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About Ylands

Playing Ylands (as in "Your lands") feels like having a grand ol’ time on a badass sandbox full of exciting, colorful toys that just scream for you to pick them up and make something awesome.

Changelog Patch - 9 August '21 - - 2021/07/15 13:40

Highlights: Post-update fixes. Woohoo! 🤩 Fixed:[YLD-32222] Fixed: Editor: Random encounters are generated on archipelago terrain.[YLD-32217] Fixed: The name input field in My Profile cannot be cli...

1.7: MARVELOUS MYSTERIES - - 2021/07/08 11:49

HIGHLIGHTSExploration: Mystery Ylands Let us introduce Mystery Ylands! You may find all kinds of dungeons, puzzles or just about anything that might be of interest to you. Polished terrain generat... Patch - 3 May '21 - - 2021/05/03 11:27

Highlights A few small, but important changes in the patch     Fixed [YLD-29968] Fixed: wooden red roof block 5306 2*1*2 has changed prefab [YLD-29976] Fixed: An issue where the gam... Patch - 19 April - - 2021/04/19 12:59

Highlights Certain chat functions are now working as they should. Blueprint capture volume has been increased and some discolored blocks were recolored in the right way. Pigeon post can now be locked...

1.6: Trading Territories - - 2021/03/29 13:19

  Update 1.6 changelog: HIGHLIGHTS New exploration changes We've finalized some of the features introduced in 1.5 and fixed many related issues. We are already working on som...

1.5.1: Goodie Pack #3 - - 2021/02/02 11:09

Highlights Polar assets - Whether you are a bold Explorer planning to visit arctic regions or a Creator making a game from icy lands, you will love this update. And if the cold isn't your cup of... Hotfix 22.12 - - 2020/12/22 13:38

Higlights Immediately passworded rented servers are now available on the next multiplayer yland in the region map just like the unpassworded ones. Unsummoning owned ship puts the padlock, if there...

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