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Welcome to the Ylands Wiki Rules page.

What makes a Wiki a Wiki is that we are all equal. Treat the work of others as you want your work to be treated. Everyone can edit, everyone can discuss. If you disagree with someones edit, don't just revert the edit, discuss it with the editor. When many people with knowledge come together, they can create great things. Let's do that here; let's make a Wiki for this game we can all enjoy and share. Treat each other with respect. Add your knowledge to the database. Together we will make something nice, because knowledge is king. Let's create something solid for our fellow Ylanders.


  • No spam, no commercial work, no destruction
  • Keep your edits in line with the style guide
  • Conduct yourself well, keep it PG! Actually, keep it G while we're at it. Kids play this game too
  • Keep the quality high
  • Discuss in a friendly manner, rather than reverting someones work

That said, please do read the Style Guide before adding your two cents. You're always welcome to add content, but please do it right the first time.

Thanks for your time and knowledge!