These include Swords, Firearms, Bows, Spears, Maces & Clubs, Cannons, Explosives, Staffs and Traps.

For a complete Table of Weapons including their Damage and Abilities, click here.