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The easiest to craft (but also slowest) vehicles are the Rafts.


Boats can also be Crafted to sail slowly between the Ylands.


One of the main goals of this survival game is creating an amazing Ship to explore new islands. Engines or Sails can be used to power ships. The player also needs a Ship Helm and Anchor Lever for a functional ship.


Sails can be attached to a Ship. Each additional sail gives more speed, until a certain point (3-5 sails, depending on the type of sail and the type of hull).


Engines can be added to Ships or Cars. They must be charged or fueled periodically. Each additional engine gives more speed, until a certain point (2-4 depending on type of vehicle). Both engines are equivalent in terms of speed, but

Small Steam Engine Small Ylandium Engine


The player can also build a car for quickly moving while on land. All car parts can be found here. Cars also need Engines.

Car Body Part Car Driver Seat Car Front Mask Car Passenger Seat Car Trunk

Tamed Animals[]

The player can also ride a tamed animal on land. See Max Mounted Speed for a speed comparison of all riding animals.


A Potion of Flight or a Propeller Pack can be used to make the player fly.

Transportation (list)
Rafts (list)

Wooden RaftBamboo RaftKayak

Boats (list)

BoatDuck BoatUpper Deck Boat

Ships (list)

ShipLarge ShipSteam ShipJunk Ship

Sails (list)

Large Mast with SailMast with Junk SailMast with SailMast with Sail (White)

Other Ship Parts

Anchor Lever (Red)Anchor Lever (Steel)Anchor Lever (White)Anchor Lever (Wooden)Junk Ship Hull AftJunk Ship Hull ForeShip Helm (Red)Ship Helm (White)Ship Helm (Wooden)Ship Hull AftShip Hull ForeShip Wind IndicatorSteam Ship Hull AftSteam Ship Hull ForeSteel Ship Helm

Engines (list)

Small Steam EngineSmall Ylandium Engine

Car Parts (list)

Car Body PartCar ChassisCar Driver SeatCar Front MaskCar Passenger SeatCar TrunkLarge Car ChassisOff-road Car ChassisRace Car Chassis

Ladders (list)

Bamboo LadderBamboo Ladder (Large)Iron LadderIron Ladder (Large)Rope LadderShip LadderSteel LadderWooden LadderWooden Ladder (Large)


Potion of FlightPropeller PackSome Tamed Animals