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How to start a new project[]

Create a new page within this Projects namespace and give it a clear, but short name, covering the goal or intent of the new Project. For example, if you want to start a Polish Translation project, name your new Project page as follows: Ylands Wiki:Projects/Polish Translation

Each project should at least contain the following:

  • A clear explanation of the projects goal or intent (what do you want to do?)
  • A list of Project members (just edit the list and add yourself using ~~~~ (four tildes))
  • A list of to-do items (what needs to be done?)
  • A list of done items

To make sure everyone is on the same page when working on the project, discuss in your Projects Talk page. It is also wise to let others know you're working on something, by marking items in the to-do list as in progress, again signing with four tildes or a link to your user page, so people can contact you for questions and suggestions or if they want to assist.

Last but not least, add your project page to the Projects category page by adding [[Category:Projects]].

If you disagree with any of this, please discuss it in the talk page.

Current Projects[]

Projects that are currently being worked on.

Ongoing Projects[]

Projects that do not have a specific start or end, but require long lasting attention.

Examples of Unstarted Projects[]

If you need an idea on what to do or have other ideas of your own to add, see below.

  • Create a "Getting Started" page - A beginner's how-to for figuring out the game
  • Biome-specific pages - A page for every biome, explaining what can be found and what makes it unique
  • Language Translations - Translate the Wiki into your own language, so more players can enjoy the Wiki

Completed Projects[]

When we as a community agree a project is finished, we move it here. None yet.