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Tools are used for cutting Food into smaller pieces, writing Notes, digging, providing handheld light, and other activities to obtain Resources. When used for Crafting, the tool is not destroyed and can be used again, unlike Materials. Subcategories of tools include Axes, Knives, Hammers, Padlocks, Picks, Spades & Shovels, Writing Tools, and Crafting Tools.

All items that are categorized in-game as "Tools" can go into the Toolbox. In future updates, this list may change due to player feedback. These items include:

Annihilator.png Bow Drill.png Bronze Knife.png Bronze War Axe.png Bush Knife.png Charcoal.png Coal Basket.png
Annihilator Bow Drill Bronze Knife Bronze War Axe Bush Knife Charcoal Coal Basket
Coal.png Compass.png Creator Cube.png Demolition Hammer.png Demolition Sledgehammer.png Energy Linker.png Feather Pen1.png
Coal Compass Creator Cube Demolition Hammer Demolition Sledgehammer Energy Linker Feather Pen
Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod.png Flint Lighter.png Frost Axe.png Frost Knife.png Frost War Hammer.png Glassblowing Pipe.png
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod with Bait Flint Lighter Frost Axe Frost Knife Frost War Hammer Glassblowing Pipe
Grass Rope.png Iron Axe.png Iron Chisel.png Iron Hammer.png Iron Hatchet.png Iron Knife.png Iron Pick.png
Grass Rope Iron Axe Iron Chisel Iron Hammer Iron Hatchet Iron Knife Iron Pick
Iron Saw.png Iron Shovel.png Iron Spade.png Ladle.png Matchstick.png Milking Bucket.png Mining Drill.png
Iron Saw Iron Shovel Iron Spade Ladle Matchstick Milking Bucket Mining Drill
Paintgun.png Pencil.png Piece of Chalk.png Pile of Ash.png Quill and Ink.png Sawfish Saber.png Screwdriver.png
Paintgun Pencil Quill and Ink Sawfish Saber Screwdriver Sewing Kit Sheep Shears
Sewing Kit.png Sheep Shears.png Stone Axe.png Stone Hammer.png Stone Knife.png Stone Mortar.png Stone Pick.png
Stone Hammer Stone Mortar Stone Axe Stone Pick Stone Knife Piece of Chalk Pile of Ash
Terraformer.png Tomahawk.png Torch Stand.png Torch.png Wall Torch.png War Axe.png War Hammer.png
Terraformer Tomahawk Torch Stand Torch Wall Torch War Axe War Hammer
Wooden Rake.png Wooden Shovel.png Woodsman's Axe.png Zirconium Axe.png Zirconium Hammer.png
Wooden Rake Wooden Shovel Woodsman's Axe Zirconium Axe Zirconium Hammer

Updated July 10th, 2021

Items that are generally considered tools by the players but cannot go in the Toolbox:

Keys and Locks:

Blank Golden Key.png Blank Key.png Combination Padlock.png Padlock.png Rusty Key.png Rusty Padlock.png
Blank Golden Key Blank Key Combination Padlock Padlock Rusty Key Rusty Padlock

Other tools:

Animal Pen.png Blueprint Camera.png Flashlight.png Lantern.png Ylandium Lantern.png
Animal Pen Blueprint Camera Flashlight Lantern Ylandium Lantern

See also: Any Axe, Any Edged Tool, Any Hammer, Any Knife, Any Saw, and Any Writing Tool.